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This gaming hotel in Taiwan is perfect for couples who never go outside

Looking for a vacation spot where you can take your partner to have a good time and relax, but dread the thought of leaving behind your gaming rig?

Well lucky for you, there’s a new hotel in Taiwan which allows you to do both.

The i hotel, located in Taiwan’s Taoyuan district, is a hotel which caters to couples on vacation, while also taking care of everyone’s inner gamer. Although the rooms may seem pretty small for a hotel, the value comes with what’s inside.


Each room comes decked out with two gaming rigs featuring i5-7400 processors, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1080 Ti GPU, 32 inch screens, and two DXRacer gaming chairs so you and your lady can gun down the enemy team in comfort.

Included in the rooms are also 46 inch TVs which you can watch better than you compete in e-sports tournaments. The best part though? Free wifi.

But before you get ready to pack your bags, obviously a paradise such as this one doesn’t come cheap.

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According to Mashable, a night in this paradise would run you about $100 a night.

For those who don’t have anybody to stay the night with or simply want to come and play games, worry not, the i hotel smartly includes hourly rates at $12 an hour on weekends, to up to $75 for 15 hours.

Once you’re ready to stretch your legs, visitors can make their way to the main lobby where they can practice their social skills and play games against other guests with the hotel’s tournament style setup.


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For those interested in visiting the i hotel and wanting to see more, here’s a video of a YouTuber by the name of Joeman walking through and showing some of its features.

Although the video is completely in Mandarin Chinese, you can’t help but marvel at all the technology. For some reason he decides to start up an adult video on the computer, but hey, to each his own.