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The Bitcoin bubble could be the most HOTBOY thing on the planet

In recent news, we’ve seen a new form of currency threaten the way we make daily transactions. The Bitcoin rose to an all-time high this week proving that it is a cryptocurrency to be reckoned with.

But what if I told you that bitcoin is probably the most hotboy investment you could possibly ever make?

On Tuesday Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $160 billion dollars (more than Disney, McDonald’s, and IBM combined) with each bitcoin unit nearing $10k.

Bitcoin investors then saw the promising cryptocurrency reach record numbers – $11,395 across global exchanges Then in less than 90 minutes, there was a 20% Bitcoin Price Drop pushing each Bitcoin unit back down $9,000K.

Sheesh, that is some risky business. Can you imagine investing $11,000 USD and losing two grand within an hour and a half? Fainting season homie.

Yeah, it’s looking real sus for investing any coin into Bitcoin.

To give you even more anxiety about the cryptocurrency, according to anti-malware software company malwarebytes, it stopped almost 250 million attempts to place coin-mining malware onto PCs.

Adding to the cryptocurrency treachery, Symantec also claimed it had seen a “tenfold” increase in the amount of malicious code connected with crypto-cash, according to BBC.

If you have any Bitcoins best believe someone is trying to run your cyber pockets. Also, this not only goes for Bitcoins but for all kinds of emerging cryptocurrencies.

According to a blog post from Malwarebytes, you wouldn’t even realize you were being robbed. Within your browser, a tiny window could be lurking beneath the taskbar on a Windows machine.

Going undetected the malware would then proceed to take all of your digital bread. This vicious malware could be anywhere.

Watch out for porn sites, while you shwapping it in the privacy of your crib you could low key be getting G’d as they have been known to harbor this type of malware.

Be wary of your investments cousin, the cryptocurrency bubble could pop at any moment. So much so that even the Nasdaq is planning to let investors bet on Bitcoin’s rise and fall.

This would allow investors to bet on the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency, profiting if they are correct about the direction of its future price, according to The Verge.

It might look poppin’ now but bankers and investors are ridiculing Bitcoin saying that it could just be a bubble waiting to pop or even some kind of deranged Ponzi Scheme.

Whether you invested in Bitcoin or not, we really hope it works out for you.

Good luck!