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Fashion Week

Is my drip enough? How to stay stylishly confident during Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is still here and the streets are littered with influencers and fashion’s elite, as well as fashion enthusiast from all over the world. And if you’re a bit intimidated – it’s ok!

Admit it, you want to go to the shows and wear the clothes from the runway or if you’re bold enough, show off your style. But if you’re not into it – Fashion Week – chances are you’re still into fashion.

So is your drip enough? Do you think you need to be the most fly and the freshest?

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I can attest to the feeling of inadequacy in a room of people who are woke when it comes to fashion and always dress with impeccable style. Sometimes standing next to certain individuals will cause insecurities of your own.

But what you should understand is that your anxiety is normal and there is still a human being under all those layers of fashion perceived elitism.

For the average person, fashion is an afterthought, if that. Getting dressed in the morning is normal for most cultures around the world. In New York City, though, it may be structured a bit differently.

Roots in Fashion

Growing up in Brooklyn, my mom would always tell me to “hurry up and get dressed before you’re late; you’re going to school, not a fashion show.”

Little did she know, fashion was the main reason for a lot of us to go to school each day. I completely understand if high school wasn’t as fashionable due to studies, athletics, or economic situations. When we care about something more than fashion that can play into our insecurities and anxieties when it comes to testing our drip.

Coming up a new pair of Jordans came out each week, while premium Japanese denim and Prada sneakers were at the peak of our classmates’ attention. The auditorium was the runway, where everyone hung out, complementing the styles of friends and rivals. It was always a competition amongst our friend groups to be the most stylish.

Fantasy Fashion League

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The fashion world is something fantastic, isn’t it? Whether you think it’s attainable or not, it allows for allure and an aura that is empowering.

In a way it enriches one’s character. Your drip makes you feel smarter, stronger, and plain old better. If you’re older, it makes you feel younger, if your younger – more mature.

Plus, most of the time, if you feel insecure then fashion is your armor. Fashion can be and is your daily amour. As we see the runway shows from afar, it tantalizes our senses and we yearn to be there and to wear those clothes.

To be invited to a show is the ultimate acceptance into the fashion industry – celebs, athletes, and important people in businesses related to fashion are some who tend to be invited. Yet, as Social Media grew, so did the number of invites.

Shows are more open and inclusive today then they were in, say, the 90s. Shows in New York City, are tending to cater to the masses who flock the city in search of Fashion shows to get content for their social media pages.

As with the traditional media, social influencers present opportunities for brands to broaden their visibility to niche markets. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement. But it remains a question — “this is what you want?”

Influencers are enthusiast just like most people who enjoy shopping. For the average social media user, to be at a fashion show during fashion week would essentially be something you would have to want to attend. Whether you spend tons of money on one brand or have a friend in fashion who can offer a +1.

More Than Enough

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As fashion adjusts to the influx and opportunity for new costumers, they have adapted through collective efforts by venues, brands, showrooms, and agencies to make shows more friendly to public viewing. Offering standing room at most shows allows for more exposures for brands directly to consumers.

The amount of brands as well as the amount of shows has grown. So to attend a show is more of a possibility. Keep in mind there are shows all over New York. Also, let’s recall the infamous Fashion’s Night Out – which has been “canceled” – where fashion lovers, who were encouraged to shop during an economic recession, would roam the streets of NYC in search of fashion parties.

Know Yourself

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Attending the shows and interacting with your surroundings, at the point in which you are exposed to Fashion Week, can afford you great understanding in the nuances of the industry. It’s intimidating for anyone to find their own style, and finding your way around the room would help.

As some may be wearing more elaborate and expensive clothes, it’d be better, not to compete unless your goal is to be the loudest dresser in the room. Then, yes, you are subject to critique as an adornment of the event.

The main takeaway is to be smart about your kit, and about how it fits. Stay true to what you feel is comfortable on you and always know that evolution is something your style can go through overtime by elevating your drip and defining your style.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get noticed for just being you and get invited to a show.

Peep our favorite looks from the runway for FW19 Pour Homme

With the summer looking like mid-wash jeans, layering big shirts and uniforms, we are all looking forward to what Fall/Winter will bring.

What we do know is that it’s going to be full of drip, jacket layering, pleats, plaid and much more. Here we have compiled some interesting looks from the runway that we love, new trends are arising and old ones are being rethought.

Peep our favorite looks from the runway for FW19 Pour Homme.

Raf Simons

Raf Simons latest runway show was titled “Youth in Motion” and was inspired by the 1981 German film Christiane F about drug abuse and how destructive it can get — a common theme in today’s social commentary.

The decadent runway was decorated with cornucopias of fruit, cheese, fine meats and wine. It sets the perfect stage for a very youthful interesting show that brings up controversial and important topics.

With blatant references to psychedelics by name, large sweater-scarfs, beautiful overcoats and slim black cargo like pants Raf created amazing looks.


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A post shared by Raf Simons Official (@rafsimons) on


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Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto created a noir Blade Runner, Akira vibe with his collection that caught our eyes for its amazing attention to detailed prints and weaves that create multifaceted attention-grabbing looks.

Half red pea-coats with full prints from lapel to knee, full split jacket/coat combinations with both fitting and baggy pants made amazing uniquely Yohji looks.

Hybrid tech-dress pants accented the traditional Japanese look of the collection.

Yohji Yamamoto AW18 show Photo by Monica Feudi #YohjiYamamoto #PFW#AW18#Menswear #Fashion

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Yohji Yamamoto AW18 show Photo by @elise_toide #YohjiYamamoto#PFW#AW18#Menswear#Fashion

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Yohji Yamamoto AW18 show Photo by @elise_toide #YohjiYamamoto#PFW#AW18#Menswear#Fashion

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Yohji Yamamoto AW18 show Photo by Monica Feudi #YohjiYamamoto#PFW#AW18#Menswear#Fashion

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Yohji Yamamoto AW18 show Photo by Monica Feudi #YohjiYamamoto #PFW#AW18#Menswear #Fashion

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Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten continues his experimentation with patterns with an overdose of windowpane and plaid on strong silhouettes that fit the current cowboy middle America looks that were popularized by Raf Simons at CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC in 2017.

In juxtaposition to the orderly windowpane design Dries does what he does best with an explosion of colors that look like a psychedelic oil slick, combined with the drapery of the fabrics used creates an amazing collection.


Death To Tennis

Death to Tennis is a New York-based brand that is catching so attention this season, designing menswear for the active busy creative who needs to rely on their garments.

Their most recent runway show really garnered attention with its extremely fine tailoring and futuristic looks. A combination of classic basics with beautiful floral designs makes us think of Dries Van Noten.

Death to Tennis is a very different brand developing their own vibe, one way they are doing this is through fashion films that have a mini-narrative where the garments are apart of the characters.

We are looking forward to seeing what Death to Tennis has in store for A/W 19.

Palm Angels

Palm Angels are the current zeitgeist of streetwear. Regazzi started the brand we know and love so much in 2014 and since then it has been worn by just about everybody.

Their FW19 showed Francesco Ragazzi turning the Palm Angels volume to 11. Plaid tracksuits, short cowboy pants adorned with large Palm Angels pins.

Ragazzi is following the trend of midwestern inspired looks but with his streetwear, California/skateboard spin that Palm Angel is known for. He is definitely establishing himself as interesting designer combining high and low fashion.

High and low hybridization is the style now but Ragazzi though Palm Angels have created a collection for the Couture Cowboy that gives Vetements a run for its money.

Pletzinger is the futuristic brand making eco-friendly fits for the people

One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. One man’s loss is another man’s profit. One man’s trash is another man’s fortune. Are you catching my drift?

Wilfried Pletzinger is literally living by these idioms and not only is this perfect timing for him, but also for the fashion world at large. But

Pletzinger is not your typical fashion designer.

Taking up designing in the mid 90s, Pletzinger’s form of fashion derives from the eco-friendly “upcycling” technique, which was considered a small trend that very few designers in Berlin dabbled in at the time.

His earliest “upcycled creations” pay homage to mid-90s Berlin clubwear scene, which gained worldwide popularity, reunified Germany, and redefined the techno and eurodance genres for a decade.

But for the eco-conscious Pletzinger, his inspirations go beyond the vintage or copycat style, his infatuation with sports, music, sci-fi films, modern architecture, and the art of creation are his strongest motivations.

Kristian Donaj

Fashion upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the ability to create an object of greater value from a discarded object of lesser value. It is the process of transforming by-products, useless, or unwanted products into new materials of better quality.

This helps create a better environmental system, which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility, which can be seen as an alternative trend against fast fashion.

Pletzinger shows his ability to weave pieces of fabrics in a whole new story, while inviting the owner to add their own personal narrative.

Bringing the integrity of the basic fabrics to life by taking original pieces from 90s sportswear to create wearable fashion, with a refined personality and a futuristic sex appeal. Demonstrating that even sometimes the most monotonous object can be turned into a sophisticated ensemble. It’s a sort of “sporty futurism” if I had to give it a search description.

Kristian Donaj

Pletzinger’s fashion sense has been on the scene for sometime now, after some successful years in Stockholm, he moved back to Berlin in 2011 and opened a studio.

Soon he found himself doing several shows overseas at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Alternative Fashion Week in London, and more recently in 2018 during February’s NYFW at the Stewart Hotel.

I was fortunate to catch up with the innovator himself, who was wearing a New York Rangers Jersey while sporting a pair of joggers made from an Adidas sports jersey, to seek some sort of insight as to who he is, what his motivations are, and what will make his brand Pletzinger a staple in the fashion world.

Peltzinger enjoys the thrill of taking an item, breaking it apart and creating something enchanting. While some think upcycling seems fun, according to Pletzinger it’s hard work:

“The point is that people respect my concept and respect my clothes but to upcycle a product is much more work than to sow something new. And most people are not willing to pay the higher cost, so I sell my products at a lower value so yes upcycling is fun but not that satisfying after a long while.”

According to Pletzinger, the inspiration for his latest collection he went diving into the realm of science fiction:

“For my newer collection i was inspired by sport, modern architecture, and futurism, which is reflected in the material the patterns and prints are highly detailed and hopefully not too long I wish to see my clothes on the Red Carpet”

Although Pletzinger is in the business of sustainable fashion, his goal is to stay original and not copy or follow the trends of mainstream fashion. He provides some words for any aspiring fashion designer on the come up:

“Be different, don’t try to copy other designers, and do not copy mainstream fashion, because there is no conquering them they have such a huge system of production and as well the mistreatment of people so it is not wise to follow in their steps.”

Take a look at his latest collection displayed at NYFW, which looks like something straight out of a spaceship.

Pletzinger is a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry.

There will more to come from Pletzinger and his futuristic aesthetic, his work is truly something worth taking a look at. He is providing socially and eco-conscious, highly-detailed designs with the consumer’s wallet in mind.

Surely in the next couple years, more brands will adopt his lead and buck retail in order to deliver their product in a more efficient and consumer-friendly way, all while maintaining an eco-conscious approach.

Watch for more of his collections to hit runways this year.

Rihanna is taking over the fashion world and we’re all here for it

Rihanna is perfect. I can go on for days and days about the logistics of what makes the Bajan princess so phenomenal but it’s easier to just say she’s perfect.

Rihanna has been killing 2017, set to cover Elle magazine this Fall, winning Harvard’s Humanitarian of the Year Award, all while providing better access to education for children in over 60 developing countries, the star isn’t taking a day off.

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Yesterday during New York Fashion Week Rihanna proved that she’s definitely not letting up on our necks, putting on a huge show for her Fenty x Puma fall collection.

The show’s stage was spectacular to say the least, surrounded by pastel pink sand piles and similarly colored mountains — the vibe was set.

In usual Rihanna fashion she set the bar high within two seconds but it wasn’t until the show started that cemented the entire event as iconic.

Staying true to her badass persona, Rihanna had BMX riders do incredible high-flying stunts over her mountains of pink glitter.

As the riders finished their high intensity stunts, the Fenty x Puma collar was unveiled as models shuffled behind one another around the mountains of sand.

The collection was very appropriate to the setting, showing BMX-inspired looks from the bright colorways and spandex to the bold sporty design choices.

The models were arranged with coordinating color palettes, showing off a beautiful aesthetic of reds with reds and blues with blues.

The show concluded with the models doing their final laps around the intricate stage while the BMX riders soared over their heads.

To close out the show Rihanna came out herself on the back of a BMX bike waving to the crowd and the likes of Cardi B, Offset, Joey Bada$$, Dave East, and more.

With the unveiling of her Fenty makeup a week before and now her Fenty x Puma collection, it’s clear Rihanna has some big plans to diversify and just body everything.

It won’t be hard seeing how she’s flawlessly bodied everything else in front of her so far. It might sound like I’m gushing over her and you’re probably right, Rihanna is amazing and no one can tell me otherwise.

Lil Yachty drops new Nautica collab at NY Fashion Week for the haters

The happiest rapper alive has been having an incredibly successful year.

From his huge endorsements with Target, Sprite, and Nautica to his chart-topping features with Kyle and Big Baby D.R.A.M., things don’t seem to be slowing down for Lil Yachty anytime soon.

The marketing genius Lil Boat was announced as Creative Director for Nautica earlier this year based off having a relevant connection with boats and water, I guess.

Since then he’s been exploding with his personality arguably becoming bigger than his actual music.

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Some see him as the poster child for the new age of “mumble rap” and others see him as the epitome of good business in hip-hop. Regardless, the 20-year-old rapper is always a topic of conversation — good or bad.

Earlier today Yachty unveiled his new collaboration with Nautica at New York Fashion Week. The collection features a couple jackets and sweaters that undoubtedly fit the popular aesthetic of Lil Boat and today’s popular trends.

Reports say that he has had a huge hand in the presentation and design of the collection, which if true is impressive as hell.

#LilYachtyxNautica ⛵️

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No matter how you feel about the Minnesota-born rapper you can’t argue the moves he’s making. It looks like Young Boat’s goal is to transcend music and dip his hand in every basket he’s able to.

His moniker has been ‘King of the Teens’ and with his straightedge image, he’s an extremely attractive candidate for every brand out there.

#LilYachtyxNautica ⛵️💯🔥🙌🏼

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I personally don’t bump his music because you know… it usually doesn’t sound good but I can’t hate on the young boy out here being happy and getting this money.

Check out his Fall Collection with Nautica below and let us know if you rocking with the fits or not.

#LilYachty reveals his new #Nautica collection at #NYFW… what do you think?

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