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Really out here: A brief history of the wild ass animals that inhabit NYC

NYC is home to the wildest people on earth. With that said, it’s safe to say that the NYC habitat is wild as well.

The “no fucks given” NY attitude has taken on a new form. It has taken on the form of exotic pets and wildlife.

So many different environments for creatures to set up shop. Furry and feathered creatures tag along with their owners through the dark tunnels of the subways, the fluorescent trains, and the sunny public parks. Lest we forget the iconic corner of an NYC block.

Some of these pets and wildlife are ridiculous, some of them are absurd. But if you ever get a chance to witness one you might get more than a laugh out of the situation.

Have you ever seen an anteater on a leash coming out of an NYC subway?

Salvador Dali might have popped it for bringing wild creatures on the subway

Just #SalvadorDali walking his ant eater out of the subway #subwaycreatures

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Peep the peacock influence

What kind of dog is that? #subwaycreatures (@alwaysontheone)

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Nothing like dinner on a leash

This week on Animals That Don’t Belong On A Leash Or The Subway #subwaycreatures (

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Fuck it bring the horse to the club

Ok fine, throw it on the Xmas list… (@nyc_wtf) #subwaycreatures

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My guy’s reptile game is crazy

Nothing was more NY than this shark with a loosey and a Metrocard.


From the dumpster to a subway car. This raccoon made it.

The NYC subway has officially turned into a goddamn Six Flags Safari #subwaycreatures (@brookehogan1)

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If you think that’s all we got, you’re greatly mistaken, my friend. Beyond insane domestication, we have wildlife doing what they do best – wildin’.

These NYC streets are not safe. Watch your back you never know when a squirrel might try to take your nut. His rat cousin might run up on you for some pizza. Shit, they got homeless animals too looking for that fire seed.

You think this is a game? Subway rat will try to eat you

A throwback to my worst nightmare on the train #subwaycreatures #tbt

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And your pizza

Only in NYC, where the squirrels get too turnt and try and fuck your auntie

Hitting the bottle #stuytownsquirrels #nycsquirrels #thirsty

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Got all the wildlife pulling up in NYC 😂

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Where is your owner? Does she know you’re out here flippin’ that sour?

Sheesh! Keep watch for creatures like this somewhere in your NYC neighborhood. You never know you might pull up on a tiger in Harlem (LOL).

Nah, that really happened, peep below.