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BBC ICECREAM celebrated 15 years of the drip at ComplexCon

15 years of drip was celebrated at ComplexCon when BBC ICECREAM decided to drop a commemorative capsule that honored the streetwear brand’s creative relationships with designers NIGO and SK8thing.

BBC came together with the Human Made originator and the storied graphic designer, once again, to wow the masses with another beautiful collection. Proving its flyness, the drip sold out to the last drop at this year’s ComplexCon.

VIPs pulled up to show BBC ICECREAM love including Pusha-T, Takashi Murakami, Shiggy, Brother Nature, The Honest Boyz, Jimmy Gorecki, and Jadakiss.

Reciprocating the appreciative vibes, Pharrell also did a Willy Wonka meet and greet with 20 lucky fans who found a golden ticket in his latest book A Fish Doesn’t Know It’s Wet.

NIGO and Pharrell go way back and have always created dope designs. Still, out of their many cloth-full ventures, BBC ICECREAM, for sure, goes down as one of the most successful.


In the collection, NIGO delivers a timeless piece that encapsulates BBC ICECREAM’S most recognized motifs – the Running Dog, Cones & Bones, and BBC Astronaut Helmet.

A photo-realistic print of three diamond-encrusted chains with the iconic logos dangling and stamped on a stainless white slipover T-shirt solidifies a 15-year creative journey.

The Human Made x BBC ICECREAM 15th Year Anniversary limited edition T-shirt was produced in Japan and it is a nostalgic representation of NIGO’s partnership between him and Pharrell Williams.


The capsule continued to surprise as SK8thing designed a shirt with two interesting colorways. Each color was limited to 75 hand-numbered pieces and anyone who was lucky enough to snag one at ComplexCon is one lucky collector.

In the hands of true BBC ICECREAM connoisseurs is a piece of art designed by a creative who made the visions of Pharrell and NIGO come to fruition. 


Sk8thing has helped shape the aesthetics of the apparel brand, is a streetwear legend, and will always be an important element to the very core of BBC ICECREAM. 

Rounding out the collection is a revival of the OG Cocoa colorway t-shirt and hoodie which was first seen worn by Pharrell and Chad Hugo in the early 2000s.

This 15th-anniversary drop is, for real, something out of a time machine. Yessir!

BBC’s Fall Global collection is inspiring the next generation of creatives

In celebration of streetwear brand Billionaire Boys Club dropping their global 2018 Fall collection, we had a couple of creatives tell us what it felt like to wear the new trend-setting clothes.

For the young visionaries, seeing the BBC logo is an inspiration because behind the brand are the blood, sweat, and tears of two of the world’s most influential creatives — American musician Pharrell Williams and Japanese fashion icon Nigo.

Billionaire Boys Club is going beyond a fly fit.

Over the past decade, the brand has mastered an understanding of street culture and lifestyle. This time around it’s no different as they plan to take over the globe with their latest collection that is the perfect combination of sports and the arts.

This Fall, the Billionaire Boys Club’s design concepts drew inspiration from collegiate sportswear aesthetics, centering around the fictional varsity team ‘The Vikings’.

Ohemaa Dixon | BBC Ice Cream

In this collection, you’ll find dope mascot graphics and creative spot imagery on t-shirts, jerseys, warm-up jackets, and track pants.

Billionaire Boys Club really dove deep into athletic apparel and meshed unique color blocks and stripe treatments for their polo knits and button-up shirts. The fashion stems from the sports polo, tennis, and golf.

Ohemaa Dixon | BBC Ice Cream

Lest we mention the statement pieces that feature this fall’s leading graphic — an allover print in a custom Billionaire Boys Club paisley. In each custom design, if you look hard enough, you’ll find mainstay brand motifs of spaceships and astronauts.

For the die-hard Billionaire Boys Club fans, the brand had to keep it classic and threw in custom camouflage allover prints to update your fly fits.

Ohemaa Dixon | BBC Ice Cream

You can peep the official lookbook photographed by Anton Gottlob featuring Allan Kingdom here.

For now, take some time to hear what some of our creatives had to say about rocking the culture shifting streetwear brand below. It’ll definitely inspire you to cop.

Samantha Henry, 19, Producer

Ohemaa Dixon | BBC Ice Cream

Henry’s life revolves around music. She’s currently enrolled at NYU Tisch pursuing a degree in recorded music.

Besides focusing on her music studies she grinds daily perfecting her craft and looks for new ways to improve. It’s the music that helps her get in touch with her creative self.

When Henry is creating it’s important that she’s wearing comfortable clothes “that have a comfortable approach.” In the booth know that her style influences her work and to Henry, it’s all about self-confidence.

Ohemaa Dixon | BBC Ice Cream

She told us,

“If I’m wearing clothes that feel like they represent me and what I do, I’m going to feel more confident. When I have more confidence, I create higher quality content. It’s the feeling when you have your favorite outfit on. Nobody can tell you anything and you feel like you’re on top of the world.”

She first heard of Billionaire Boys Club in high school and since the day she discovered it she instantly associated people who wear the brand as independent creatives who have confidence and are self-starters.

Ohemaa Dixon | BBC Ice Cream

Her favorite Billionaire Boys Club collection thus far, the Egyptian Lover series. Henry’s artist name is cairo so she truly resonated with that particular release.

Gianni Villegas, 20, Rapper

Ohemaa Dixon | BBC Ice Cream

As a sophomore attending Syracuse University Villegas had the idea to start recording the freestyles he and boys had spit for fun. Since then, he’s doubled down on his craft and uses music as an outlet for his emotions.

To Villegas, this “rap thing” is no game. He found himself only writing down fire bars as a way of dealing with his emotions and a fear of being misunderstood.

His craft soon became an extension of self and he soon found himself rapping about emotions he wanted to feel as well. He found a way to make himself feel mighty, all he needed was a tangible way to express it.

Ohemaa Dixon | BBC Ice Cream

Influenced by artists like Dom Kennedy, Steve Lacy and Pharell Williams what Villegas wears inspires him too. His first Billionaire Boys Club piece was a navy blue sweater that had branding on the collar of it and the BBC logo on the back.

He told us what the clothing made him feel. Villegas said,

“I thought the clothing made me feel enriched in a lifted sense. The idea of rocking something that says billionaire boys club is cool as hell, everyone wants to be in that club. It made you feel like you was floating over people and I guess that ties in with the space theme because it feels like the illustrious club is so far out… like in another universe.”

Make sure to check out Billionaire Boys Club Global Fall 2018 Collection. The concepts are truly dope and will be hitting the US on July 27 and the EU on July 31.

Lowkey, Japan lives in the future and have already dropped the collection. If you’re a fashion desperado we suggest taking a trip over to Tokyo.

Otherwise, wait for the swag to come to you Kemosabe.

Billionaire Boys Club is dropping exclusive soccer fits for the summer

BBC ICECREAM is kicking it on the soccer field summer with this its latest NYC exclusive capsule inspired by the upcoming World Cup.

The collection features a number of athletic garments, including jerseys, goalie long sleeve shirts, and full sweat suits perfect for getting in that quick pick up game or just chilling.

Pieces are adorned with rainbow tie-dye patterns and various colorways of the “BBC OG” space camo graphics that are very BBC styles than any fan would adore.

The timing is perfect for this release, World Cup starts on 6/14 and this is the time to cop some dope soccer gear. According to their press release, you will be able to cop soon:

The BBC NYC Summer Exclusive Capsule will be made available physically at the NYC Flagship, located at 7 Mercer St. in SoHo, and on the U.S. website, on Tuesday, June 12th.

A quick glance at their Instagram and it’s clear that BBC ICECREAM has been working on their collections and developing their personal image much more.

With heavy embroidery and Egyptian designs, they are creating an almost Versace like branding where you know it’s BBC ICECREAM before asking.

Another thing BBC has been amazing at cultivating is interesting and meaningful collaborations like the Hebru Brantley x BBC x BAIT collaboration where they released limited statutes in many colorways.

BBC has many more collabs on their site which are all unique and shows their commitment to fashion culture as a whole — a very Pharrell way of running a brand.

Keep an eye out for more exclusive drops all summer long.