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Monday Night Raw was not ready for the Ball family’s ratchetness

The Lakers number one pick, young Lonzo Ball, pulled up to Monday Night Raw in L.A. last night in a segment that will go down as one of the most strangely lit moments ever.

Of course his pops Lavar was wildin’ and his little bro LaMelo was lookin’ brazy.

In case you ever thought Lavar Ball was perfect for wrestling, you were right.

This came after reports on Sunday that the WWE was working out an appearance with the Ball family to appear during their show at Staples Center on Monday.

For some reason the third son, LiAngelo, wasn’t there but Lavar has already said in the past that his chances of making the NBA are slim so maybe he didn’t need the TV time!

First off, the product placement for all the Big Baller Brand shit was OD.

The segment was pretty much as epic as you’d expect it to be as Lavar is once again the star of the show with Lonzo looking sick as hell.

Not to be outdone, LaMelo Ball stirred some controversy when he dropped the N-bomb soon after his dad took off his shirt and started swinging off the turnbuckles.

Lavar Ball is deadass wild but do you see/respect the vision? Is this straight marketing genius or is he just too extra?

Only time will tell if Lonzo is a bust or not but next season is guaranteed to be a hell of a reality show. The brand is certainly on one right now.