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Does Lonzo Ball really have the bars? An investigation

Despite only turning 20 today, Lonzo Ball is one of the most polarizing figures in sports. I can’t really remember any other rookie facing the level of criticism that he has.

Although other players have been more hyped, it’s as if a majority of NBA players and analysts want Lonzo to fail.

Most of this is probably because of his father Lavar’s antics. LaVar has thrown a big target on Lonzo’s back, but judging from Lonzo’s ice cold demeanor, he can handle virtually anything that comes at him.

People don’t fuck with Lonzo because he’s just different. He didn’t sign a deal with Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour and instead made his own shoe. His playing style is unorthodox and unlike anyone we’ve really seen before. And he seems intent on having a simultaneous rap career while in the NBA.

So, in celebration of Lonzo Ball’s 20th birthday, we decided to compile a list of his most compelling bars from his budding rap career. Shit is kiiiiiiinda hot.


And I dropped out of school ’cause I’m smarter than student
Only one year I was done with the Bruins
Slavin’ for free, I was offered to move it
Millions of dollars, I took it, I’m human

These are some very solid bars addressing the issue of NCAA players not getting paid for their labor. Lonzo left UCLA after one year, he was done “Slavin’ for free”.

Ball has an interesting point to those who criticize Lonzo and others for leaving school early, when there’s millions of dollars on the line, you’re going to take it.

“So Gone freestyle”

No Nordstrom but I got rack
More green than the Bay Packs, I’m the best and it’s evident
I swear my flow is heaven sent
Rich boy legos ‘cuz I be stackin’ presidents ‘cuz green I see it
clearly, tryna stack it to the ceiling,
like Bob I be buildin’

The wordplay is so real.

“Free Smoke”

Felt the heat but I’m hotter
You a king I’m still your father
Simba nigga, I’m Mufasa
See the crown and then I conquer

Shots at LeBron? The mention of ‘heat’ and ‘king’ seem to be clear indications of subs towards LeBron, who has made fun of Lonzo’s shot. LaVar spoke in the past about LeBron, even bringing his kids into the mix. LeBron was not to pleased about that.

“Free Smoke”

Gotta watch out for patrol man
Cuz them boys they be roamin’
Shooting shit, not knowing
Shooting shit with no conscience

Lonzo truly went in on Drake’s “Free Smoke” beat, this time addressing police brutality. It’s cool to see a rookie talk honestly about problems like these, Lonzo really doesn’t care what you think.

“Super Saiyan”

My grass is greener
My flow is cleaner
My flow is meaner, is that why you heated?
Cool, calm, collected, that’s just my demeanor
I’m hated like -er ,like back in the day
Back in the day when they said it to slaves

Lonzo relates the wild amount of hate he gets to the racist history of our country.

If you’re hating on Lonzo and the Balls, you’re probably taking things a little too seriously. First of all, kid can ball (no pun intended). Secondly, no he’s not the best rapper of all-time, but dude has some flow and solid wordplay.

He just turned 20 and has legions of haters, that’s an impressive feat in and of itself.

Lil B threatens to put curse on Lonzo Ball if he doesn’t show respect to Nas

Big Baller Lonzo could have made the ultimate goof dissing Nas and his hip-hop legacy on his new reality show “Ball in the family.

Lil B took to Twitter earlier today to warn Lonzo that if he ever disrespected Nas again he’ll be cursed in his rookie season with the Lakers.

He thought it was Lavar Ball at first, which makes sense ’cause LaVar is known for talking 24/7.

Based God went on to direct his attention towards the actual Lakers front office, telling them to get their shit together.

He addressed them by saying “Watch your team” and “Step ur PGs up,” warning to throw his infamous curse on the 19-year-old star and his team.

Lonzo is still safe for now but he’s on thin ice, Kevin Durant once held the Based Curse and didn’t win shit until Lil B graciously lifted it from his soul.

Twitter went crazy with Lil B’s threats, some pleading and begging for Lil B to forgive the young Baller and others ready for him to drop the hammer and make Lonzo pay for his actions.

The youngest member of the Ball family, LaMelo Ball, chimed in on Twitter to say his part on all the curse antics. He didn’t shut it down though, nah Lil Melo Tweeted out that Lil B was one of the hardest rappers and no one could tell him anything else.

He’s 15 so it makes sense he fucks with the Based God, we all do. Lil B appreciated the support from LaMelo and retweeted this tweet:

Immediately after Twitter started to accuse Melo that he was just jacking Lil B to go against his brother.

He immediately shut all those rumors down and tweeted out:

Who knows how this curse stuff will play out, I’m just hoping Lonzo can get in the Based God’s good graces so he can happily cook with the lakers this season.

Lonzo Ball posts another triple-double. Could he average one this season?

Following an awful debut, Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball has been stuffing the stat sheet, collecting a pair of triple-doubles along the way.

In the NBA Summer League’s Round of 16 against the Cavaliers Thursday night, Ball posted 16 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds while rocking a pair of James Harden’s signature Adidas kicks.

He is now averaging 15.5 points, 9.3 assists and 8.3 rebounds so far in four games in Las Vegas.

Ball’s vision and unselfishness have become infectious and he is creating so many easy baskets for his teammates in transition.

In an up-tempo system without many bigs on the floor Lonzo is also able to scoop up long rebounds and immediately initiate the break.

But Ball’s jumper hasn’t been there and he’s struggled from distance.

When opposing guards go under on screen and rolls, Ball has been hesitant to launch and hasn’t shown the ability to break defenders down off the bounce with any regularity.

Looking at Ball’s numbers so far in Summer League and taking into account his obvious potential, is it far-fetched to think he could one day average a triple double?

Let’s break this down.

If the Lakers surround Ball with talented wings, he could rack up 12 to 15 assists per game in Luke Walton’s pace and space system.

The Lakers will very likely play with one big on the floor for most of the game and Ball, at 6 foot 5 inches, should be able to collect a number of long rebounds.

He is also a capable shooter who should be able to make three to four threes per game by his sophomore season.

Oh, and he can block shots too if he needs to.

The short answer: yes. Ball might not average a triple-double in the 30-10-10 Westbrook mold but I could see him averaging 15-12-10 on the next great Lakers team.

Lonzo Ball is a revolutionary player who might change the way point guards in the NBA play the game.

We’re hype to watch him next season.

Monday Night Raw was not ready for the Ball family’s ratchetness

The Lakers number one pick, young Lonzo Ball, pulled up to Monday Night Raw in L.A. last night in a segment that will go down as one of the most strangely lit moments ever.

Of course his pops Lavar was wildin’ and his little bro LaMelo was lookin’ brazy.

In case you ever thought Lavar Ball was perfect for wrestling, you were right.

This came after reports on Sunday that the WWE was working out an appearance with the Ball family to appear during their show at Staples Center on Monday.

For some reason the third son, LiAngelo, wasn’t there but Lavar has already said in the past that his chances of making the NBA are slim so maybe he didn’t need the TV time!

First off, the product placement for all the Big Baller Brand shit was OD.

The segment was pretty much as epic as you’d expect it to be as Lavar is once again the star of the show with Lonzo looking sick as hell.

Not to be outdone, LaMelo Ball stirred some controversy when he dropped the N-bomb soon after his dad took off his shirt and started swinging off the turnbuckles.

Lavar Ball is deadass wild but do you see/respect the vision? Is this straight marketing genius or is he just too extra?

Only time will tell if Lonzo is a bust or not but next season is guaranteed to be a hell of a reality show. The brand is certainly on one right now.