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CBD Oils and CBD Creams: What is the difference?

CBD oils and CBD creams are two prevalent forms of CBD and ones that you tend to find for sale from almost every CBD brand. PureKana, for example, has a range of tasty CBD oils as well as CBD creams for its customers to choose from.

For those who are either new to using CBD or who are not overly familiar with the different types of CBD and how they work, knowing which CBD products to purchase is not always easy. You need to understand the differences in the ways that CBD topical creams and CBD oils are used.

Let’s take a closer look at what CBD oils and CBD creams are and the benefits of using both.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the purest forms of CBD and one of the easiest ways to enjoy its potential health benefits.

CBD oils can be made from as little as two ingredients: CBD extract and MCT oil. This results in an extremely natural and healthy CBD experience, as well as a gentle herbal taste. Some brands use natural flavorings to further enhance the flavor profile of their CBD oils, with delicious options such as strawberry, chocolate, and mint CBD oils.

CBD oils can be used in a few different ways, but ultimately they are consumed orally and transported around your body via the bloodstream. The easiest way to consume CBD oil is by placing a few drops on your tongue and allowing it to absorb over the course of several minutes.

For those who like to be slightly more creative, CBD oil can also be mixed with your favorite recipes. CBD oils work exceptionally well when blended into smoothies or baked into treats such as cookies and cakes.

What Is CBD Cream?

CBD cream is the most common type of CBD topical and also the most versatile. CBD creams tend to be carefully formatted to target particular parts of your body.

Many brands will have a range of CBD creams available. Popular CBD creams include joint and muscle creams, face creams, and general full-body CBD creams. Brands such as Provacan have pushed the limits of what you can expect from CBD creams, having launched a number of unique options such as CBD sun cream and CBD eye cream.

Like CBD oils, CBD creams are available in many different concentration options. For example, PureKana CBD cream comes in an extra-strength option with added menthol. 

CBD topicals work differently to CBD oils. Rather than being ingested, they are applied to targeted areas of skin. The CBD within the cream is absorbed through the surface layers of the skin, triggering the effects of CBD in the area that the cream was applied to.

While CBD oils affect the entire body, CBD creams do not enter the bloodstream and, therefore, only impact the part of the body where they are applied. CBD creams cannot be used for conditions beyond the surface levels of the skin, joints, and muscles.

Which One Should You Use and When?

Both CBD oils and CBD creams can be equally effective when used in the correct situations. While CBD oils are great as general wellness supplements and for targeting chronic health conditions, CBD creams are much better for surface-level irritations.

If you are not sure what may be best for you then you will want to take a look at Leaf Nation, which provides guides around how you should be using CBD. 

CBD creams, on the other hand, are much more effective at treating surface-level irritations and muscle pains. CBD creams can be used to target skin problems in a more precise way than is possible with CBD oils.

Another reason that CBD creams are so popular when it comes to treating muscle and joint pains is that they can take effect much more quickly than CBD oil. For times when you are in pain, CBD creams can provide the instant relief you need.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oils and CBD Creams

When shopping for CBD, whether you choose CBD creams or CBD oils will very much depend on your reason for including cannabidiol in your daily supplement routine.

CBD oils are great as a once-a-day dietary supplement but are not always as suitable for targeting particular areas of your body. CBD cream gives you the precision that CBD oils lack; however, for the price of only providing localized effects.