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Should You Block Your Credit Card? Here’s What Gamblers Need To Know

Gambling often leads to players spending thousands or more on a game or a few games in a  night. Players who cannot practice self-restraint often find themselves throwing money into betting without thinking about the consequences.

Credit card users pile bills by using them freely and running up a debt with the bank and irreversible debts. 

This system of running up debts can be good neither for the players nor for the casino hence according to new UKGC regulations, the use of credit cards while gambling is blocked by all casinos licensed to UKGC.

This came into effect on 14th April 2020 and is a good step to reduce using the excuse of unlimited funds while gambling. 

Credit Card Gambling Ban

A recent survey in 2019, based in the UK revealed that 22% of the population uses credit cards while gambling and more than 800,000 people among the 10.5 million online gamblers pay through credit cards.

Credit card gambling creates more vulnerable players who become prone to gambling addiction and the recent lockdown has augmented registrations in online gambling.

The boost in the gambling industry is also due to the varied online games, esports betting, and credit card deposit casino operators via Casino Gap being introduced into the scene.

All of these may have financially aided the industry but it has also become a reason for increased addiction and debts. 

The banning of credit cards was thus needed in order to reduce compulsive gambling by controlling the money input from player accounts.

Lesser money input from an account prevents players from incurring debts. All these measures are taken to promote responsible gambling by licensed online operators and casinos to intercept the drain of funds.

The credit card ban applies to all casinos and land-based ones, except lotteries that require face-to-face payment.  

Merits of the Credit Card Ban

The credit card ban may be disappointing for players but the ban is effective in the long run to shelter the players from debts. 

Aversion of Compulsive Gambling

Reports from the National Council on Problem Gambling state that gambling addiction is one of the major causes of financial issues, mental health problems, and suicidal tendencies among adults.

The presence of a credit card creates the notion of availability of insurmountable amounts of money to be used whenever required which fuels this addiction in players. 

Players think that they get the license to bet on multiple games even if the wager is beyond their affordability means.

The blocking of credit card gambling transactions ensures that there will not be any further cash advance payments on them which can bring down the rate of compulsive gambling by a lot.

Stabilizing Financial Conditions

Credit card users often gamble beyond their means, leading to debts that may be unaffordable. Addiction ushers one into financial degradation and then its related trauma.

Certain banks had stepped forward to limit credit card use by blocking them from gambling apps and sites. Now, the UKGC regulation applies this ban to all credit cards irrespective of the assignments by banks. 

This ban also prevents credit card companies and non-licensed gambling operators from charging extra on these cards.

The effect of the ban has been visible through the economic stability gained by the players after the reduced use of credit cards for gambling. 

Demerits of the Credit Card Ban

The ban has been helpful to players despite their reluctance to accept the terms introduced by the UKGC. In the long run, it is beneficial to players but it affects the gambling industry.

Decrease in Funds of Casinos

Credit card transactions had enhanced the gambling industry economically since the vogue of online gaming practices including on-site betting, casino gambling, sports betting, and others such as slots or bingo.

In fact, the gaming industry had the most profit out of all other industries with an average of $7.5 million in 2015 increasing to $8.31 million by 2017. 

The ban on credit card transactions may result in a massive loss in funds for the online gaming industry.

The overall profit has also been cut down resulting in many casinos moving out from the UKGC to other commissions which allow credit card gambling.

Effect on The Economy

The gaming sectors and sports events contribute a lot to the finance of respective countries which permit legal gambling.

A credit card ban may impact the overall economy of such countries and also have an effect on those employed in such industries. 


There are both positive and negative aspects to the credit card ban implemented by the UKGC.

On one hand, this ban aids in restoring the financial conditions of gamblers and helps reduce their gambling tendencies while on the other hand, it may negatively impact the gambling industry as it lessens the flow of funds into the industry. 

Despite all this, the gambling organizations have decided to give more importance to their players as they form the core of the industry and without players, the industry would not exist.

Thus, it is of foremost concern to battle gambling addiction and financial drain to have a better experience of gambling.