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Steve Irwin lives on as Black man that goes by the name ‘Real Tarzann’

Steve Irwin has been reincarnated as a tatted, brolic, Supreme wearing, Black man named Michael Holston.

You’ve probably seen Holston on IG flexing his Eliza Thornberry, catching, tending, and loving wild animals.

On IG he is known as the @therealtarzann aka Mr. King of the Jungle. This is where he showcases his peculiar relationships with the most fire animals in videos and pictures.

Peep how fly my guy looks with these Macaws

Holston holds no fear in his heart. Homie chills too hard with his pet anaconda that could eat him whole any day…

Holston is, in fact, a very wild man, but risk comes with the territory. All of his hustles have to do with animals is some way.

If he’s not managing an exotic reptile farm, he’s zookeeping at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami.

Miss him at either of those places and he’s probably on the road teaching zoology or biology in a classroom to a bunch of kids.

Don’t cry lil’ guy, The Real Tarzann gotchu

Whoever thought we would have a Black zoologist for these kids to look up to? Holston realized once the world started to react to his braze content.

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Holston said.

“I just started putting some stuff out there on social media, recently… I’ve always been on social media, but I didn’t really put the footwork in of emailing companies, asking them to repost, stuff like that. When I did, I knew I had some mad content. I knew once the world started seeing it, they’d be like, ‘Oh man! This guy! He’s crazy, and he’s Black!’”

Holston wants the world to see animals through the perspective lens of Black culture. In the interview, he added,

“I want to show people animals, but do it in a different way that the world ain’t seen yet… Do it through the eyes of a black man. Do it with swag. Do it with some Yeezys on while playing Drizzy or 2 Chainz in the background. I want to bring that culture with me.”

The Real Tarzann is looking to “put the ‘G’ in jungle”

When you put the G in Jungle!

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Let’s get it! Holston is too real. But not too g to understand that with his massive social following there is a bigger mission at hand. Taking pictures with cool animals and flexing it on IG is not all that matters.

Holston wants to make sure that these Black kids don’t have to pick up a sport or a gun “just to fit in.” He wants kids everywhere to know that you can be educated and still be cool. Peep what he said in his interview with Uproxx,

“I want to show that you can be black and be educated. You can be professional. You can chase your dreams. You don’t got to pick up a basketball or a gun or anything just to fit in. You can be yourself and be different and also still make it and still be just like everybody else. That’s something I want to focus on a lot too.”

Hopefully, we see Holston with his own show someday, you know just like Steve Irwin. That’ll be really good for all of us.

Stay Fly Holston and stay away from stingrays.

Really out here: A brief history of the wild ass animals that inhabit NYC

NYC is home to the wildest people on earth. With that said, it’s safe to say that the NYC habitat is wild as well.

The “no fucks given” NY attitude has taken on a new form. It has taken on the form of exotic pets and wildlife.

So many different environments for creatures to set up shop. Furry and feathered creatures tag along with their owners through the dark tunnels of the subways, the fluorescent trains, and the sunny public parks. Lest we forget the iconic corner of an NYC block.

Some of these pets and wildlife are ridiculous, some of them are absurd. But if you ever get a chance to witness one you might get more than a laugh out of the situation.

Have you ever seen an anteater on a leash coming out of an NYC subway?

Salvador Dali might have popped it for bringing wild creatures on the subway

Just #SalvadorDali walking his ant eater out of the subway #subwaycreatures

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Peep the peacock influence

What kind of dog is that? #subwaycreatures (@alwaysontheone)

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Nothing like dinner on a leash

This week on Animals That Don’t Belong On A Leash Or The Subway #subwaycreatures (

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Fuck it bring the horse to the club

Ok fine, throw it on the Xmas list… (@nyc_wtf) #subwaycreatures

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My guy’s reptile game is crazy

Nothing was more NY than this shark with a loosey and a Metrocard.


From the dumpster to a subway car. This raccoon made it.

The NYC subway has officially turned into a goddamn Six Flags Safari #subwaycreatures (@brookehogan1)

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If you think that’s all we got, you’re greatly mistaken, my friend. Beyond insane domestication, we have wildlife doing what they do best – wildin’.

These NYC streets are not safe. Watch your back you never know when a squirrel might try to take your nut. His rat cousin might run up on you for some pizza. Shit, they got homeless animals too looking for that fire seed.

You think this is a game? Subway rat will try to eat you

A throwback to my worst nightmare on the train #subwaycreatures #tbt

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And your pizza

Only in NYC, where the squirrels get too turnt and try and fuck your auntie

Hitting the bottle #stuytownsquirrels #nycsquirrels #thirsty

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Got all the wildlife pulling up in NYC 😂

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Where is your owner? Does she know you’re out here flippin’ that sour?

Sheesh! Keep watch for creatures like this somewhere in your NYC neighborhood. You never know you might pull up on a tiger in Harlem (LOL).

Nah, that really happened, peep below.


New study shows that duck dicks get larger when they chill with their boys

A group of researchers has authored a study showing that male ducks who post up with other dude ducks get longer penises.

The duck penis seems to be the source of much scientific fascination. The female duck vagina has co-evolved with the corkscrew-like male duck penis to prevent forced copulation, which is widespread across duck species. Patricia Brennan, ornithologist at Mount Holyoke College and co-author of the study, told Motherboard about this co-evolution,

“This co-evolution is actually the result of an arms race over the control of reproduction, because male ducks force females to copulate and females don’t like it at all.”

For a visual of the corkscrew dude duck dick watch this video. It’s uh, well, just watch it.

But now these researchers have scientific data to show that duck penises grow when males are around each other. The study, published in The Auk: Ornithological Advances, outlines their findings. From the study:

“We found experimental evidence that in a male-biased social environment, consisting of several males and fewer females, the penis in Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis) grew longer in 2 separate years, than in males housed in pairs, as predicted if male–male competition influences penis morphology. In Ruddy Ducks (Oxyura jamaicensis), males instead showed evidence of reproductive delays that were explained both by a male’s size and his social environment: most males in social groups exhibited shorter penises, variable onset and duration of genital maturation, and faster penis growth rate.”

So why is this happening? Well, it’s not because females particularly enjoy the larger duck penis, but that male ducks are in sexual and evolutionary competition with each other. A Yale University press release on the study described this competition,

“It appears that longer penis size has little to do with female preference, but is the result of competition between paired males and unpaired males that attempt to fertilize females by force.”

Sounds kind of sinister… Patricia Brennan told Motherboard about this evolutionary phenomenon, saying that because of the threat of duck rape, it’s unlikely that females favor longer penises,

“Maybe the females love big penises because they indicate something about the males. But I already sort of knew that that wasn’t going to be likely, because of these forced copulations.”

Contrarily, it’s competition among male ducks that has driven the evolution of the duck penis, Brennan said, “Sperm competition and male-male competition do favor a longer penis.”

Richard Prum, professor of evolutionary biology at Yale University and co-author of the study (and yes, there is paternal relation to this writer) said the results of the study demonstrate the intersections of social interaction, sexual conflict and autonomy, and evolution in the natural world,

“This study illustrates how social forces can actually shape individual anatomy, but it also suggests how sexual conflict and sexual autonomy shapes social behavior.”

The federally-funded study has come under fire from conservatives for pointless government spending blah blah, but Prum said the study helps us understand evolution and sexual choice, This research has helped us understand the importance of sexual autonomy, that freedom of choice matters in nature.”

It remains to be seen if results are the same in humans.