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Meet Bunchie Young, the 10-year-old football prospect already getting D1 offers

Update: Here’s how now 13-year-old Bunchie stole the Super Bowl.

A few colleges are ready to sign an upcoming football prospect with great speed, personality, and the perfect makeup.

Here’s the kicker: He’s only 10.

At such a young age, Maxwell “Bunchie” Young, already has some colleges trying to lock him down for their own programs. With an offer from Illinois and a school in the Pac-12, Bunchie’s future looks bright.

He splits time as running back, wide receiver, and even defensive back. In his last season, Bunchie scored 30 touchdowns, and registered 4 interceptions. Them some big numbers for a youngin.

Not only limited to football, Bunchie also competes in track and field. His performances have people calling him the fastest 10-year-old in the country. According to his film, it’s not even close.

On the 100-meter dash, Bunchie clocks in at 12.4. Four a fourth grader, thats wildly impressive.

What’s crazier is he can only get better from here. Bunchie’s trainer Mike Evans, owner of LacedFacts, trains over 150 of the nation’s most talented kids. He said,

“Bunchie is the fastest kid in the country, and his eye-coordination and work ethic is unmatched. He’s a kid that comes around once every 10 years.”

While you’d think that tons of schools would be trying to secure as many young athletes as possible, that’s not the case.

“A lot of these schools are not hip to it yet because you still have a lot of old-school coaches at programs. It’s the new wave that’s going to change things. It’s people who came from the computer era and the social media age that are going to change things. We’re the first to do what we’re doing where kids are getting official offers.”


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With Bunchie being so young, he has plenty of time to improve his skills and enjoy his growing hype.

“When you see a player, you know… These kids aren’t going to be short. Genetically they have the size of pro athletes. The things they do right now, they’re already on high school level IQ wise.”

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This isn’t the first time Deshaun Watson has faced adversity in life

After a legendary performance against the Legion of Boom, Deshaun Watson’s career looks like one of the brightest in the NFL

He became the first quarterback in history to pass for over 400 yards, 4+ TD passes, and rush for 50+ yards in a game. It became clear to everybody that Watson and the Texans are for real. With those kinds of stats, especially against Seattle’s defense, you’d think the Texans would have won.

Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the Seahawks (#GoHawks), it just wasn’t enough.

In a game that came down to the wire, Seattle was able to put the ball back in Russell Wilson’s hands. With less than a minute left of game time, Russ marched down the field to score the game winning TD.

While Wilson’s performance was slightly better than Deshaun’s (4 TD, 452 pass yards, and 30 rushing), it’s amazing Deshaun was able to accomplish what he did… as a rookie.

Unfortunately, yesterday Watson tore his ACL during practice and his rookie of the year campaign came to and end.

On the other hand this isn’t the first time he’s dealt with adversity.

Deshaun was born in Gainesville, Georgia to his mother Deann Watson, who had three other children. For the first 10 years of his life, Deshaun and his family resided in public housing.

That all changed one Halloween when his mother checked his candy to make sure it was safe. While searching his basket, she found a pamphlet for ‘Habitat for Humanity’. In order to qualify for the home, she needed to work a minimum 200 hours community service and also take courses in construction.

In 2006, the Watson family moved into their new home in part thanks to former NFL star Warrick Dunn who works with the organization.

To Ms. Watson, no amount of hours was greater than giving her children a better standard of living. A young Deshaun said,

“I felt grown having my own room…It was a great moment, a special moment.”

While growing up, Deshaun had an older brother that he looked up to. His older brother was a football star.

Seeing him make plays motivated Deshaun to take up football. His mother ended up picking up on that interest.

At around 7-8 years old, his mother bought him football figures. He would line them up in formations and run plays with them. Deshaun’s mother, Soniya Watson, said,

“It’s just something about him, I’ll put it this way, he had a gift on him and he’s just sharing his gift.”

As he got older, Deshaun decided to take his interests to the actual field. He began his football career at Gainesville High School. Upon seeing the way he carried himself, his leadership skills, and not to mention his talent on the field, people began to take notice.

Deshaun started Varsity from freshman year and never looked back. His high school head coach Bruce Miller once said,

“He’s one of those kids we talk about ‘it’ in athletics, and he’s got it…it’s been the Deshaun Watson show here in Gainesville.”

During his freshman year, Deshaun passed for over 2,000+ passing yards, 17 TD’s, and led his team to a 10-2 record. After a year like that, Deshaun started garnering attention from schools across the nation.

He was able to handle the newfound fame by knowing that as soon as it came, it could all go away. This motivated Deshaun to play his best ball. His future was looking bright.

Then the winter of 2012 came. Deann and her family learned she had tongue cancer. In order to save her life, Deann had to have her tongue removed. Although she no longer has a tongue, she was able to work with it.

Upon learning the news, the only thing Deshaun could do was cry. Deshaun’s mother said,

“I was sad. I was depressed. It was a heard time for me. It really was.”

Deshaun, being the fighter that he is, took his mother’s experience as motivation and inspiration to be great at anything he wanted to do.

After finishing his senior year of high school, Deshaun was the number one quarterback in the nation. Knowing he wanted to continue his football dreams, Deshaun began debating on which college would be best for his needs.

After much consideration, he decided on Clemson University. The school was impressed at how he was able to handle his family’s tough situation and offered him an opportunity to compete at a good school while still being close to home.

During his freshman year at college, Deshaun immediately began making waves. Unfortunately he broke his hand a couple weeks into the season. After he came back just 3 weeks later, he tore his ACL. Strangely, he didn’t feel any pain after the game.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney admired Deshaun for his character saying,

“That Sunday he came to me with a trainer trying to convince me that he could play South Carolina, I’m like ‘What do you mean you could play?’ He said ‘Well i don’t have any pain and I can move just fine’, he was just adamant that he could do it. And heck by Tuesday afternoon, I couldn’t even tell anything was wrong with him. I’ve never seen anything like it. He takes off from about the 12 yard line and darts in for a touchdown, dives in, I thought we were going to have to get a stretcher to get him up. It was one of the most incredible performances I’ve seen…ever.”

Deshaun would go on to have a great college career, going on to two National Championships, and winning one.

Now that he’s in the NFL, Deshaun hasn’t forgotten his roots and works with Habitat for Humanity to help make sure those less fortunate have a chance at a home.

With his season ended prematurely, we can only hope that he bounces back from his injury just as well as he did his others. We’re sure he will.

SZA didn’t even want to do music, now she’s one of the hottest artists in the game

SZA’s rise to fame has been a rather rapid one. With all the acclaim that she’s garnered recently, its only right that we take a step back and look at her path to success.

The funny thing is that in the beginning, SZA never really intended on doing anything music related. In and interview with Pharrell on his Beats 1 Radio show OTHERtone she described it as a job saying,  

“I never wanted to do music. Doing music seemed like a job, like a burden that would remove the joy of listening.”

Fortunately, we can all thank her brother, Daniel, for changing her mind. While working on his own album, he had SZA record a hook for one of his songs.

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Once he noticed her potential, he forced her to hone in on her talent.

Some of the forms of ‘training” he put her through were singing Biggie lyrics over MF DOOM beats.

Over time she began writing her own music, eventually beginning work on her debut EP See.SZA.Run by accident.

In an interview with Billboard, she described the accident as,

“I just recorded one song and then another and then it was like ‘You should probably record some other songs and make something out of it.'”

During the album’s creation she’d go to a friend’s house and even steal beats off the internet.

Birdman GIF by SZA - Find & Share on GIPHY

SZA’s first real taste of exposure came from a show where Kendrick Lamar was performing. A friend of hers ended up presenting some of her earlier work to TDE president Terrence Henderson, and he kept in touch.

On October 29th 2012, she finally released See.SZA.Run.

A year later she released her second EP S on April 10th 2013. This one received praise but didn’t quite bring her into the spotlight. But it was at this point SZA began building traction within the industry.

A couple months later on July 14th 2013, it was announced that SZA had signed to Top Dawg Entertainment.

With people in the industry beginning to notice her talent as a songwriter, big names began hitting her line for songs.

A couple of those names include Rihanna (“Consideration” ft. SZA) and the queen Beyoncé herself (“Feeling Myself”).

Ok GIF by SZA - Find & Share on GIPHY

She describes writing for Beyoncé as “Literally like on God it was something I could never explain to anyone”, 

“Yeah, I wrote parts of that. A nice chunk of that [laughs], I’m on the credits so I think it’s really interesting, It was dope meeting Beyoncé, she’s tight, she’s perfect actually. The call just got put in and then I arrived, I have no idea. Hit-Boy produced and I wrote the lyrics, so Nicki and Beyoncé are singing some of the things that I wrote to it.”

Under TDE, SZA was able to release her second EP Z. This album featured singles “Child’s Play” and “Babylon,” which became one of her more popular songs.

With most of her songs being emotionally charged with a hint of romantic drama, SZA was able to build a good following of fans who relate to the content of her music.

When SZA announced she was working on her debut album, the hype surrounding more upcoming music began to rise.

For Me GIF by SZA - Find & Share on GIPHY

Over time, fans still didn’t have anything more than album delays. Turns out the wait was because she was so indecisive on the songs she wanted on the album.

The main reason why we have the album now is because TDE ended up snatching the flash drive from her.

“They just took my hard drive from me. That was all. I just kept f—ing everything up, I just kept moving s–t around. I was choosing from 150, 200 songs, so I’m just like, ‘Who knows what’s good any more? Give me another month and it would have been something completely different.'”

On April 28th 2017, SZA released “Love Galore,” which instantly became a hit. The song peaked on the at Billboard Hot 100 at #32, and as of September 20th, “Love Galore” has become her first platinum single.

June 9th 2017 was the day SZA’s fans have all been waiting for. With the release of her Debut album Ctrl (Originally intended to be titled A) came great reviews. The album managed to debut at #3 on the Billboard 200.

Hungry I Love You GIF by SZA - Find & Share on GIPHY

With all the success she’s had following the release, she thought the experience was surreal. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one. In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, she revealed that Jay-Z thought she was a ‘fluke.’

“Jay-Z was the first person to tell me that he thought I was a fluke, to my face. He was just like, ‘You’re really good, you’re pretty good,’ and I was like ‘Thanks,’ He said, ‘I thought you were a fluke’ and I was like, ‘me too!'”

With all the good music and talent that we’ve heard thus far from SZA, it’s pretty safe to say that her career is far from a fluke.

Assassin’s Creed will have an education mode so your dumb ass can learn

When looking back on the Assassin’s Creed franchise, most players mainly ran around ancient cities looking for the guy their boss told them to kill.

Not many people really questioned why they were killing these people or even knew that some of the stuff happening in the game is based off of real events. Now the developers are trying to change that.

In Ubisoft’s upcoming title Assassins Creed Origins, the company aims to remind players that there is more to the series than randomly killing people for fun. They’ve now introduced a new feature named “Discovery Tour.”


With this new feature, you’ll be able to enjoy the environment and learn about ancient Egypt without having to worry about enemies trying to stab you.

Apparently this idea is even backed by various universities and teachers. Jean Guesdon, Creative Director of the new installment stated,

“This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, that we’ve been asked to do by teachers, by institutions… Discovery Tour is another way to enjoy the beauty of the world we’ve recreated. It’s a more educative mode, so it’s clearly focused on education and on bringing to people actual facts, more academic knowledge.”

Once the player is in Discovery Mode, they’ll be able to go on dozens of interactive tours. During each tour, the player will follow a type of guide to several stations which will provide them with information relevant to the current area.

Guesdon and his team hope that with the inclusion of Discover Tour, players will not only be able to have an entertaining experience, but will also be able to learn something new. Guesdon said,

“For example, the mummification process, from the cleaning of the body to the removal of the organs, up to the ritual of the opening of the mouth. I hope that teachers will seize this opportunity to present that to their students, so they can learn with this interactive medium.”

He continued,

“We spent years recreating Ancient Egypt, documenting ourselves, validating the content with historians, with consultants, and we feel that many more people than just the players can benefit from that.”

With the release date for Assassins Creed: Origins right around the corner, we’ll soon see how many games rather just kill a guy than actually learn something. Let’s be honest, that’s what your dumb ass needs to do anyways.

This gaming hotel in Taiwan is perfect for couples who never go outside

Looking for a vacation spot where you can take your partner to have a good time and relax, but dread the thought of leaving behind your gaming rig?

Well lucky for you, there’s a new hotel in Taiwan which allows you to do both.

The i hotel, located in Taiwan’s Taoyuan district, is a hotel which caters to couples on vacation, while also taking care of everyone’s inner gamer. Although the rooms may seem pretty small for a hotel, the value comes with what’s inside.


Each room comes decked out with two gaming rigs featuring i5-7400 processors, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1080 Ti GPU, 32 inch screens, and two DXRacer gaming chairs so you and your lady can gun down the enemy team in comfort.

Included in the rooms are also 46 inch TVs which you can watch better than you compete in e-sports tournaments. The best part though? Free wifi.

But before you get ready to pack your bags, obviously a paradise such as this one doesn’t come cheap.

終於要開幕了 #iHotel

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According to Mashable, a night in this paradise would run you about $100 a night.

For those who don’t have anybody to stay the night with or simply want to come and play games, worry not, the i hotel smartly includes hourly rates at $12 an hour on weekends, to up to $75 for 15 hours.

Once you’re ready to stretch your legs, visitors can make their way to the main lobby where they can practice their social skills and play games against other guests with the hotel’s tournament style setup.


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For those interested in visiting the i hotel and wanting to see more, here’s a video of a YouTuber by the name of Joeman walking through and showing some of its features.

Although the video is completely in Mandarin Chinese, you can’t help but marvel at all the technology. For some reason he decides to start up an adult video on the computer, but hey, to each his own.