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Why Music Helps Enhance Learning? (For Students in Any Classroom)

Listening to music while studying

Can music enhance the way students are learning in the classroom?

If you ask college students to sing their favorite song when they were in grade 1, most of them will remember every song’s detail. They will also tell the lessons they were learning from the song. 

Many researchers have studied the effect of music on learning and several reports say music can be used in the classroom to help enhance learning.

Other reports suggest that students should be encouraged to listen to their favorite music during study time. The benefits of music in learning cannot be exhausted. 

girl music laptop

Music is motivating

Motivation in learning helps build hope in the minds of the students. They encourage themselves to stay on in a lesson or in a study room because they yearn for something better and greater. 

A student may feel like they want to give up or potstone a study for another day. When an assignment is complex, they might feel they don’t have the energy to attempt the assignment. According to research, music motivates students to learn because it creates a sense of reward in their mind. 

Music creates a better learning environment

It is difficult to study when the student is stressed. Stress can come from different angles, either from school or home. The student could be lacking some basic learning needs from home or face a harsh school environment.

When they listen to their favorite hit during study, the student feels emotionally supported. They tend to forget the harsh environment in school or the learning needs they have. Music helps them create a better learning environment. 

Music helps reduce stress

When school learning activities are compact, the students get pushed and stretched to their limits. Their productivity might decrease when they have too much work to do in terms of lessons, assignments and field activities. 

Research reveals that music helps process negative emotions and replace them with positive emotions.

If a student is overwhelmed by schoolwork, they can sit and relax for a few minutes while listening to their favorite music. It will help reduce stress and they can continue working on their assignments again.

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Music helps students remember things

A student goes through formal learning for up to 16 years before they graduate with their first degree.

Sixteen years of learning can translate to thousands of information from teachers, parents, society and themselves. It might be difficult to remember much of the information after a few weeks. 

Studies have proved that music can help students remember the things they learn. When the main points of a lesson are composed into a song, the student may never forget the points for the rest of their lives. 

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Students can focus better

A recent study on how music can help improve focus found that music can help the mind grab and process information better. According to the study, the human brain receives information and breaks it down into segments that the person can understand. 

The study found that music can help the brain discern situations and predict the result. A student can process a lesson better and analyze the result when listening to music boosts their focus. 

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Music helps build confidence

Every human being longs to succeed in all that they do. The little child in grade one longs to succeed in learning numbers, letters and colors. The situation is the same in high school and university. When the students realize they are not succeeding, they can give up in life. 

The benefits of music in learning are many. When a student makes a habit of listening to music, they begin enjoying the benefits like better memory, focus and less stress.

All these benefits combined result in better performance in school. The student becomes confident with themselves that they can make in their studies and perform even better. 

Music enhances the relationship between teachers and students

A recent study on the student-teacher relationship in schools reported that at least 30 percent of students feel their teachers do not put any effort into making school a great place of learning. 

Teachers can improve by being empathetic, social, and humorous, but they can also add music as a catalyst. Playing music in class creates a relaxed environment where students feel free to interact with the teacher.

There have been conflicting discussions on whether music should be incorporated in the classroom.

Some educationists feel that the classroom and school, in general, might be turned into dancing arenas. Studies and research have proved that the benefits outweigh the negative outcomes when it comes to music and enhancing learning for students in the classroom.