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Yams Day 2021 is here! 10 nostalgic pics of A$AP Yams that still go hard

RIP A$AP Yams! Another year has gone by and for another year Yams Day is going down on January 18, 2021. But this time around, the concert has gone completely virtual.

The culture can’t help but throw some respect on A$AP Yams’ name. And 2021 shouldn’t be any different, like they really thought COVID could stop this.

FOH! We are Yamborghini High, oh so COZY, and still trying to evolve to our most boss selves. So, in honor of Yams Day, we’ve compiled pics from A$AP Yams’ life that proved he would, forever, inspire countless generations of aspiring bosses.

1. A$AP Yams smile lit up a room

brock fetch asap yams
A$AP Yams photographed by Brock Fetch

If it’s one thing we know A$AP Yams was one hilarious guy. From his Twitter feed to his cameos in A$AP Mob videos, it was easy to tell that his happiness was contagious.

Mans had the jokes…

2. His f*ck you attitude set the tone

brock fetch asap yams
A$AP Yams photographed by Brock Fetch

Yams’ attitude set the tone for this generation of ragers. That same energy was translated into the work the he put in daily to bring A$AP Mob to the forefront of the culture.

From L to R: A$AP Yams, A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvyy photographed by @crookrobbins

If he had an idea, he made it happen and didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought. Here he’s captured by photographer Brock Fetch in his natural elements.

3. A$AP Yams loved his Coogi

coogi asap yams
ASAP Yams in January 2013 in the Bronx. Photographed by Chad Batka for The New York Times

“Coogi down to the socks like I’m Biggie Poppa…” A$AP Yams was really about that Coogi life and if you told him something different he wasn’t hearing it.

Ahead of Yams Day 2021 the photographer of this image, Chad Batke, got one the most iconic images of the hip-hop executive in a gallery. The exhibition titled CONTACT HIGH: A Visual History of Hip-Hop at Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition is a collection of over 40 years of images. Yams going worldwide on us.

4. Yammy was the original CoZ boy

baby yams
Photo of A$AP Yams as an infant

This pic of A$AP Yams is the throwback.

On November 13, 1988, is when CoZ culture was born. Since birth A$AP Yams has made more than an effort to ensure his fits were not only fly but comfortable.

So much so, A$AP Mob and their fearless leader were working on an album before the legend’s untimely death. Titled Cozy Tapes: Vol 1 the album would usher in a new era of swag.

asap mob cozy tapes
Cozy Tapes: Vol 1 Album Cover

The crew was only able to finish the album after Mama Yams granted the Mob access to Yamborghini’s black book. In that Black Book, he wrote all of his ideas down.

Ferg told Complex in an interview:

[Yams] had this thing called The Black Book where he wrote all his ideas, and his mother granted us the access to go through it and complete his vision.

I want to continue my brother’s legacy and continue to complete his vision that he started. It gives me meaning to life. If I don’t have the energy to do [something] for myself, I can do it for him. It wasn’t like we had to make time for it. Wherever we was at in the world, we all came together and did it. It wasn’t an option.

[ASAP Mob] helped build who I am and what I’ve become. There’s no me without them.

That’s why Yams Day is so special…

5. Flyness to him was an objective but he always kept it lowkey

A$AP Yams getting a shape up, photographer uknown

The OG embodied flyness in everything he did. Whether it was music, style, or business he had to keep a sharp hairline at all times and a low tip nail. At the end of the day, he knew that if you felt fly you should always show it off.

But not too much… There are levels to this shit.

Nevertheless, although he was always dripped and putting it on for the A$AP mob behind the scenes, he always remained humble. He never allowed his success to outshine his boys.

ferg and yams
A$AP Ferg and A$AP Yams photographed by @crookrobbins

And that, everyone has to respect.

6. A$AP Yams always stayed true to himself and music

brock fetch asap yams
A$AP Yams photographed by Brock Fetch

As a youngin the late hip-hop executive knew he wanted to tap into the music. At 15 he was managing an artist, during that time he paid very close attention to the people who were born on the block and stayed on the block.

Little did he know he would become an icon.

7. He always strived to prosper and his mom is proud

As we look to Yams Day 2021 we can’t help but forget A$AP Yams legacy, his iconic pics, or the imprint he’s left on the culture. We know his crew, his fans, and his mom couldn’t be prouder.

Long Live A$AP Yams.

Generation of drugs: A look inside the Xanax and lean culture in hip-hop

With the mass hysteria surrounding SoundCloud rappers who rap about popping Xanax as they sip lean, it’s no surprise that the kids listening to this music have a hard time learning about mental health.

Lil Pump speaks very openly about his abuse of the powerful anxiety medication and has publicly quit on many occasions, which is terribly difficult.

According to Reddit user u/plurntometer who was forced to quit Xanax after weeks of abuse,

“The second night of my withdrawal is by far the worst night I’ve experienced in a very long time. I had muscle spasms that felt like miniature seizures, and I suffered the most vivid nightmares and sleep paralysis hallucinations ever.”

Stories like this are not uncommon with people who have used Xanax recreationally as well as those take it under a doctor’s prescription for anxiety. These people who are suffering from withdrawal often spend months recovering from their abuse and will suffer from worse anxiety than they started with.

Watch this video to get more insight into the extent of the withdrawal effects when coming off benzodiazepines.

Xanax and all other benzodiazepines are more chemically addictive than heroin and have longer lasting harder withdrawals. Xanax works on GABA receptors a neurotransmitter in the brain that is involved in sleep regulation, relaxation, and anxiety.

When stopping Xanax after abusing the medication, your brain is left without any GABA antagonist to limit brain function the receptors run wild lighting up with activity. After experiencing limited GABA function for months your brain gets used to the sedentary state and functions incorrectly.

Anxiety, panic, irritability, insomnia, sweating, headaches, muscle pain, stiffness, poor concentration, sensory distortions, nausea, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, agitation, and tremors are all potential withdrawal symptoms.

Mental health has been an issue almost every person is dealing with today, whether it’s one of your family members or a friend from school. Mental stability has become a major topic of discussion with hyper-celebrity Kanye West experiences battling his health issues and talking publicly about those experiences going through the healthcare system for mental instability.

This came to a head on TMZ when West grabbed everyone attention and spoke on his time healing saying,

“I was taking 2 pills a day at that time when I left the hospital how many pills do you think I was given? Seven, I went from taking 2 pills to taking seven.”

Kanye then went on to make his slavery comments which caused people to tie his mental battle to his comments during the TMZ interview.

On top of that controversy, the music world lost an up and coming artist to pill abuse and overdose not long before.

Lil Peep was 21-years-old when he died from taking fake Xanax bars given to him by a fan at a show. Lil Peep was posting videos of him dropping the pills into his mouth, shortly after videos were posted of him laying limp as friends walk by as if its a normal occurrence.

The late rapper was very open about his self-medication, talking about the extent of the abuse without paying it much mind, “I took 6 Xanax and I was lit.” Peep uttered these words in the video of him dropping one of the last tablets he would ever take into his mouth.

After his, passing many rappers have taken a stance against Xanax and other pill abuse popular with the fans and entertainers.

Lil Pump and Smokepurpp have both taken public stances against Xanax specifically. Lil Uzi Vert also came out publicly with his troubles quitting the medication.

The late great Fredo Santana got involved in the drug abuse discussion on Twitter after Russ posted a photograph of him wearing a shirt with “How Much Xans And Lean Do You Have To Do Before You Realize You’re A Fucking Loser.”

Fredo, who was of the first lean rappers replied with an emotional take on his own self-medication:

Fredo passed away not too long after in January 2018 from seizures due to complications from lean abuse. This is all happening after the A$AP Mob founder Yams died from accidental acute mixed-drug intoxication.

The drugs found in his system were opiates and benzos, the opiate commonly known as codeine cough syrup drank recreationally as lean in large amounts, suppressing the respiratory system and slowing heart function.

The most common benzodiazepine is Xanax. It’s become a trend to rap about the medication as of late but they all seem to ignore that Yams died because of his mixing of lean and Xans.

After the loss of an OG and an up and coming rapper, the climate around drug abuse has changed, people are wising up and are learning from what they see. Lil Yachty who is known for being safe for all ages and is proud that he does not need any drugs saying,

“I don’t party, I don’t drink I don’t smoke, I just record…”

Not wanting to delve into drug use is a rare occurrence for a modern artist and seeing someone as sober as Yachty reach levels of stardom we haven’t seen before with SoundCloud rappers is amazing and inspirational to younger crowds of impressionable fans.

The same age group is the target audience for Lil Pump’s music through, which practically sound like love songs written to Pfizer about Xans.

Hopefully, more artists and their fans will follow the Lil Yachty route and understand that focus and consistency get you closer to your goals.