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Lil Yachty drops new Nautica collab at NY Fashion Week for the haters

The happiest rapper alive has been having an incredibly successful year.

From his huge endorsements with Target, Sprite, and Nautica to his chart-topping features with Kyle and Big Baby D.R.A.M., things don’t seem to be slowing down for Lil Yachty anytime soon.

The marketing genius Lil Boat was announced as Creative Director for Nautica earlier this year based off having a relevant connection with boats and water, I guess.

Since then he’s been exploding with his personality arguably becoming bigger than his actual music.

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Some see him as the poster child for the new age of “mumble rap” and others see him as the epitome of good business in hip-hop. Regardless, the 20-year-old rapper is always a topic of conversation — good or bad.

Earlier today Yachty unveiled his new collaboration with Nautica at New York Fashion Week. The collection features a couple jackets and sweaters that undoubtedly fit the popular aesthetic of Lil Boat and today’s popular trends.

Reports say that he has had a huge hand in the presentation and design of the collection, which if true is impressive as hell.

#LilYachtyxNautica ⛵️

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No matter how you feel about the Minnesota-born rapper you can’t argue the moves he’s making. It looks like Young Boat’s goal is to transcend music and dip his hand in every basket he’s able to.

His moniker has been ‘King of the Teens’ and with his straightedge image, he’s an extremely attractive candidate for every brand out there.

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I personally don’t bump his music because you know… it usually doesn’t sound good but I can’t hate on the young boy out here being happy and getting this money.

Check out his Fall Collection with Nautica below and let us know if you rocking with the fits or not.

#LilYachty reveals his new #Nautica collection at #NYFW… what do you think?

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