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Rihanna is taking over the fashion world and we’re all here for it

Rihanna is perfect. I can go on for days and days about the logistics of what makes the Bajan princess so phenomenal but it’s easier to just say she’s perfect.

Rihanna has been killing 2017, set to cover Elle magazine this Fall, winning Harvard’s Humanitarian of the Year Award, all while providing better access to education for children in over 60 developing countries, the star isn’t taking a day off.

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Yesterday during New York Fashion Week Rihanna proved that she’s definitely not letting up on our necks, putting on a huge show for her Fenty x Puma fall collection.

The show’s stage was spectacular to say the least, surrounded by pastel pink sand piles and similarly colored mountains — the vibe was set.

In usual Rihanna fashion she set the bar high within two seconds but it wasn’t until the show started that cemented the entire event as iconic.

Staying true to her badass persona, Rihanna had BMX riders do incredible high-flying stunts over her mountains of pink glitter.

As the riders finished their high intensity stunts, the Fenty x Puma collar was unveiled as models shuffled behind one another around the mountains of sand.

The collection was very appropriate to the setting, showing BMX-inspired looks from the bright colorways and spandex to the bold sporty design choices.

The models were arranged with coordinating color palettes, showing off a beautiful aesthetic of reds with reds and blues with blues.

The show concluded with the models doing their final laps around the intricate stage while the BMX riders soared over their heads.

To close out the show Rihanna came out herself on the back of a BMX bike waving to the crowd and the likes of Cardi B, Offset, Joey Bada$$, Dave East, and more.

With the unveiling of her Fenty makeup a week before and now her Fenty x Puma collection, it’s clear Rihanna has some big plans to diversify and just body everything.

It won’t be hard seeing how she’s flawlessly bodied everything else in front of her so far. It might sound like I’m gushing over her and you’re probably right, Rihanna is amazing and no one can tell me otherwise.