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CBD Oils and CBD Creams: What is the difference?

CBD oils and CBD creams are two prevalent forms of CBD and ones that you tend to find for sale from almost every CBD brand. PureKana, for example, has a range of tasty CBD oils as well as CBD creams for its customers to choose from.

For those who are either new to using CBD or who are not overly familiar with the different types of CBD and how they work, knowing which CBD products to purchase is not always easy. You need to understand the differences in the ways that CBD topical creams and CBD oils are used.

Let’s take a closer look at what CBD oils and CBD creams are and the benefits of using both.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the purest forms of CBD and one of the easiest ways to enjoy its potential health benefits.

CBD oils can be made from as little as two ingredients: CBD extract and MCT oil. This results in an extremely natural and healthy CBD experience, as well as a gentle herbal taste. Some brands use natural flavorings to further enhance the flavor profile of their CBD oils, with delicious options such as strawberry, chocolate, and mint CBD oils.

CBD oils can be used in a few different ways, but ultimately they are consumed orally and transported around your body via the bloodstream. The easiest way to consume CBD oil is by placing a few drops on your tongue and allowing it to absorb over the course of several minutes.

For those who like to be slightly more creative, CBD oil can also be mixed with your favorite recipes. CBD oils work exceptionally well when blended into smoothies or baked into treats such as cookies and cakes.

What Is CBD Cream?

CBD cream is the most common type of CBD topical and also the most versatile. CBD creams tend to be carefully formatted to target particular parts of your body.

Many brands will have a range of CBD creams available. Popular CBD creams include joint and muscle creams, face creams, and general full-body CBD creams. Brands such as Provacan have pushed the limits of what you can expect from CBD creams, having launched a number of unique options such as CBD sun cream and CBD eye cream.

Like CBD oils, CBD creams are available in many different concentration options. For example, PureKana CBD cream comes in an extra-strength option with added menthol. 

CBD topicals work differently to CBD oils. Rather than being ingested, they are applied to targeted areas of skin. The CBD within the cream is absorbed through the surface layers of the skin, triggering the effects of CBD in the area that the cream was applied to.

While CBD oils affect the entire body, CBD creams do not enter the bloodstream and, therefore, only impact the part of the body where they are applied. CBD creams cannot be used for conditions beyond the surface levels of the skin, joints, and muscles.

Which One Should You Use and When?

Both CBD oils and CBD creams can be equally effective when used in the correct situations. While CBD oils are great as general wellness supplements and for targeting chronic health conditions, CBD creams are much better for surface-level irritations.

If you are not sure what may be best for you then you will want to take a look at Leaf Nation, which provides guides around how you should be using CBD. 

CBD creams, on the other hand, are much more effective at treating surface-level irritations and muscle pains. CBD creams can be used to target skin problems in a more precise way than is possible with CBD oils.

Another reason that CBD creams are so popular when it comes to treating muscle and joint pains is that they can take effect much more quickly than CBD oil. For times when you are in pain, CBD creams can provide the instant relief you need.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oils and CBD Creams

When shopping for CBD, whether you choose CBD creams or CBD oils will very much depend on your reason for including cannabidiol in your daily supplement routine.

CBD oils are great as a once-a-day dietary supplement but are not always as suitable for targeting particular areas of your body. CBD cream gives you the precision that CBD oils lack; however, for the price of only providing localized effects.

When it comes to CBD cream l buy CBD Topical Salve

A CBD topical is an excellent way to care for your skin, keeping it both healthy and hydrated. An increasing number of people are looking to CBD topicals, seeking an alternative to the more traditional creams, balms, and salves that we are all so used to, which are often filled with chemicals.

Topicals such as CBD salves give you complete control and freedom over how much CBD you use and the areas of your body that it affects. As the CBD industry continues to expand and grow, so too does the range of CBD salves that are available. Many brands now offer fruity and calming scents to enhance your experience.

Let’s take a look at why CBD salves and topicals have become so popular and where you can find them.

Why Use CBD Topical Salves?

There are all kinds of reasons why CBD topical salves have become so popular. One reason is that they act as a great alternative to traditional creams and skincare products. Most CBD salves are made using natural ingredients, providing your skin with a rich and varied range of minerals, vitamins, and cannabinoids.

Using CBD salves for pain – in particular, joint and muscle pains – is one of the most common uses of CBD topicals. Unlike many other forms of CBD, creams, and salves can act quickly, providing you with an effective way to manage pain when you need it most.

CBD salves also give you more control than is possible with many other CBD products. The CBD contained within salves only affects the area of the body that it is applied to, meaning that you are able to target particular pains or patches of skin.

We have put together a list of where you can find the best CBD topical salves when shopping online to help you experience CBD at its very best.

Premium Jane

Premium CBD Topical

Premium Jane is a CBD brand based in the USA that specializes in creating high-quality products that deliver a dose of luxury and an affordable price. Known for using only the very best ingredients, including organically grown hemp plants and carefully sourced organic recipes, Premium Jane’s CBD salve allows you to experience CBD topicals at their very best.

CBD ointment from Premium Jane is a great way to care for your skin using 100% natural and healthy ingredients. Premium Jane uses a combination of eucalyptus essential oil, emu oil, and jojoba oil to form the base of their salves. Premium 100% organic CBD is grown in Kentucky is then added to create a smooth, beautifully scented CBD salve designed to nourish your skin.

Premium Jane uses third-party lab testing to ensure consistency across all of its products, as well as delivering a fully transparent service to its customers. Before you shop, you can view all of the results from Premium Jane’s lab reports allowing you to see exactly what goes into each item.

When shopping with Premium Jane, there are a number of different salves to choose from, including their eucalyptus-infused salve and cocoa butter salve. There are also varying CBD concertinos ranging from 750mg up to 1500mg, helping to give you maximum control over your CBD routine.


Provacan CBD Balm

Provacan has a range of CBD topicals, including its famous 300mg CBD balm, which is perfect for anyone in search of a gentle CBD salve.

Made using 100% natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their calming scent and nutrient-rich properties, Provacan’s topicals make it feel easy to care for your skin.

Provacan’s CBD balm formula contains a mix of organic hemp seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and cannabis extract. Along with added essential oils and terpenoids, Provacan’s CBD balm works to keep your skin smooth and hydrated while fueling your body with 300mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Blue Ridge Hemp

CBD infused Salve

Blue Ridge Hemp’s 200mg CBD infused salve has been specially formulated to help you treat joint and muscle pain. Packed with a wide range of essential oil and minerals, Blue Ridge Hemp salve provides your body with the fuel that it needs throughout the day.

Blue Ridge Hemp’s salve is not only for those looking to treat joint and muscle pain. It has been carefully designed so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Containing healthy oils such as ginger root, peppermint, and lemon peel is the perfect salve for anyone who feels like the skin is in need of extra light attention.

Each 2-ounce tub of Blue Ridge Hemp salve is infused with 200mg of CBD packed with health-enhancing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Not only does the natural combination of compounds found within hemp plants give Blue Ridge Hemp salve enhanced health benefits, but it also helps to create a delightfully calming scent.

How Growpacker is putting a ding in the cannabinoid universe

The cannabinoid industry is undoubtedly a booming one, but despite all the buzz surrounding the industry worldwide, there are some unique hurdles that are faced by entrepreneurs looking to break into the scene.

Outside of this industry, there are traditional steps and procedures that are undergone, and tedious in their own right. In the cannabinoid space, however, there are greater regulatory hoops to jump through, and every step must be triple-checked.

“These obstacles mainly stem from legalization and regulation concerns,” says Asaf Ofer, the COO and Co-Founder of the canni-investment firm and holding company, Pollen Group.

“This is what makes educating the consumer more important than ever. Now is the time for the general public to become more educated on the countless ways cannabinoids benefit humans and pets alike. The stigma must be broken, and it is up to members of the industry to collectively strive towards this goal to make their brands stand out.”

Image result for think weed gif

The cannabinoid industry is highly scrutinized, and numerous regulations make it illegal to market cannabinoids as having health benefits.

Not only does that make educating the public difficult, but it also makes it that much trickier for cannabinoid-related businesses to get off the ground.

According to Business News Daily, “In today’s day and age, if someone is looking to sell a product, the normal avenues are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or paid ads on social media… In this industry, it’s way, way, way different. You can’t do any of those things.”

It takes a lot of creativity and know-how for a cannabinoid business to become successful, gain a competitive advantage, and develop staying power.

“Major considerations must be kept in mind for entrepreneurs looking to break into this space,” says Stephen Boyd, the CEO of Growpacker, a Canadian contract manufacturer of THC- and CBD-infused edibles and beverages.

“The fluctuating regulatory landscape makes banks and lenders wary to do business with cannabinoid businesses. It also gives insurance companies the opportunity to keep prices elevated. All this aside, opportunities can otherwise be vast, so long as it’s being approached correctly from all angles.”

Boyd speaks from experience, as Growpacker has gained quite the reputation for being the backbone of the industry.

Growpacker focuses on expanding the ancillary side of the California cannabis industry by offering local and international brands key services such as formulation, manufacturing, co-packing, and distribution of THC and CBD infused beverages and edibles.

In addition to all this and its core co-packing business, Growpacker also operates an incubator and brand accelerator program that fast tracks emerging cannabis brands and ancillary companies in California.

And if that isn’t enough, the company also announced the launch of its Investment Accelerator Program, designed to partake in early-stage financing rounds of key supply chain and technology partners focused on the cannabis sector.

According to a Growpacker press release:

  • The Brand Incubator allows brands to fast track their market development in California and become compliant with current regulations.
  • The Brand Accelerator allows brands to exchange equity for Growpacker services which include, but are not limited to, manufacturing and formulation services, key market development resources and access to preferred pricing and benefits with Growpacker’s network of strategic partners.
  • The Investment Accelerator designed to invest in strategic cannabis companies focused on and beneficial to Growpacker’s vertically integrated supply chain strategy. Their first investment has already been made.

With all their bases expertly covered, Growpacker is highly respected for its impact and authority. “Many companies view us and the services we provide influencing active ingredient suppliers, brands and retail distribution partners as the backbone of the industry…” said Boyd.

He continued, “They want to be synergistically aligned with us and in many cases that means an investment from our Accelerator.”

Now, of course, not everyone can follow suit, much less go from zero to hero overnight, but a journey of a thousand miles does begin with one step.

In the cannabinoid industry, that first step is ensuring that the business concept is legally viable and truly a unique solution that can withstand the dynamics of the space, all while following the rules.

One wouldn’t want to fall into the legal drama that’s currently in the vaping industry, due to carelessness and oversights.

By working hard, working smart, and always being on the hunt for new ways to expand and/or pivot, it is possible for almost any entrepreneur to be as much of a powerhouse as Growpacker.