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Marty Baller assembles legendary cast for new ‘Like Mike’ visuals

A$AP Mob oozes NY swag everywhere they go and the visuals for Marty Baller’s track “Like Mike” off his Mixtape “Baller Nation” continue that trend.

The video, featuring the likes of A$AP Ferg, Smooky Margielaa, and Aexyz is an ode to old school Basketball tournaments in your neighborhood park that EVERYONE would pop out to.

You have your New York park essentials from beautiful women sitting on the sidelines to the trash dude that’s always talking shit (shout out to Fatboy SSE for playing that role).

The video gives off a classic NY feel with Marty rocking the Jordan jersey paired with the Dr. J afro and playing ball on rims with the busted ass nets.

This is the epitome of a New York summer and Marty Baller manages to capture that energy throughout the entire video. We asked Marty what his inspiration was behind the video Marty replied:

“My inspiration behind the video was just bringing together a bunch of legendary people. I miss seeing a lot of dope people in one video so that’s the vibe I wanted to bring and I love Jordans.”

His vision was definitely fulfilled as everyone involved, from Spooky Margeilaa’s spastic movements to neighborhood friends showing out to party, made the video into a huge event.

Being that the track is titled “Like Mike” and the hook bumps a catchy “BALLING LIKE I’M JORDAN” the young Baller made sure there were Jordans on everyone’s feet. Marty says the popular sneaker was a big inspiration for the video and appropriately so, who lives in NY and doesn’t fuck with Jays?

When asked if he’s got anymore dope visuals coming out from the “Baller Nation” project, Marty says he’s thinking about delivering more but is focused to “Let the ones I have out now continue to do numbers and inspire people.”

“Like Mike” makes you want to have a good time and until his next move we’ll continue turning up and Balling like Jordan!

Peep Marty Ballers Mixtape “Baller Nation” below on Soundcloud.