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Yams Day 2021 is here! 10 nostalgic pics of A$AP Yams that still go hard


RIP A$AP Yams! Another year has gone by and for another year Yams Day is going down on January 18, 2021. But this time around, the concert has gone completely virtual.

The culture can’t help but throw some respect on A$AP Yams’ name. And 2021 shouldn’t be any different, like they really thought COVID could stop this.

FOH! We are Yamborghini High, oh so COZY, and still trying to evolve to our most boss selves. So, in honor of Yams Day, we’ve compiled pics from A$AP Yams’ life that proved he would, forever, inspire countless generations of aspiring bosses.

1. A$AP Yams smile lit up a room

brock fetch asap yams
A$AP Yams photographed by Brock Fetch

If it’s one thing we know A$AP Yams was one hilarious guy. From his Twitter feed to his cameos in A$AP Mob videos, it was easy to tell that his happiness was contagious.

Mans had the jokes…

2. His f*ck you attitude set the tone

brock fetch asap yams
A$AP Yams photographed by Brock Fetch

Yams’ attitude set the tone for this generation of ragers. That same energy was translated into the work the he put in daily to bring A$AP Mob to the forefront of the culture.

From L to R: A$AP Yams, A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvyy photographed by @crookrobbins

If he had an idea, he made it happen and didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought. Here he’s captured by photographer Brock Fetch in his natural elements.

3. A$AP Yams loved his Coogi

coogi asap yams
ASAP Yams in January 2013 in the Bronx. Photographed by Chad Batka for The New York Times

“Coogi down to the socks like I’m Biggie Poppa…” A$AP Yams was really about that Coogi life and if you told him something different he wasn’t hearing it.

Ahead of Yams Day 2021 the photographer of this image, Chad Batke, got one the most iconic images of the hip-hop executive in a gallery. The exhibition titled CONTACT HIGH: A Visual History of Hip-Hop at Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition is a collection of over 40 years of images. Yams going worldwide on us.

4. Yammy was the original CoZ boy

baby yams
Photo of A$AP Yams as an infant

This pic of A$AP Yams is the throwback.

On November 13, 1988, is when CoZ culture was born. Since birth A$AP Yams has made more than an effort to ensure his fits were not only fly but comfortable.

So much so, A$AP Mob and their fearless leader were working on an album before the legend’s untimely death. Titled Cozy Tapes: Vol 1 the album would usher in a new era of swag.

asap mob cozy tapes
Cozy Tapes: Vol 1 Album Cover

The crew was only able to finish the album after Mama Yams granted the Mob access to Yamborghini’s black book. In that Black Book, he wrote all of his ideas down.

Ferg told Complex in an interview:

[Yams] had this thing called The Black Book where he wrote all his ideas, and his mother granted us the access to go through it and complete his vision.

I want to continue my brother’s legacy and continue to complete his vision that he started. It gives me meaning to life. If I don’t have the energy to do [something] for myself, I can do it for him. It wasn’t like we had to make time for it. Wherever we was at in the world, we all came together and did it. It wasn’t an option.

[ASAP Mob] helped build who I am and what I’ve become. There’s no me without them.

That’s why Yams Day is so special…

5. Flyness to him was an objective but he always kept it lowkey

A$AP Yams getting a shape up, photographer uknown

The OG embodied flyness in everything he did. Whether it was music, style, or business he had to keep a sharp hairline at all times and a low tip nail. At the end of the day, he knew that if you felt fly you should always show it off.

But not too much… There are levels to this shit.

Nevertheless, although he was always dripped and putting it on for the A$AP mob behind the scenes, he always remained humble. He never allowed his success to outshine his boys.

ferg and yams
A$AP Ferg and A$AP Yams photographed by @crookrobbins

And that, everyone has to respect.

6. A$AP Yams always stayed true to himself and music

brock fetch asap yams
A$AP Yams photographed by Brock Fetch

As a youngin the late hip-hop executive knew he wanted to tap into the music. At 15 he was managing an artist, during that time he paid very close attention to the people who were born on the block and stayed on the block.

Little did he know he would become an icon.

7. He always strived to prosper and his mom is proud

As we look to Yams Day 2021 we can’t help but forget A$AP Yams legacy, his iconic pics, or the imprint he’s left on the culture. We know his crew, his fans, and his mom couldn’t be prouder.

Long Live A$AP Yams.