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J Balvin’s world tour is a psychedelic trip into Reggaeton and Trap

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Latin music has increased to $413 million, growing 18% since last year. Reggaeton and Trap have increased in popularity around the world, uncovering a new era in the music industry.

This growing popularity is owed to many Latino artists but one of the biggest players in the consistent popularity of the reggaeton movement is J Balvin.

Born José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, the Colombian singer, from Medellín, has broken the stereotypes surrounding Urban music. His fluid style and multiple collaborations have allowed him to stand out in the industry, becoming the first Latin artist to headline at the Lolapalooza festival and the first Reggaeton act to perform at Coachella.

His recently released album alongside Bad Bunny, OASIS, debuted as the #1 Top Latin Album, according to Billboard. J Balvin has been nominated for awards over 150 times and has been a winner over 50 making him one of the most iconic Latin artists at the moment.

Throughout his career, he has released five albums, but the one that launched him into world-known fame was La Familia that features songs such as “6 AM” featuring the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Farruko and “Yo Te Lo Dije” which was certified platinum twice by the RIAA.

His chameleonic adaptation into all music genres and his eccentric fashion sense has made him a unique symbol of the Latin Urban music staple. He has broken the stereotype of what it means to be a Reggaeton singer and hasn’t remained confined inside a single box.

His recent signing to Scooter Braun’s management company SB Projects has allowed him to expand himself throughout the industry, making his music more accessible to all kinds of consumers.


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Artista GLOBAL 1🌏🌎🌎 @deezer #LatinoGang

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With newfound popularity and growing fame, J Balvin announced his “Arcoiris Tour” a 25-date North American tour in collaboration with FriendsWithYou. The opening track of the show, titled “Reggaeton,” offers a preface of what to expect from the two-hour-long show.

Traditional backup dancers are replaced by dancing clouds and inflatable cartoons. His numerous collaborations with artists such as Bad Bunny, Cardi B, Beyoncé, Anitta, Jowell & Randy, Nicky Jam, Willy William, Zion & Lennox, Jhay Cortez, Rosalía, DJ Snake, among others, where all accounted for during his show.

During the opening night of his tour — held at the Coliseo José Miguel Agrelot in San Juan, Puerto Rico — J Balvin thanked the crowd for his sold-out show and emphasized how proud he was of kicking off his tour in “the house of reggaeton.”

With over 18,000 people present he gave the people what they were expecting. Special guests such as Jowell & Randy, Jhay Cortez and more, aided the Colombian star at pleasing his fans.


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Amigos en Puerto Rico @jhaycortez @luigi21plus @jowellgram y @randynotagram LA FAMILIA

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Although his tour is just kicking off, much is expected from J Balvin. He will be touring the United States along with the two Puerto Rican trap singers Lyanno and Eladio Carrión who will be the opening acts for the show.

He is set for a show at the Madison Square Garden this month on September 29th.

Listen to his new album OASIS with Bad Bunny here:

How Cardi B uses IG to remind everyone she’s the same girl from the Bronx

Snatching the Top Rap Female Artist and Top Rap Song, among other awards, Cardi B charmed the attendees of the Billboard Music Awards that were celebrated this week in Las Vegas.

Her one-of-a-kind speeches where probably one of the many highlights of the night. Cardi isn’t only a crowd favorite because of her chart rising songs, but also, because of her singular way of expressing herself.

Cardi, whose actual name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar and is of Dominican and Trinidadian descent, was raised in the Bronx and achieved notoriety in the blink of an eye, profiling as one of the hottest female rap artists that are currently in the market.


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All through her catchy songs and unique collaborations, with artists such as SZA and J Balvin, are a key element to her unstoppable success; her inimitable authenticity has made her popular with the masses.

Cardi is also known for having no filter and saying things that have caused turmoil in topics from music to politics, becoming a sort of advocate for those who do not have such a broad platform like the award-winning rapper.

In an era where social media has clouded our judgment and has made us doubt our own reality, a refreshing voice rose up from the depths of the internet world, that voice was Cardi B.


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Her Instagram profile is her forum for communicating with fans and getting the word out. IG is of course the best platform for artists and celebrities to connect with their fanbase but Cardi takes it to the next level.

Cardi has made it her mission to use Instagram as a tool to show that her candidness is legitimate. Her account, which has over 43 million followers, is a compilation of pictures of her in mesmerizing outfits, videos of her speaking her mind and memes.

Cardi has proven multiple times that she is not your average artist and her most vivid evidence is the way she omits using a filter and opting for speaking her mind wherever and whenever.


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I need to make my other butt cheek pop again 😒😩Please me baby!!’

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In our superficial era where many struggles to keep an image online, that’s probably different from who they really are, Cardi has decided to be open about who she is. Owning up to her past and using it as an instrument to continue to open doors for herself and others in the future.

For example, she recently used her platform to share a picture of the 20 democratic candidates that are running for the United States presidency in 2020. The caption said,

“Post I love to see! These are the democratic nominees. I can’t front I only hurd and read on about six of them. I’m going to research these names on my flight! LET’S START LEARNING AND ENCOURAGING VOTING NOW! Not when is popular to do so and it’s only like four nominees left.”

Cardi has proven that being aware of the political happenings in the country is the key to a better future. Her advocacy in political issues has gained massive attention and has allowed her to expose deep issues to her fans.


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Gottem pop and panicking @fashionnova jeans @duckie_confetti bra top

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Cardi will continue to speak her mind and use social media to prove her uniqueness and make herself relatable. It is expected for her following to grow and for her account to become a platform to channel her particular style and to call attention to issue that demand an audience.

Her energizing point of view is a refreshing alternative to the shallow environment social media has created amongst its users. Keep doing you Cardi!

Bad Bunny is paving the way for Latino artists to reach global success

During recent years, hip-hop and urban music has experienced a shift in popularity.

Trap has become the new favorite and Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, better known by his stage name Bad Bunny, is everyone’s obsession.

After releasing his debut album titled X100PRE, which featured collaborations with artists from Diplo to Drake, it was easy for Bad Bunny to climb the charts.


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¿CuAnDo VaMoS Pa’ Un PeRReO AsÍ BeBe?

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Now in a new phase of his career, Bad Bunny has launched his X100PRE Tour — a unique concert experience that leaves audiences wanting more. It has everything, from special effects to musical guests.

The first three opening nights of his tour were held in his native island of Puerto Rico. Every show sold out. Additionally, during each performance, Bad Bunny was accompanied by some of the greatest urban artists within his genre.


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la primera noche fue ÉPICA 🔥🇵🇷👁 ya estan ready pa hoy???

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His guests went from Wisin y Yandel, two of the pioneers in the “reggaetón” movement on the island, to Latin Billboard nominee, Becky G. On the last night of his three-day concourse at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, he celebrated turning 25 with his audience.

Concertgoers sang “happy birthday” and made Benito feel at home before shipping off to his next endeavor.


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hoyyyy no le vamos a bajar! PUERTO RICOO! Hoy celebro mis 25 con ustedes puñetaaa!!! 🔥🔥🔥 ESTO ES PR!!!!! 🇵🇷

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Although in the past Bad Bunny was bashed for his lyrics related to drugs, violence, and women, he has shifted his vision towards making an inclusive movement where everyone can feel accepted.

This movement called La Nueva Religión or “The New Religion” is about inclusivity, loving yourself, and letting people be themselves.

One of his latest singles, “Caro,” featured on his first album X100PRE, is all about living your life without judgment and accepting who you are in its entirety.

Also, Bad Bunny has broken the stereotypes surrounding the Latin urban music industry where masculinity was fragile, and stereotypes surrounded artists in the genre.

By painting his nails and using extravagant clothing, Bad Bunny has managed to break down these labels and reset the bar for Latino artists.

He has also become an advocate for women living in the #MeToo era. This is portrayed in his song “Solo de mi,” which puts out a stern message against harassment.

Not only has Bad Bunny used his music as a platform for social awareness but also for political activism. Especially after Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico in 2017.

With his single “Estamos Bien,” he took the opportunity to lift island dwellers’ spirits. Still, he also raised awareness about the problems that were still affecting the island.

Since his beginnings, Bad Bunny has made a tremendous shift in regards to his musical style and motives. It is expected for his empire to grow even more in the next few years. He has caught the attention of the world and will continue to do so at an alarming rate.

Last Sunday, Bad Bunny achieved one of the greatest milestones in an artist’s career. He headlined Coachella and took the trap movement into new heights.

For his next big move, Bad Bunny will perform at Lollapalooza Paris this summer. For sure he will give the Parisians a once in a lifetime experience they’ll never forget.

He’s reaching heights as high as any artist in the game right now and proving that a kid from Puerto Rico can reach mainstream, global success. What Bad Bunny is doing for Latino artists everywhere will be felt for years to come.

Listen to his latest album X100PRE here:

What is FEMA doing for Puerto Rico? An investigation

Next month marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria striking Puerto Rico; a devastating memory that still haunts residents of this island today.

Since then, many more problems have been uncovered following the storm as the information continues to shift around with each investigation and new research.

But the most alarming issue has been the death toll the disaster left behind.

All the numbers we’ve heard up to now have varied quite drastically, with the first death toll reported by the Government of Puerto Rico at just 64 people. At another point, a Harvard study said that there could be up 4,600 dead.

But now, after a study at George Washington University, the latest number is at an estimated 2,975 people, making it the second deadliest storm in US history surpassing Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Puerto Rico has been since undergoing a socioeconomic crisis as a result of the aftermath of the storm.

With the new hurricane season approaching it’s most active period, fear begins to creep over the minds of millions of citizens who live in the Caribbean territory of the United States; especially those who are still waiting for federal assistance to reconstruct their homes.

Kulture Hub spoke to FEMA spokesperson Dasha Castillo who told us over 1 million applications related to damages by Hurricane Maria have been submitted to their relief agency. But still, only about half of the total applications have been approved equaling over a billion dollars for the individual and household assistance.

Although FEMA allegedly has the situation under control and has been working nonstop to keep up with the number of applications they receive on a daily basis they have been roughly criticized for the slowness with which the entire situation has been managed.

The urgency to provide assistance to these citizens is a life-threatening matter. Most of the awaiting applicants lost their homes during the hurricane and to this day are still waiting for economic assistance to reconstruct their homes and prepare for the new hurricane season.

This is mostly due to an issue related to the difficulty or failure to provide proof of ownership of the property — a very common factor on the island.

Most Puerto Ricans have inherited their properties and homes after a family member died or some simply live in small areas that have been owned by generations before them without any legal evidence of ownership.

However, this problem could be solved with a legal document that proves in any way the person who submits the claim is the owner of the property.

Now, this may be a solution, but most citizens do not have access to legal counseling or simply cannot afford it, making this one of the main issues revolving around FEMA applications. To solve this situation, volunteers are offering free legal services to citizens.

To this day there is still a lot to be done. FEMA estimates about 50 billion dollars will be spent throughout the entire recovery process over the next 10 years. Also, FEMA has added preparation for future disasters as part of the protocol to ensure better outcomes if a situation such as Hurricane Maria were to occur again.

Preparedness has become a key factor to avoid casualties in the future.

As a part of this strategy FEMA has designated a distribution center with over 300,000 square feet, this space will provide over 13 million liters of water, 3.8 million meals, 630 generators, 23,600 blankets, 270,000 tarps, 74,500 rolls of plastic sheeting and over 400 shelters are available as needed.

Healthcare has also been one of the main focus areas for FEMA during the recovery of the island; their aim is to “transform and strengthen Puerto Rico’s health and social services to a higher-quality level than that preceding Hurricane Maria,” according to Castillo.

Puerto Rico still has a lot of work to do for its recovery and preservation for future incidents. If you wish to volunteer in the process you can access more information at FEMA’s official site here.

The culture never left! Why you should pull up to Puerto Rico for Spring Break

Just around the corner, is that mid-term relief we’ve all been looking forward to. Most people view this as a short time to unwind and break free from daily stress.

The best way of doing this is traveling, getting away from your constant surroundings which helps get rid of the pressure every modern human goes through.

As an island, tourism is one of the biggest industries that helps impulse the economy in numerous ways.

Six months after a devastating hurricane, your spring break visit means a lot to our economy and will help us get back on our feet while you enjoy yourself.

When looking for a cheap Caribbean escape to get your island vibe going, Puerto Rico is your go to. Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the sunny beaches and exotic flora, all the city vibes to mountain getaways are everything you’ve been searching for to have a good time is in a 100×35 island.

Puerto Rico has a lot to offer when wanting to try new experiences. The variety in the topography allows visitors to live any kind of adventure, from hiking to going for a swim. With 78 different municipalities, that all have something different to offer, there’s always something to do.

Just to give you guys an idea of what you can get going, to mention a few, Culebra is home to crystal clear beaches, white sand and beautiful landscape; San Juan, the capitol, offers a historical experience with museums and forts but also offers a culinary experience and night life like no other, the Isla Verde and Condado strips offer the best in hotel accommodation for all kinds of visitors; hotels like La Concha and The Intercontinental are there to offer you a great stay.

Other things to do, for the more adventurous is to pay a visit to Cabo Rojo, on the west shore of the island, offers a unique time where lounging on the beach is the norm when visiting, amazing food and beverages and a famous lighthouse are there to complement each other with your Caribbean experience.

Another reason to visit Puerto Rico is to break with the myth of how the Caribbean lifestyle really goes down. Most people think it’s all beach and piña coladas but as soon as you step foot on the island you’ll get a glimpse of all the buzz a work day causes.

Also, the people are great and will offer you a unique hospitable experience, making you feel like you belong.

Puerto Rico has a ton to offer; a great suggestion is to go ahead and rent a car, this will allow you to drive around freely, if you want to head over to the west or east coast of the island. Drives are no longer than 2 hours to reach on point of the island to the other, so there’s no excuse to visit at least one town from each corner of our country.

While driving you can also find the most beautiful scenery and get a hold of the landscape. Above all, bring a camera so you can snap pictures of all the beautiful things Puerto Rico has to offer its visitors.

Give yourself the chance to escape the main land and get to know this small island that’s part of the United States. Puerto Rico is basically your best option. Pure bliss, great views and vibes are just some of the things we have to offer.

You’ll spend a great time; and if your goal this spring break is to relax, have good food, get tan, dance some salsa and go out for drinks, visit us, you won’t regret it.

View from Puerto Rico: 5 months after Maria, much remains the same

Some areas have no power, some citizens remain homeless, and some people have no food or clean water. This is the current situation in Puerto Rico nearly 6 months after the category 5 hurricane, Maria, struck the island.

Last September everything changed, after a category 5 hurricane struck the island, its scenery, hotels, and wildlife suffered severely. The destruction was incredible, all the places that seemed familiar to us puertorriqueños became unrecognizable.

No power or clean water were accessible to the citizens, roads were blocked by trees and light posts, and families were unable to contact their loved ones with little to no access to functioning telecommunications. Everyone knew what was happening, but at the same time, so many questions went unanswered.

Poala Ortiz

After a couple of days, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) rushed to the island to aid its fellow citizens struck by such tragedy, still, over 100 days later it feels as if simple tasks that should have been managed months ago remain unfinished or unaddressed.

Despite the passage of several months, the conditions on the island are shocking. Trees are left tumbled down beside roads, blocking them in some cases, and light posts still haven’t been installed. Many have called on the United States to help its American citizens, which people seem to forget, living on the island. The sloppiness and lack of care with which this entire situation has been managed is truly stupefying.

FEMA has aided American citizens who live in Puerto Rico, but still, 62% of applications submitted to repair or rebuild their homes with federal assistance have been denied or are still in progress, according to the Center of Investigative Journalism of Puerto Rico (CIJ). Thinking about the magnitude of the consequences left by hurricane Maria, the lack of funds allocated to allow people to regain their homes is deeply troubling.

Paolo Ortiz

Over the past months, aid has been showered upon Puerto Rico by private and public entities, but the situation has barely changed. The past month, FEMA had taken the decision to stop providing food and water to the island and that the resources left would be handed over to the local government to be distributed directly by those entities and not the FEMA corps.

The agency took back the decision due to protests from various influential individuals; but one of the worrying factors remaining is that Hector Pesquera, secretary of public security, was not aware of FEMA’s decision when the news was exposed.

It seems unbelievable that one of the leaders of the local government, especially one that deals with the safety of the people, has no knowledge about the situations that affect the island.

Paolo Ortiz

On the other hand, the first lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló, sent candles to parts of the island that still, after over 5 months, are without electricity. This “charitable” move was taken as a bad joke by the people who continue living in these conditions.

Currently, the Authority of Electric Energy (AEE) in Puerto Rico is under the menace of privatization and close to a massive shutdown; meanwhile citizens still struggle with unreliable power, making the situation harder for everyone.

Scarce resources are not the only problem affecting the island, mental health issues, homelessness, and migration are a rising problem consequent of the hurricane. After Maria, Puerto Rico was in a brief spotlight that reminded mainland dwellers that we are a part of them, but this seems to have lasted only for a brief moment.

Paolo Ortiz

Once again, Puerto Rico hides in the shadows, another forgotten territory of the United States. Yet the island continues to suffer an inhumane situation that hasn’t been dealt with properly to this day.

Millions of dollars have been collected to aid the citizens of Puerto Rico and the local government has not been acting to support those who lost everything. The recklessness of this entire situation is wrong in many ways and needs to be fixed.

It’s about time for the local and federal government to start taking real action and work for the interests of their people and not their own.

We are not speaking about a small storm that affected us lightly, we are speaking about a category 5 hurricane that took people’s homes, possessions, and even lives. The lack of proper response to this day is hard to understand.

Paolo Ortiz