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Lil B threatens to put curse on Lonzo Ball if he doesn’t show respect to Nas

Big Baller Lonzo could have made the ultimate goof dissing Nas and his hip-hop legacy on his new reality show “Ball in the family.

Lil B took to Twitter earlier today to warn Lonzo that if he ever disrespected Nas again he’ll be cursed in his rookie season with the Lakers.

He thought it was Lavar Ball at first, which makes sense ’cause LaVar is known for talking 24/7.

Based God went on to direct his attention towards the actual Lakers front office, telling them to get their shit together.

He addressed them by saying “Watch your team” and “Step ur PGs up,” warning to throw his infamous curse on the 19-year-old star and his team.

Lonzo is still safe for now but he’s on thin ice, Kevin Durant once held the Based Curse and didn’t win shit until Lil B graciously lifted it from his soul.

Twitter went crazy with Lil B’s threats, some pleading and begging for Lil B to forgive the young Baller and others ready for him to drop the hammer and make Lonzo pay for his actions.

The youngest member of the Ball family, LaMelo Ball, chimed in on Twitter to say his part on all the curse antics. He didn’t shut it down though, nah Lil Melo Tweeted out that Lil B was one of the hardest rappers and no one could tell him anything else.

He’s 15 so it makes sense he fucks with the Based God, we all do. Lil B appreciated the support from LaMelo and retweeted this tweet:

Immediately after Twitter started to accuse Melo that he was just jacking Lil B to go against his brother.

He immediately shut all those rumors down and tweeted out:

Who knows how this curse stuff will play out, I’m just hoping Lonzo can get in the Based God’s good graces so he can happily cook with the lakers this season.