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Meet Dad Bodi: The new rapper we bump every day

Dad Bodi is an independent artist looking to “get [his] bread and cater to [his] fanbase” above all else. Still undecided about involvement with major record labels, Bodi is a rapper that claims the space of unsigned artists with pride. 

“I’m not trying to be Drake or nothing like that,” the 26-year-old rapper from Raleigh, North Carolina said. 

“I pretty much put myself into my music,” the up-and-coming artist said, and he won’t stop until he’s at the top of his game on his own terms.

Whether you’ve heard the Bodi essentials from “Bodi and Friends” to “Credit Card,” or you’ve only just opened the vault to more hidden gems like “Coulda Been,” Dad Bodi is a rapper with trajectory.

The artist started the ‘Bodi brand’ after realizing he needed “a name that was gonna stick out.” His signature ski mask set up and the Dad Bodi name were Bodi’s first steps in carving out his place in the rap game. 

Level after level, the rapper has started to make his mark on the music scene. “I would tell myself to get a home studio earlier,” the artist said with a smirk.

Thinking back on it, Dad Bodi was keen to emphasize how important it is to take care of your music – to put in what you want to get out. 

dad bodi artwork

From starting off as “​damn-near like a music nerd,” to becoming a hotshot SoundCloud rapper and verified Spotify artist with almost 24,000 monthly listeners, Dad Bodi takes pride in his evolution as an artist.

The further Dad Bodi gets into his groove, the more renowned the evasive and hard ski mask-bound image is starting to become. 

Dad Bodi’s work to date

So far, the rapper has dropped three albums and two EPs, – with a variety of singles – allowing his ability to produce work with quality and quantity to speak for itself. 

His latest work “Hold It Down” has over 2000 plays already on Spotify, whilst his other recent drop “Fix It” really stood out to him with a distinct “plug-type sound.” 

Both releases resemble just how confident the rapper is in what his work is all about. “I definitely feel like I have a signature sound, it’s kinda more like a laid-back trap,” he said when describing the beats and flow that have that quintessential Dad Bodi vibe. 

The trap musician “gravitate[s] towards style” and has a clear confidence in what works for him as both an artist and an individual. 

Dad Bodi owes a lot of his production credits to underground producer Icy Twat, and is a big fan of other producers like Cardo Got Wings and Pi’erre Bourne – “that’s the type of beat I am tryna rap on,” said Dad Bodi. 

Though the rapper backs himself and his talents regardless of external help and production, describing himself as “pretty consistent [… and] prolific” in his field.  

The visual identity Dad Bodi has engineered for himself comes across in his music videos and social media presence.

From humble beginnings, as someone who started off virtually clueless to what the rap scene was all about, to an identifiable musician with a recognizable aesthetic of attitude and reverence for where it all started for the North Carolina native.  

Bodi’s collective and potential NFTs

Back in 2018, Bodi formed a “loose collective” of TommyxBoi and himself called ‘Champagne Club.’ 

This acted as a launching pad for Dad Bodi’s career, as “there’s strength in numbers” the artist said. ‘Champagne Club’ allowed him to reach new audiences for his beats, and have new platforms where he could express himself, by pushing past the boundaries of his immediate circles. 

This collective has been a major turning point for the artist in many ways, especially with how ‘Champagne Club’ collaborator and high school friend TommyxBoi “damn near taught [Bodi] how to rap.” 

The musician is excited to take his collection even further by eventually starting his own label, to facilitate the careers of other like-minded artists new to the scene just like he was back in 2018.

Bodi also talked to us about his future steps as an artist through his potential for involvement with NFTs going forward. “I gotta do my research before I just jump into it,” Dad Bodi said.  

Love for that Bodi 

“I get a lot of love,” Bodi said as he reflected on the outpouring of appreciation and love he gets on social media.

With at least one to two DMs every day and over 1000 followers on Instagram, the rapper smiled saying “it’s really genuine, and they’ll just be quoting the lyrics to me.” 

All his viewers and fans tune in from across the globe, with supporters from across America, reaching states like Wisconsin, to international fanbases in places like Italy and South Africa – “they’re tuning in from everywhere man,” said Dad Bodi.  

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the masked maverick next.

Should You Block Your Credit Card? Here’s What Gamblers Need To Know

Gambling often leads to players spending thousands or more on a game or a few games in a  night. Players who cannot practice self-restraint often find themselves throwing money into betting without thinking about the consequences.

Credit card users pile bills by using them freely and running up a debt with the bank and irreversible debts. 

This system of running up debts can be good neither for the players nor for the casino hence according to new UKGC regulations, the use of credit cards while gambling is blocked by all casinos licensed to UKGC.

This came into effect on 14th April 2020 and is a good step to reduce using the excuse of unlimited funds while gambling. 

Credit Card Gambling Ban

A recent survey in 2019, based in the UK revealed that 22% of the population uses credit cards while gambling and more than 800,000 people among the 10.5 million online gamblers pay through credit cards.

Credit card gambling creates more vulnerable players who become prone to gambling addiction and the recent lockdown has augmented registrations in online gambling.

The boost in the gambling industry is also due to the varied online games, esports betting, and credit card deposit casino operators via Casino Gap being introduced into the scene.

All of these may have financially aided the industry but it has also become a reason for increased addiction and debts. 

The banning of credit cards was thus needed in order to reduce compulsive gambling by controlling the money input from player accounts.

Lesser money input from an account prevents players from incurring debts. All these measures are taken to promote responsible gambling by licensed online operators and casinos to intercept the drain of funds.

The credit card ban applies to all casinos and land-based ones, except lotteries that require face-to-face payment.  

Merits of the Credit Card Ban

The credit card ban may be disappointing for players but the ban is effective in the long run to shelter the players from debts. 

Aversion of Compulsive Gambling

Reports from the National Council on Problem Gambling state that gambling addiction is one of the major causes of financial issues, mental health problems, and suicidal tendencies among adults.

The presence of a credit card creates the notion of availability of insurmountable amounts of money to be used whenever required which fuels this addiction in players. 

Players think that they get the license to bet on multiple games even if the wager is beyond their affordability means.

The blocking of credit card gambling transactions ensures that there will not be any further cash advance payments on them which can bring down the rate of compulsive gambling by a lot.

Stabilizing Financial Conditions

Credit card users often gamble beyond their means, leading to debts that may be unaffordable. Addiction ushers one into financial degradation and then its related trauma.

Certain banks had stepped forward to limit credit card use by blocking them from gambling apps and sites. Now, the UKGC regulation applies this ban to all credit cards irrespective of the assignments by banks. 

This ban also prevents credit card companies and non-licensed gambling operators from charging extra on these cards.

The effect of the ban has been visible through the economic stability gained by the players after the reduced use of credit cards for gambling. 

Demerits of the Credit Card Ban

The ban has been helpful to players despite their reluctance to accept the terms introduced by the UKGC. In the long run, it is beneficial to players but it affects the gambling industry.

Decrease in Funds of Casinos

Credit card transactions had enhanced the gambling industry economically since the vogue of online gaming practices including on-site betting, casino gambling, sports betting, and others such as slots or bingo.

In fact, the gaming industry had the most profit out of all other industries with an average of $7.5 million in 2015 increasing to $8.31 million by 2017. 

The ban on credit card transactions may result in a massive loss in funds for the online gaming industry.

The overall profit has also been cut down resulting in many casinos moving out from the UKGC to other commissions which allow credit card gambling.

Effect on The Economy

The gaming sectors and sports events contribute a lot to the finance of respective countries which permit legal gambling.

A credit card ban may impact the overall economy of such countries and also have an effect on those employed in such industries. 


There are both positive and negative aspects to the credit card ban implemented by the UKGC.

On one hand, this ban aids in restoring the financial conditions of gamblers and helps reduce their gambling tendencies while on the other hand, it may negatively impact the gambling industry as it lessens the flow of funds into the industry. 

Despite all this, the gambling organizations have decided to give more importance to their players as they form the core of the industry and without players, the industry would not exist.

Thus, it is of foremost concern to battle gambling addiction and financial drain to have a better experience of gambling.  

How To Gamble With $5 On Your Card?

Punters might have often heard of high roller casinos where huge sums of money are wagered expecting huge returns. However, it is not always feasible.

Casinos also offer low deposits and stakes for punters who look for deposit options as low as $5. 

With a plethora of casinos across the internet, it is important to know that low-budget casinos also offer scopes of winning significant sums of money.

These suit the requirements of punters running on a small budget. $5 deposit casinos are perfect for beginners who want to understand the algorithm of online slots, blackjack, roulette, etc. since it will cost almost nothing. 

Step 1: Find $5 Casino

It is not too difficult to find good $5 deposit casinos via Casino Deps or any other gambling protal.

However, if you want your gambling experience to be fun and reliable, it is important to choose an honest, trustworthy casino platform. Tips for finding a $5 casino:

Ensure That The Website Is Legit: 

Low deposit casinos must be chosen carefully since there is a risk of scams. No matter how tempting the offers are, one must always gamble on a platform with a good reputation and a legitimate license.

Always check the licensing and reviews for the website before investing in it. 

Knowing The Terms And Conditions: 

Every casino platform, especially $5 casinos, will have its own set of terms and conditions when special offers are given.

Go through them thoroughly before claiming any welcome bonuses or promotions. This would help in understanding what it takes to win and withdraw from the website. 

Games Available For $5: 

Always learn what casino games are offered for a deposit of $5 since not all games can be accessed via that amount.

Before making an investment, find out the games available so that one can test his luck on low deposit online slots or table games. 

Step 2: Register And Claim Bonus

After choosing a gambling platform, one has to undergo the registration process after which he can access the games available. Welcome bonuses must be redeemed too.

In addition to free spins, $5 casinos can offer multiple bonuses like reload bonuses, match offers, cashback, banking method bonuses. These promotions always come with certain requirements and restrictions. 

Always claim the bonus offers available for $5 deposits. For example, Paypal deposits might offer free spins to a punter.

Advantages of playing with $1 or $5 include security of monetary transactions, 24/7 operational sites, variable payment, and withdrawal options. 

Step 3: Go To Cashier Section And Top Your Account With $5

There are multiple deposit options available to a punter even at $5 casinos. All methods are secure in their own way. However, not all methods are fast and easy.

Some prefer using Paypal whereas some might use a credit or debit card such as Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Laser. Other popular payment methods include e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz. 

Wire transfers are also common. Thus, with so many deposit options, transfers have been made easy. To make a deposit at an online casino, one has to go to the cashier section and choose the deposit option.

The amount has to be fed in and the payment method has to be chosen and confirmed. After a successful top up, a punter can use his $5 for playing at the gambling platform. 

Step 4: Active Free Spins And Play Online

Free spins are a common form of welcome bonus for new punters who register at an online casino. These can also be a part of a regular promotional deal for long-term players.

If free spins are a part of a welcome offer, punters do not need to do anything to trigger the bonus. Simply open an account at the casino and open a slot game where the free spins are offered. 

This would automatically credit the free spins. When using the free spins to play online slot games, the casino automatically decides the bet size for ensuring a safe betting environment for minimizing the chances of any cheating.

In a general scenario, the bets of a punter will be set across  all of the slot’s paylines on the minimum betting value. 


Gambling with $5 is definitely a tempting method which bears certain restrictions as well. With the advancement of technology, casinos are literally available at the palms of punters.

$5 casinos are prevalent and convenient since gamblers can try out unfamiliar sites without major investments and test out casinos. It also offers a chance of a  potential win.  

It also helps in budget controlling which in turn prevents problem gambling tendencies among punters. $5 casinos provide multiple withdrawal and deposit methods including fast options like PayPal.

However, not all games offered by a casino can be played with $5 and the games are restricted where bonuses usually require a higher wagering requirement. 

How To Avoid Overcharging In Gambling

Millions of players want to use credit cards for funding their accounts at an online casino. This is not possible at UKGC casinos but there are still websites that accept this, which are outside UKGC.

As such you can easily find one and fund the account using your credit card. This will cost you more and now we will reveal the alternative.

Gambling Transactions Have Higher Charges and Fees

Keep in mind that any deposit at an online casino is free of charge and you don’t have to worry about any fees from the side of the casino. But your bank is a different topic.

They will charge you high interest and they may also charge an additional fee that can be 2% or more depending on the bank.

In other words, this is the same as when using the card to windrow the funds from the ATM and it is considered the most expensive option of them all.

When you are using the same credit card to buy something or purchase a service the fees are much lower and the interest is lower as well.

There is no simple way to avoid this. The bank will treat any transaction to an online casino or a sports betting website as a gambling transaction and these fees and the interest will automatically be applied to your account.

Obviously, there are still hundreds of online casinos with credit card deposits listed on NonGamStopBets and they are extremely popular among players from the UK.

The situation is the same when you are playing bingo, scratch cards, or anything similar. Yes, the lottery does apply as a gambling transaction as well. 

Here we can see another issue. You are basically borrowing money to gamble and you are doing this with a fee that is high.

As such you can lose even more than usual hence this is not an appealing method to fund your account and play games.

Gamblers in the United Kingdom and most parts of the globe like to use credit cards for this purpose.

Most people have one already and they can always fund the account regardless of the time and how much money they actually have. 

The Alternatives

A good thing is that gamblers these days have a lot of popular payment alternatives so they don’t have to pay for those fees and interests.

Below we are going to explain a few of them and keep in mind that gamblers have been using all of these for a long period of time.

Pay By Phone

This is the most similar method as when using a credit card but far more affordable. You won’t have to pay for fees or anything similar which is great. The method is superb when it comes to safety.

You will need your telephone number only hence you don’t have to worry about anything. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for that amount you deposited at the end of the month when you get your telephone bill.

It is almost identical as when using credit cards only better or let’s just say more affordable. 

Bank Wire Transfer

There are no fees or interests here so you can use your bank account to fund the account at the online casino easily. The deposits are still fast and you will be able to gamble within minutes.

The biggest issue is the withdrawal time. At some casinos, you may have to wait up to 10 days to get the funds to your bank which is far from appealing and interesting. But, it is safe and it is a widely accepted method. 


You can use e-wallets as well. The main advantage here is the ability to use almost countless of them. Some of the examples include Skrill, Neteller, and many more.

These are all safe and we know that they are extremely common in gambling. Both of the aforementioned ones generate the biggest part of the income from these transactions.

But, they are still free for you. You will have to add a card to the e-wallet account or a bank account number and you will fund the account directly. You can even have one e-wallet for games only. 


If you want something special and you really want to avoid any fees and waiting times using cryptocurrencies is mandatory. Basically here all deposits are instant and you can use all kinds of virtual currencies.

All withdrawals are instant as well. You will need a special eWallet for this purpose and you are good to go. Yes, you can use Bitcoin for gambling.

The main advantage here is the speed but don’t forget about anonymity. After all, more and more casinos on the web are now accepting cryptocurrencies. 

The Final Word

Using credit cards to fund your account at an online casino is not great and can be one of the worst methods to do this. But you can block this option and use the aforementioned alternatives.

You do have a lot of options and all of them are safe and come with unique benefits and advantages players appreciate and do need.

Just pick the one or ones you like and start using them right now. All of this is simple and there won’t be any issues or problems.