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Steve Irwin lives on as Black man that goes by the name ‘Real Tarzann’

Steve Irwin has been reincarnated as a tatted, brolic, Supreme wearing, Black man named Michael Holston.

You’ve probably seen Holston on IG flexing his Eliza Thornberry, catching, tending, and loving wild animals.

On IG he is known as the @therealtarzann aka Mr. King of the Jungle. This is where he showcases his peculiar relationships with the most fire animals in videos and pictures.

Peep how fly my guy looks with these Macaws

Holston holds no fear in his heart. Homie chills too hard with his pet anaconda that could eat him whole any day…

Holston is, in fact, a very wild man, but risk comes with the territory. All of his hustles have to do with animals is some way.

If he’s not managing an exotic reptile farm, he’s zookeeping at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami.

Miss him at either of those places and he’s probably on the road teaching zoology or biology in a classroom to a bunch of kids.

Don’t cry lil’ guy, The Real Tarzann gotchu

Whoever thought we would have a Black zoologist for these kids to look up to? Holston realized once the world started to react to his braze content.

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Holston said.

“I just started putting some stuff out there on social media, recently… I’ve always been on social media, but I didn’t really put the footwork in of emailing companies, asking them to repost, stuff like that. When I did, I knew I had some mad content. I knew once the world started seeing it, they’d be like, ‘Oh man! This guy! He’s crazy, and he’s Black!’”

Holston wants the world to see animals through the perspective lens of Black culture. In the interview, he added,

“I want to show people animals, but do it in a different way that the world ain’t seen yet… Do it through the eyes of a black man. Do it with swag. Do it with some Yeezys on while playing Drizzy or 2 Chainz in the background. I want to bring that culture with me.”

The Real Tarzann is looking to “put the ‘G’ in jungle”

When you put the G in Jungle!

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Let’s get it! Holston is too real. But not too g to understand that with his massive social following there is a bigger mission at hand. Taking pictures with cool animals and flexing it on IG is not all that matters.

Holston wants to make sure that these Black kids don’t have to pick up a sport or a gun “just to fit in.” He wants kids everywhere to know that you can be educated and still be cool. Peep what he said in his interview with Uproxx,

“I want to show that you can be black and be educated. You can be professional. You can chase your dreams. You don’t got to pick up a basketball or a gun or anything just to fit in. You can be yourself and be different and also still make it and still be just like everybody else. That’s something I want to focus on a lot too.”

Hopefully, we see Holston with his own show someday, you know just like Steve Irwin. That’ll be really good for all of us.

Stay Fly Holston and stay away from stingrays.