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A New York woman stole $85k in Bitcoin and tried to give it to ISIS. Deadass.

ISIS just tried to make an $85,000 investment into Bitcoin.

Congrats to the Department of Justice for thwarting the money laundering efforts of Long Island resident Zoobia Shahnaz.

The 27-year-old lab technician who worked in a Manhattan hospital now faces charges of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and three counts of money laundering, according to a five-count indictment that was unsealed Thursday in federal court in Central Islip, New York.

Shahnaz tried to dip the US and go to Syria under the notion that she was volunteering in Jordan with the Syrian American Medical Society.

She got caught up at JFK as she was trying to board a flight to Syria that had a multi-day layover in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Her itinerary included a multi-day layover in Istanbul, Turkey — a common point of entry for individuals traveling from Western countries to join ISIS in Syria,” a court document stated.

Shahnaz had no priors, but that didn’t stop the Feds. After she gave false and conflicting explanations about her overseas wire transfers.

The DOJ lightly took her into custody where later she was charged.

“The defendant presents an irremediable flight risk and an extreme danger to the community,” prosecutors said in a court filing. “Accordingly, she must be detained pending trial.”

Trying to evade transaction reporting requirements and conceal her identity, Shahnaz used 16 different credit cards amounting to $62,700 and took out a loan of $22,500 to obtain Bitcoin.

The money was then deposited into two different bank accounts and then later wired to people in Pakistan, China, and Turkey, according to ABC News.

Sneaky but you cannot play the DOJ. According to a court filing,

“During the time she was committing bank fraud and moving money overseas, the defendant accessed ISIS propaganda, violent jihad-related websites and message boards, and social media and messaging pages of known ISIS recruiters, facilitators and financiers. Additionally, the defendant conducted numerous internet searches for maps of and locations within ISIS-controlled territory in Syria, and attempted to locate information that would facilitate her entry into Syria.”

Congratulations Shahnaz. You played yourself.

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Her internet searches included: Google searches for ISIS recruiters, financiers, and fighters. Plus, those who have urged lone-wolf attacks against American targets and a Google search for “diwan and their functions isis.”

Shahnaz’s internet searches also revealed that she looked up ISIS videos, articles about women joining and fighting for ISIS, and ISIS-produced internet magazines.

That’s not all. The ISIS wannabe also Googled “flights to Istanbul,” “taking cash while traveling abroad,” “travel checks in Turkey,” “ATM machine withdrawal limit in Turkey,” “how much money can I send myself western union,” “hotels in Istanbul close to airport,” “how much overdraft can I get,” and “sanctions definition.”

The list keeps going. She also tried to access maps of locations along the Turkey-Syria border and cities inside of ISIS-controlled territory.

Shahnaz’s lawyer said that she had no intention of investing into ISIS. In fact her lawyer said that she was sending money to “help” Syrian refugees. In a statement outside of the courthouse, her lawyer said,

“What she saw made her devoted to lessening the suffering of a lot of the Syrian refugees and everything she does is for that purpose.”

Yeah, ok. The proof is in the damn pudding Shahnaz. It’s a wrap for you. See you… NEVER!