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How To Avoid Overcharging In Gambling

Millions of players want to use credit cards for funding their accounts at an online casino. This is not possible at UKGC casinos but there are still websites that accept this, which are outside UKGC.

As such you can easily find one and fund the account using your credit card. This will cost you more and now we will reveal the alternative.

Gambling Transactions Have Higher Charges and Fees

Keep in mind that any deposit at an online casino is free of charge and you don’t have to worry about any fees from the side of the casino. But your bank is a different topic.

They will charge you high interest and they may also charge an additional fee that can be 2% or more depending on the bank.

In other words, this is the same as when using the card to windrow the funds from the ATM and it is considered the most expensive option of them all.

When you are using the same credit card to buy something or purchase a service the fees are much lower and the interest is lower as well.

There is no simple way to avoid this. The bank will treat any transaction to an online casino or a sports betting website as a gambling transaction and these fees and the interest will automatically be applied to your account.

Obviously, there are still hundreds of online casinos with credit card deposits listed on NonGamStopBets and they are extremely popular among players from the UK.

The situation is the same when you are playing bingo, scratch cards, or anything similar. Yes, the lottery does apply as a gambling transaction as well. 

Here we can see another issue. You are basically borrowing money to gamble and you are doing this with a fee that is high.

As such you can lose even more than usual hence this is not an appealing method to fund your account and play games.

Gamblers in the United Kingdom and most parts of the globe like to use credit cards for this purpose.

Most people have one already and they can always fund the account regardless of the time and how much money they actually have. 

The Alternatives

A good thing is that gamblers these days have a lot of popular payment alternatives so they don’t have to pay for those fees and interests.

Below we are going to explain a few of them and keep in mind that gamblers have been using all of these for a long period of time.

Pay By Phone

This is the most similar method as when using a credit card but far more affordable. You won’t have to pay for fees or anything similar which is great. The method is superb when it comes to safety.

You will need your telephone number only hence you don’t have to worry about anything. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for that amount you deposited at the end of the month when you get your telephone bill.

It is almost identical as when using credit cards only better or let’s just say more affordable. 

Bank Wire Transfer

There are no fees or interests here so you can use your bank account to fund the account at the online casino easily. The deposits are still fast and you will be able to gamble within minutes.

The biggest issue is the withdrawal time. At some casinos, you may have to wait up to 10 days to get the funds to your bank which is far from appealing and interesting. But, it is safe and it is a widely accepted method. 


You can use e-wallets as well. The main advantage here is the ability to use almost countless of them. Some of the examples include Skrill, Neteller, and many more.

These are all safe and we know that they are extremely common in gambling. Both of the aforementioned ones generate the biggest part of the income from these transactions.

But, they are still free for you. You will have to add a card to the e-wallet account or a bank account number and you will fund the account directly. You can even have one e-wallet for games only. 


If you want something special and you really want to avoid any fees and waiting times using cryptocurrencies is mandatory. Basically here all deposits are instant and you can use all kinds of virtual currencies.

All withdrawals are instant as well. You will need a special eWallet for this purpose and you are good to go. Yes, you can use Bitcoin for gambling.

The main advantage here is the speed but don’t forget about anonymity. After all, more and more casinos on the web are now accepting cryptocurrencies. 

The Final Word

Using credit cards to fund your account at an online casino is not great and can be one of the worst methods to do this. But you can block this option and use the aforementioned alternatives.

You do have a lot of options and all of them are safe and come with unique benefits and advantages players appreciate and do need.

Just pick the one or ones you like and start using them right now. All of this is simple and there won’t be any issues or problems.