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Peep how the A$AP Foundation gave back to Harlem for the holidays

“WE ARE HARLEM,” A$AP Yams, April 2012

All we have in this world are our communities and our families. They raised us and molded us into who we are today. It doesn’t matter where you come from. No matter where you go you’ll always show your origins.

It might be the way you swagger down the street or that funny accent that surfaces in conversation every once in a while. Your community won’t ever let go, not even if you try to abandon it. It will always be there remembering you… And you’ll always have to go back.

You can’t ignore the cries from your hood especially when you’ve made something of yourself and you know what you’ve left behind. A place where many lack hope and opportunities are choked off by misfortune and poverty.

Just a couple of days before Christmas the ASAP Foundation proved that it’s necessary to put it on for their city, not only through the music but through community service. The service would be in the form of a toy-drive and it would flood the corner of Frederick Douglas and W 154 with smiles, hugs, and good vibes.

Photo Credit: Justin Johnson

From outside of That’s Eso you could feel “New Level” vibrating the atmosphere and drawing people into the restaurant where tables and chairs were replaced with stands for donated fly clothing, stuffed gift bags, and fresh kicks.

Ready to bless a small community in Harlem the ASAP Foundation stood ready for little tykes to pull up with their brothers and sisters to enjoy the best part of Christmas. One native “Harlem New Yorker” named Shanna came with two small children, both no older than six years old.

Shanna gave off an aura of relief when she exited and looked over to her two children play with their brand new action figures. To her events like the toy drive are important for the community because they are “good for single moms, other mothers who are struggling, and for children who are struggling in the community…”

Photo Credit: Justin Johnson

Executive Director of the ASAP Foundation, Darryl Phillips felt the toy drive represented another lane the initiative wants to take when it comes to restoring a community. He said,

“Even though we deal with drug awareness and give people the right information about substance abuse, the idea is also to deal with communities in a holistic manner. Not only do we deal with crisis moments, but we deal with victimization and giving back…”

Big bags filled with gifts trafficked back and forth through the entrance. The toy drive motivated people to get up, get out, and give. One woman donated hot wheels, two princess dolls, a Black Panther figurine, and winter gear. Her partner brought the daily necessities — toiletries and washcloths.

Lola Plaku pulled up with truck full of Puma and Puma/Fenty gear. Plaku and ASAP Ferg couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Ferg’s involvement in the toy drive was important. The Harlem native represents more than ASAP Mob he represents hope. He expressed to us the importance of the ASAP Foundation.

Photo Credit: Justin Johnson

Ferg said,

“The importance of the ASAP Foundation is continuing to bring our community together… To touch the people with my celebrity and show them I came from where you came from, you can also make it as well…”

Inside he would hug “Mama Yamborghini” who couldn’t be happier to see him. From Ferg’s bond with her, it was easy to tell that Yam’s legacy will never die. ASAP Illz would swagger his way in too with mad fly Disco Inferno gear in hand.

He reminded me of a Harlem superhero in a denim fit and a large patchwork bandana scarf draped on him like a cape while he was handing out gifts to kids wearing Yamborghini New Era fitted hats.

Photo Credit: Justin Johnson

The glee he showed revealed that this was a very heartwarming experience for him. He told us about how poppin’ it felt to give back to his community. Illz said,

“Giving back to Harlem is heartwarming and just a good feeling because it’s the holidays and people less fortunate can’t afford gifts… It’s always valuable for rappers, people in the kulture, or the industry to give back to their own communities, no matter what the cause is.”

ASAP Twelvyy made an appearance as well and he brought with him an abundant amount LYBB shirts and merch. For Twelvyy,  community outreach is a fundamental part of the ASAP Foundation.

Photo Credit: Justin Johnson

During our conversation, he reminisced on past Christmases when he was a youngster in NYC. Twelvyy explained how some were tougher than others and if he was to receive any presents they would be from his mother who would work round the clock just to buy them.

“It’s cool to have this outlet. This is our outlet to be positive, our outlet to be creative, this is our community outreach outlet. We just keep going and keep building. It’s important to be in touch with the community because I know these kids don’t have hope. Look, I used to be out here and no one ever came to see me on Christmas…”

The event for sure did its job and inspired the community in a different way. Donnie an 18-year-old skater was encouraged to pull up and donate too after seeing a post for the toy drive on Instagram.

Although Donnie loves giving back the post motivated him to get his parents involved and bring whatever they had to donate as well. Truth be told, “anytime, anyone does shit for the city like this. It’s something that inspires you to give back wherever you’re from,” said Donnie.

Photo Credit: Justin Johnson
Photo Credit: Justin Johnson
Photo Credit: Justin Johnson

Marty Baller assembles legendary cast for new ‘Like Mike’ visuals

A$AP Mob oozes NY swag everywhere they go and the visuals for Marty Baller’s track “Like Mike” off his Mixtape “Baller Nation” continue that trend.

The video, featuring the likes of A$AP Ferg, Smooky Margielaa, and Aexyz is an ode to old school Basketball tournaments in your neighborhood park that EVERYONE would pop out to.

You have your New York park essentials from beautiful women sitting on the sidelines to the trash dude that’s always talking shit (shout out to Fatboy SSE for playing that role).

The video gives off a classic NY feel with Marty rocking the Jordan jersey paired with the Dr. J afro and playing ball on rims with the busted ass nets.

This is the epitome of a New York summer and Marty Baller manages to capture that energy throughout the entire video. We asked Marty what his inspiration was behind the video Marty replied:

“My inspiration behind the video was just bringing together a bunch of legendary people. I miss seeing a lot of dope people in one video so that’s the vibe I wanted to bring and I love Jordans.”

His vision was definitely fulfilled as everyone involved, from Spooky Margeilaa’s spastic movements to neighborhood friends showing out to party, made the video into a huge event.

Being that the track is titled “Like Mike” and the hook bumps a catchy “BALLING LIKE I’M JORDAN” the young Baller made sure there were Jordans on everyone’s feet. Marty says the popular sneaker was a big inspiration for the video and appropriately so, who lives in NY and doesn’t fuck with Jays?

When asked if he’s got anymore dope visuals coming out from the “Baller Nation” project, Marty says he’s thinking about delivering more but is focused to “Let the ones I have out now continue to do numbers and inspire people.”

“Like Mike” makes you want to have a good time and until his next move we’ll continue turning up and Balling like Jordan!

Peep Marty Ballers Mixtape “Baller Nation” below on Soundcloud.

#TBT to some of your favorite rappers’ first music videos (Part 1)

Tomorrow for a special Throwback Thursday we’ve decided to look through a couple rappers’ careers and find their first music videos.

It’s always fun to see artists in their humble beginnings before the glo and money makes them look like an untouchable being.

Some of these artists hit big with their first music video and others are just here to appreciate the growth and feel better about ourselves.

That being said, here’s 8 rappers’ first music videos to celebrate Throwback Thursday:

A$AP Rocky ft. A$AP Ferg – “Get High”

Iight… this video is nothing but pure gold. In this video we have a young Rocky rocking the mean perm and Ferg looking like my favorite dope dealer. This video is a great example of my personal motto “You’re never ugly, just broke”.

Aside from the two A$AP members looking broke and silly this track actually still bumps. You can hear Rocky’s classic confident flow and melodies all over the track as well as Ferg’s animated delivery.

These guys are well past these Harlem days but that perm and the shot of Ferg in the bathtub is an iconic start for the New York stars.

Tyler, the Creator – “French”

If you’re anywhere between 18 – 22 years old Tyler, the Creator was everything to you at one point. “French” is defiance and teenage insanity compressed in a 1 minute and 40 second video.

With a lot of Odd Future members starring in the video and random cuts to different weird shit, this video is the epitome of what every teenager was into back in 2011.

Tyler is into way more intricate shit now and is on a whole new level when it comes to his videos but “French” still stands as a great representation of Tyler’s creative eye.

Earl Sweatshirt – “EARL”

I remember seeing this video and thinking “THIS N**** WILDIN!!”

As a youth I really thought these guys were out here making death juice and spitting out teeth like that shit was normal.

Earl comes through with disturbing ass visuals for his self-titled track featuring people pulling their nails off, pulling hair off their head, and bleeding nipples.

Once you got past all the blood in the video you realized Earl was spitting insane bars and he’s only gotten more intricate and oddball since.

Travi$ Scott – “LIGHTS (LOVE SICK)”

Travis Scott’s first video is actually really dope and looks really professional, so much so that I have some doubts calling this his FIRST music video but hey it’s from 2012 so fuck it.

In “LIGHTS” it’s apparent that Travis has always been a fan of the dark apocalypse style and he does it pretty damn well here.

The actual song is reminiscent of his heavy Kanye and Cudi influenced style but he backs that up with impressive visuals and intense cuts.

Chief Keef – “Bang”

Almighty Sosa definitely doesn’t get enough credit for fathering a whole genre of hip-hop and even less credit for these type of videos.

Chief Keef was about 15 when this video was released and this style is still used today in terms visuals and sound.

This era of Chief Keef is classic and was followed shortly by the hit “I Don’t Like,” which just goes to show how ahead of the game Young Sosa was when this came out.

Chance the Rapper – “Nostalgia”

Chance’s first visuals are true to the “Nostalgia” title. Released in 2011, the video features Chance rapping over a tranquil beat about his past.

Chance was only 16 around the time this video dropped and still manages to insert so much genuine emotion into the video and song.

Those who think the whole nice guy image Chance portrays is a facade can just watch this video and see, he’s always been a sweet, loving dude who’s incredibly passionate about his city and family.

Flatbush Zombies – “Thug Waffle”

I personally blame this video for opening me up to smoking more weed and eating mad waffles.

When I first discovered this video and the Zombies as a whole I was determined to be as cool as Juice.

This came out during the peak of the beast coast movement in New York and just fit the city’s aesthetic incredibly well with everyone becoming streetwear kids and wilding out in SoHo.

Kanye West – “Through the Wire”

Y’all knew I couldn’t leave this classic out.

Kanye’s first music video is a gallery of his near fatal car accident that almost left him speechless and his ability to overcome the tragedy and make history.

Everyone loves this song, this is THE song people think about when they say they miss the old Kanye.

Everything about this video is beautiful from seeing Kanye announce his pairing with Roc-A-Fella to the pictures of Kanye before surgery.

This video is a story of triumph for Mr.West and like him or not, since getting his jaw wired he’s been unbreakable.

Music week in review: A$AP Ferg, Dave East, Brand New, Bieber, & more

There was a ridiculous amount of amazing new music this week.

With releases from across the spectrum, you should have no trouble finding exactly the vibe you’re looking for right now. Of course leading off the list is two Harlem rappers.

A$AP Ferg – Still Striving

A$AP Mob’s de facto number two A$AP Ferg is calling Still Striving a mixtape, but there’s no evidence to show it’s not a straight up album.

Still Striving is chuck full of some absolutely wild features, and A$AP Ferg seems as though he’s comfortable standing alongside the biggest names in hip-hop.

One moment he’s trading bars with Meek Mill, then Cam’ron (“Rubber Band Man” is a standout), next is Lil Yachty, then Dave East, and on, and on.

Still Striving cements Ferg as a massive star in hip-hop. Now we’re ready for Cozy Tapes Vol. 2.

Dave East – Paranoia: A True Story

Another Harlem rapper Dave East released a career-defining album today.

Dave East, who had been creeping on the fringes of hip-hop stardom for a couple years now after making last year’s XXL Freshman list, has solidified himself within the rap game with Paranoia.

It’s his third studio album since 2015 and easily the cleanest and most comprehensive yet.

Although East is joined by artists like Jeezy, Nas, French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa, it’s East’s trademark deep voice that rings out over the rest.

Paranoia is one of the best rap projects of the year, it’s a vintage New York hip-hop record.

Brand New – Science Fiction

Iconic pop-post-not-quite-emo-punk band Brand New released their first album since 2009 and maybe their last album ever.

The release of the album was rather unorthodox, Science Fiction isn’t available on streaming platforms, rather it’s just for purchase.

Musically, it’s a powerhouse of a record. On Science Fiction, Brand New sheds some of the pop-punk constructions of their past and builds a hugely interesting rock record.

At times the sound is fully stripped-down and minimal, at times a wall of sound slaps you in the face.

As always, Jesse Lacey’s lyrics are both bizarre and poignant, at one point singing “Let’s all go play Nagasaki/Let’s all go get vaporized.”

It’s a weird, and great, record for weird times.

Kodak Black – Project Baby 2

Kodak Black has had a wild couple years.

Numerous run-ins with the law and legal troubles that sent him in and out of prison have not stopped Lil Kodak from putting out a massive amount of music.

He’s back doing his thing on Project Baby 2, rapping over a top selection of beats about the system trying to keep him incarcerated, the discontents of sudden fame, being booted, and wanting to go back to his old life of crime.

Kodak is one of the most intriguing young characters in hip-hop, dude just needs to stay out of trouble.

Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins

Once upon a time, Grizzly Bear were labeled the “New Beatles.” That they are not, but they may be more interesting.

Their first album in five years, Painted Ruins is another meticulously crafted musical project.

There’s a lot of layers to get through on every track, but not in an inaccessible way.

This album is both more poppy than their previous work in its use of synthesizers and drum machines, but also more complicated than Grizzly Bear’s other albums.

That Ed Droste and co. can even do that is wildly impressive.

Grizzly Bear is an awesomely talented rock band. It’s good to have them back.

Peewee Longway – The Blue M&M 3

On the complete other side of the spectrum from intellectualist rock band Grizzly Bear is Peewee Longway.

The Atlanta, Georgia native has released a shitload of mixtapes over the years with the latest The Blue M&M 3. It’s full of fire beats and bars about moving bricks.

Peewee is very well thought of in Atlanta trap rap circles and Blue M&M 3 shows why.

He vibes in his trademark southern drawl in a way that will have you nodding your head along.

If you’re looking to get the trap bumping this weekend, Peewee Longway is the best way to go.

Justin Bieber – “Friends” (with BloodPop)

Justin Bieber has returned from his recently-cancelled tour with a poppy dance jam alongside producer BloodPop.

This song will likely be completely inescapable for the rest of the year, at least until the Biebs releases something new.

Bieber sings over a driving bass beat about whether or not he can remain friends with a former love interest.

Of course everyone knows the answer to that question, but the massive chorus will make you forget the futility of Justin’s pleas.

Gucci Mane (ft. Migos) – I Get The Bag

Gucci Mane taps the Migos for a new fire single “I Get The Bag.”

Despite the fact that Gucci just dropped DropTopWop back in May, this is the first single off his upcoming Mr. Davis in September.

Trading verses with Migos, Gucci is as sharp as ever.

East Atlanta Santa is a gift to us all.

Best to be grateful.

Gorillaz – “Strobelite” (Kaytranada Remix)

Genius producer and DJ Kaytranada has remixed “Strobelite” off of Gorillaz April album Humans to amazing results.

This is some new age Studio 54 shit, those kick drums are absolutely irresistible.

Kaytranada reworked “Strobelite” into a sort of trance disco jam. Of course, it helps to have Peven Everett’s unique vocals to play around with.

A$AP Ferg and Dave East are bringing east coast hip-hop back to Harlem

For years hip-hop heads have bemoaned the state of New York rap.

As the rap game switched up and seemed to find a new home in Atlanta, many have taken shots at New York rappers over the years over perceptions that the city has fallen off.

But today, it’s clear that that perception is bullshit.

New York just been biding it’s time.

And now, we have two projects from two Harlem kids that have taken long and winding roads to get to this point.

A$AP Ferg started off as a fashion designer, making wild designs before linking up with Rocky and Yams to form A$AP Mob.

Dave East was a top high school basketball recruit and played ball at University of Richmond before coming back to Harlem and dedicating his life to the mic.

The two Harlem rappers have collaborated on the banger “Paper Chasin” as a sort of culmination of both of their careers.

While Ferg has been around for a minute with A$AP Mob, Dave East’s rise represents the diverse set of artists coming out of the area.

It’s not just A$AP Mob putting on for uptown, there’s an entire generation of rappers and artists ready to put NYC back on the map.

There’s been cool stuff coming out of New York with French Montana always putting on for the city and Joey Bada$$ and co. doing their thing with Pro Era.

Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, and the whole GS9 had the city on fire for a hot second before being the target of a massive anti-gang operation landed them in Rikers.

But now, with Harlem kids Ferg and Dave East dropping their albums on the same day, there’s a clear shift in the hip-hop world back to uptown NYC.

It’s too lit.

Meet Harlem’s Z3US FERGUSON, the producer turned rapper on the rise

Z3US FERGUSON is the next New York rapper making waves in the industry.

The Harlem MC has a diverse sound, mixing trap and menacing beats with harmonious singing. One moment he’s rapping in his trademark gravely voice, the next he’s singing his own chorus.

Ferguson, who is cousins with A$AP Ferg, began by making beats and music was always a part of his life. But he didn’t start taking the music shit seriously until an achilles injury ended his college football career.

Z3us’ beginnings as a producer mean he has an exceptional ear for harmonies and sonic details.

Those details make Z3US FERGUSON a breath of fresh air in the current hip-hop landscape, he has a uniquely distinct sound in a field that can sound pretty redundant.

We spoke to Z3us about his inspirations, his sound, and what’s up next for the Harlem rapper.

How did you first get into music? Were you always musical or is it something you kind of grew into?

I actually started out as a producer. Making beats was my passion and production in general still is. I had an uncle who used to have a studio in the crib and every time I’d go to his crib me and my cousins would go through his crates of vinyl and try to scratch to old Mike Jackson records [laughs]. So I guess my natural ear came from that.

I was in college and tore my achilles which ended my football career, so it was natural that I got into music full-time. So after graduating and coming home I would send beats out to my friends who rapped at the time but I wasn’t getting back any tracks I fucked with or getting a response at all. So naturally sitting with the music I started writing. Got my pen game up. Then over time I found my voice.


A post shared by Z3US FERGUSON (@z3usferguson) on

How did your upbringing in Harlem influence your music?

I look at my music as my journal. From my experiences, to my family name, Harlem is essential to me being the man I am today.

You released The Chris Ferg Project back in April, what did you want to accomplish with that collection?

At the time I was going through a transition in my career and wanted to show the level up in sound. I also wanted to show people that you had to take me seriously. I wanted to touch the streets with that one.

You have a diverse selection of production and sometimes you sing-rap like on “They Love It.” How would you describe your own sound?

RANGE! [laughs] But seriously. I’ve been told and truly believe now, my range is one of my gifts. I continue to grow with my voice but any chance I get to show that I know how to harmonize… I take it. I take pride in making songs that are always sonically pleasing to the ear.

“Just Like That” is a fire duet with DopeByAccident with a clear R&B influence, do you consciously try to display a different array of sounds and songs?

That record was a vibe! DopeByAccident is a hell of a songwriter/singer who pulled up to the lab and we went through beats and naturally that one stuck. It came out to be a banger which I love. But once again this stuff just happens naturally. Those are the best songs.

Describe your songwriting process, does the melody come to you when you hear a beat?

Yeah. Usually when I hit the lab I’ll have my beats and shit lined up. I’ll go through it and whatever feels right I’ll fuck with. At that point I’ll try and get a hook idea and vibe first because writing my verse is the easy part. Once I got the melody and hook down I’ll lay it down then it’s time to get busy on the verses.

You have the 4th installment of your series YBE (Young Black Entrepreneurs) coming in the winter/fall. What does Young Black Entrepreneurship mean to you?

YBE shows the growth. I don’t sound the same on YBE as I did on TCFPJ. I’m always in the studio perfecting my craft. So much has happened this year. My brother Hunter and I bossed up to make certain strides and that’s the vibe on this EP. So I legit just wanted to show my supporters the growth.

Besides the next YBE what’s next for Z3US FERGUSON?


Z3us is definitely one to watch. Go peep his SoundCloud or Spotify and vibe out!

Music week in review: Downtown Boys, A$AP Ferg, Wiz Khalifa, and more

After last week’s hip-hop centric review list, I got some weird shit for you this week.

Still some dope hip-hop singles, but these albums will fill your fix for dope electronic music and socialist Latinx punk rock.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Oneohtrix Point Never, real name Daniel Lopatin, has weaved his abstruse electronic music for 7 full length albums dating back to 2009.

His sultry tunes have spanned the electronic world and Lopatin has become a critical darling over the years. His unique production pays notable attention to the idea of space within his music.

On his latest project, released today on Warp Records, Lopatin was tasked with scoring the new Robert Pattinson crime thriller Good Time.

Lopatin is a natural for scoring, especially in the dark, grungy world conjured up by the film’s creators. A standout is the Iggy Pop-assisted “The Pure and the Damned,” which sounds kind of like a futuristic version of late-career Johnny Cash.

Downtown Boys – Cost of Living

Providence, Rhode Island’s favorite punk rock communists Downtown Boys are back with the best punk record of 2017.

Lead singer Victoria Ruiz is like a more badass, more leftist version of Zack De La Roca. Singing in both Spanish and English, Ruiz powers Downtown Boys forward over sharp pop-punk guitars and driving drums.

After bursting onto the scene with 2014’s Full Communism, Downtown Boys are now a fixture in punk circles. Their political punk rock is some of the most refreshing shit you’ll hear this year.

Photay – Onism

Woodstock, New York native Phontay’s (Evan Shornstein) third album Onism is based off the philosophy of John Koenig which addresses, “the frustration of being stuck in just one body that inhabits only one place at a time.”

Well then.

That’s a complicated idea, but this album is not nearly as hard to access as Koenig’s philosophy.

Shornstein produces electronic grooves so full of depth and sound, both smooth and glitchy at the same time, it’s hard not to find yourself bobbing along.

It’s thoughtful electronic music, rarely using vocals besides the beautiful “Outré Lux” with Madison McFerrin.

You can play this at a party and have everyone casually rocking a long, but also listen to it as you contemplate the complexities of onism.

I’m a big fan of this record.

A$AP Ferg (ft. Migos) – Nasty (Who Dat)

A$AP Ferg dropped another joint of his upcoming album.

Ferg followed up “Plain Jane” and “East Coast” with “Nasty (Who Dat)” with Migos.

It’s another banger from Ferg and we’ll be getting his album Still Strivinnext week.

Then on the 25th, A$AP Mob will drop Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 drops. So if you’re keeping score at home, that’s Twelvyy, Ferg, and then the whole Mob in three straight weeks.

A$AP Mob taking over.

Queens of the Stone Age

American rock legends Queens of the Stone Age released “The Evil Has Landed” ahead of their new album Villains, set for release on August 25th.

This riffy new jam is exactly what you need in your sad rockless life.

We’re looking forward to Villains, it’s sure to be a powerhouse.

Wiz Khalifa (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) – “Something New”

Wiz Khalifa taps up fellow Taylor Gang member Ty Dolla $ign for this sultry little number.

Produced by Young Berg, the smooth R&B track sees Ty and Wiz going on about new lady friends.

The long-awaited and delayed Rolling Papers 2 does not have a release date, but we should be getting the new Wiz Khalifa album sooner than later.

Marshmello (ft. Khalid) – “Silence”

So yeah, I hadn’t heard about this Marshmello character until yesterday. I’m pretty ignorant of the pop-EDM thing, but it now seems rather pathetic that I’d missed this dude.

Anyways, this new song with Khalid has all the makings of a massive radio hit.

Khalid’s impressive vocals soar alongside Marshmello’s floating synths and it’s not too overbearing in the way massive pop dance music can be.

Kind of nice! When this song is inescapable in three weeks, I’ll probably regret saying that.

Madeintyo – “Cashing Out”

Madeintyo arrived in February 2016 with “Uber Everywhere” and stuck around with an extensive list of catchy little singles.

Yesterday he announced his debut EP True World coming August 25th.

“Cashing Out” is some fire vibes, pretty standard Madeintyo shit. True World should be a dope 6-track project.

Pi’erre Bourne – “Mad”

Pi’erre Bourne, the producer behind Playboi Carti’s debut mixtape’s fire beats, is releasing some of his own stuff.

On “Mad” he bemoans everyone that’s hating on him over acoustic guitar instrumentation.

Pi’erre just can’t quite understand why everyone is tight at him. We’re not Pi’erre, keep doing your thing.

Foggieraw (ft. Abdou) – “I Got the Kick”

DMV rapper Foggieraw doesn’t have too much of an internet presence, but this new track, with a feature from Abdou, is some laid back fire.

I’ve been forced to dive further into Foggieraw’s discography and dude has the juice.

Definitely one to watch. Check out his stuff.

A$AP Twelvyy is ready for his solo success on debut album ‘12’

Nah nah nah nah nah nah, fuck that Twelv
Don’t talk these n****s, nah, now it’s time to show these n****s. Show these n****s like a movie, n***a!

A$AP Rocky is right — it’s your turn now Twelvyy.

A$AP Mob member Twelvyy is set to drop his debut album, 12, tomorrow, Aug. 4, and it’s looking to shake the rap game crazier than an LA earthquake.

Tell me this trailer doesn’t give you chills.

Twelvyy has been in the game for a hot minute. You’ve probably first heard of OG Twelvyy in A$AP Rocky’s debut mixtape Live. Love. ASAP. from the song “Trilla.”

I’m headed to the future, Twelvyy ain’t no loser
Mixing up that syrup, call it Punky Brewster
I’m slurring wussup, don’t tell me to shut up
I ain’t tryna start shit, but man I’m really fucked up
I lucked up, I see it as a come up
I’m on my job man, I see you when the sun’s up
Huh, young niggas run everything
A$AP to the top and these bitches love everything

Yeah, it’s all coming back to you now, huh? Besides pairing up with Rocky on “Trilla,” Twelvyy has also appeared on tracks with A$AP Nast, the Mob’s debut mixtape Lords Never Worry, Asher Roth’s Pabst & Jazz, several of Smoke DZA’s projects, and a couple of tracks with The Flatbush Zombies.

Twelvyy is not just a feature specialist either as he has several solo hits. Do you remember when the Harlem ambassador came out with the visuals for “Glock Rivers?” I do. Peep it below:

If you never heard his music before (which is next to impossible because almost everyone fucks with the Mob) at least put some respect on his name for his clothing brand Last Year Being Broke(n)


A post shared by Last Year Being Broken (@lastyearbeingbroken) on

The four singles he’s released off 12 are straight heat – an audio trailer of what’s to come. “Strapped” had me buggin’, then he released “Yea Yea Yea (Maps),” connected with Rocky on “Diamonds” and dropped “Periodic Table.” All four tracks straight up hypnotized me and locked my auditory mind in a Harlem coliseum.

There’s much more. Twelvyy dropped the tracklist on his Instagram proving that he is not playing games. The 14 track album will also include newly co-signed Smooky Margielaa, Pro Era’s Joey BadA$$, The Flatbush Zombies, Onyx member Fredro Starr, Telana, and of course members of A$AP Mob.

AUGUST 4th 2017 … THANK YOU @drawingsfromthecrypt & @ellington FOR THE KILLA COVER ARTWORK

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If you’re not hyped you’re whack af.

Peep the playlist we compiled below to refresh you on Twelvyy’s sound. You’ll find some new tracks as well as some throwbacks.