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Hot weather essentials

Hot weather essentials: 8 new ways to survive music festivals all summer

The music festival survival season is just kicking off which means one thing: it’s about to be hot AF and you need essential gear to enjoy the full experience. So the question is what are the best hot weather essentials you need to have on deck to survive?

Don’t worry. We got you covered!

It’s no secret that climate change is to blame so you’d better enjoy this sh*t before it’s literally too hot to pull up anymore! Heat exhaustion is a real thing and once you mixed crowds and an endless vacuum of reggie smoke, you are going to need more than just water.

Hot weather essentials are needed to survive music festivals

Here are 8 carefully curated hot weather essentials and gear for your next music festival that will keep you cooler. Enjoy the summer music festival season and stay safe!

Hooded Head Towel

head towel music festival essential

Topping our music festival survival gear guide is the hodded sports head towel.

This hooded sports head towel can be used anywhere. Not only will you look like Doctor Strange in the middle of the mosh pit but you’ll have full hooded coverage which is necessary when the sun is beaming.

The breathable cotton perfectly insulates you from your neck to forehead and regulates your body temperature in the blazing heat.

Portable USB Fan

portable fan music festival

This portable USB fan might look like a giant vape but you can actually use it to keep you cool while you vape.

There’s nothing worst than running out of batteries when you’re outside so the USB port for charging is clutch. This is a hot weather essential for any music festival this summer.

Yeti Rambler

yeti water bottle music festival

One of the biggest challenges at any festival is keeping your “water” cool. Do yourself a favor and invest in a Rambler by Yeti.

Yeah, you can find a more inexpensive option out there but trust us that you’ll be using this bottle for a long time. Probably for the rest of your music festival-going life!

Chill Pal Cooling Towel

towel hot weather essential

The Chill Pal Cooling Towel might be the greatest invention you never knew you needed. You might need an ice bucket (or at least cool water) for this one but having this on deck during the sweltering heat is a must.

Cooling Vest

cooling relief vest

You can really get your Druski on and cop a whole cooling vest with 4 ice packs. Look at this as a fire extinguisher. You never know when you’re gonna need that sh*t! All you have to do is load it before you head out and you’ll be good for a few hours.

Cooling Wristbands

wristband hot weather essential

Two words: cooling wristbands. Not only does the cooling on the wrist keep you more insulated but you can use it to wipe away any sweat that may get in your eyes.

These wristbands are more than necessary hot weather essential. All you gotta do is throw some cool water on them when they dry out again and you’re good to go!

UV Umbrella

umbrella hot weather essential

Bringing a UV umbrella to a festival might sound a little aggressive but just listen. The sun doesn’t play games and this is hot weather gear that will come in handy.

You never know what conditions you’ll be heading into but being prepared in case of any monsoons or direct sunlight will have you doing crazy things.

Evaporative Cooling Dew Rag

dew rag

If you ever wondered if they make du-rags for white people the answer is yes. Yes, they do.

Now, this may take the right fit to really pull off otherwise you might end up looking like a construction worker. Who cares though when you’re head top is perfectly insulated?

This is why this sus dew rag closes out our hot weather essentials and music festival survival guide.

Rolling Mid: 5 ways Miami’s biggest hip-hop festival ‘Rolling Loud’ flopped

When co-founders Matt Zingler and Tariq Cherif debuted Rolling Loud in February of 2015, they envisioned creating something never been done before.

“I’m trying to create [a] Starbucks,” he told Forbes in a 2018 profile explaining his goal of franchising the Rolling Loud festival brand.

Now, with hip-hop heavyweights consistently headlining, established venues in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with plans to expand in New York, London, Japan, China, Mexico, Australia and Croatia, and a formidable rival to Coachella for number one music festival, it’s safe to say he has.

Selling out the Miami Dolphins’ 40,000-seater Hard Rock Stadium with general admission priced tickets going for $300-plus, like Starbucks, is a darn successful business model. Each year they’ve increased in occupancy and turned a profit.

Except, Starbucks isn’t the creme de la cream of coffee. In fact, Starbucks isn’t the creme de la cream of chain coffee (that’d be Intelligentsia), so it’s to no surprise that this year the festival did not live up to its high expectations.

After three days of confusion, no-shows, and arrest, Rolling Loud 2019 has come to an end. And apparently, it ended up being more ‘mid’ than anything.

With any mass gatherings of bodies, you cannot expect perfect or for everything to go smoothly but in the case of Rolling Loud this past weekend it was astronomically bad.

Just how bad? Well, how about you judge for yourself. Here are 5 ways Rolling Loud was was some mid and flopped:

False active shooter

Festival goers should have known Rolling Loud was going to be on some bullshit when on opening day there were false alarms of an active shooter.


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The Miami Times reports that around  10:30 p.m. a fight broke out, causing thousands of guests to stampede and leaving several guests trampled and hurt. The panic caused many to think something worse — a shooting —  had happened, which resulted in more scrambling and hopping fences.

Although they deemed there never was a shooter, many left and missed the headliner that night: Cardi B.

Rolling Loud 2019 Was a Logistical Mess

Kodak arrested

One could say it was his fans’ fault, seeing Kodak ‘s problematic history, that they were stood up and left out to dry when he didn’t show up to his set, but this time it wasn’t his fault?

On Saturday, the Florida rapper was picked up by the police as part of a joint sting by federal agents and local authorities to pursue federal and state firearms charges. Authorities have yet revealed what led to his arrest, but it was reportedly the result of an “extensive investigation.”

Despite reports that he’d been arrested on festival grounds, Rolling Loud issued a statement saying that he was “arrested on his way to the festival and we have no knowledge of what led to the arrest since he was not on festival property.”

Lil Wayne absent

Similarly, and adding to the belief that the festival was predisposed to arresting artists, Lil Wayne also missed his set, citing police asking to search him before getting on stage.

In a tweet, Wayne explained the situation, stating that he wouldn’t be subject to such stipulations, “I do not and will not ever settle for being policed to do my job,” he wrote. He was ultimately replaced by Meek Mill, who complied with the search.

Miami’s trash weather

If the arrests and no-shows weren’t bad enough, the weather was lackluster as well. Being that it is Miami in the springtime, it’s to be expected, but in many cases, it ruined the show.

Rolling Loud 2019 Was a Logistical Mess

A lightning storm broke out of nowhere, causing the festival to be put on hold for nearly two hours for safety while fans both got drenched. Then, of course, things we’re muddy afterward, followed by humidity.

Yeah, people didn’t like that.

Sound issues and checking-in/leaving

Then there were the sound issues.

From Travis Scott’s mic cutting out entirely during his headlining set on Saturday to Young Thug not being able to hear himself for most of his, there’s an argument that the $400 tickets should have covered those technical difficulties.

In addition, a lot of the sets were close to each other, causing a clash in sounds at times and forcing some to turn around and look for a different set.

You have to admit, bringing  40,000 people and 140 hip-hop different hip-hop personalities to one festival was probably asking for a lot and this year’s go-round might have been the pushing point.

Even the process of entering and leaving the festival grounds was a nightmare. The traffic surrounding a venue like Hard Rock Stadium is one thing, but organizers had attendees walk around the stadium and through a fenced-in corridor to get through security and enter the show, causing crowds to compact together and herd along at a snail’s pace. In some instances, leaving was half an hour process.

With that being said, that’s the dice you roll with festivals, especially as they grow in size. Let’s just hope they fix the issue for in time for next year.

The lineup to Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival was just announced and it’s ultra lit

Jay-Z has managed to curate another great show for the seventh time as his Made in America Festival will be headlined by clout gods Nicki Minaj and Post Malone.

Taking place at Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, PA you already know… Meek is pulling up. Other artists performing at Made in America include artists Sheck Wes, Lil B, Alessia Cara, Diplo, A$AP Twelvyy, Miguel, Saba, Maxo Kream, and Gunna.

Peep the concert poster below to see the complete list of 90 plus dope performers.

The Made in America festival is more than just turning up to live performances by your favorite artists. The primary goal of the two-day concert is to have a positive impact on all the communities involved.

Since its start in 2012, the event has generated $31.9 million in economic impact for the city of Philly. Roc Nation also looks to continue its efforts in benefitting the ACLU of Pennsylvania, theUnited Way of Greater Philadelphia, and Southern New Jersey.

Plus, the Roc is working with Abercrombie & Fitch, Citi, and Puma. All parties are committed to the arts and the community benefitting organizations that are “vital to accomplishing much needed positive work.”

If you’re looking to pull up to Philly September 1 and 2 Tidal members can cop tickets right now as a special presale commenced today.

If you’re not a Tidal member, no worries. The music streaming app is offering a six-month trial to those who sign up to access the exclusive pre-sale.

Those who do cop the fire through Tidal will have access to the fast-track entrance, the TIDAL lounge which has air conditioning, seating, and complimentary phone charging.

This could be us at MAde in America but you’re not a Tidal member… Click here to cop that bro.

Image result for air conditioning gif

Lest we forget to mention exclusive artists meet and greets, ticket upgrades, limited-edition merchandise and premium views of the main stage on the TIDAL VIP riser.

If you’re unable to attend and you are a Tidal member trust that you can live stream the festival via

Citi cardmembers will also be blessed and have access to presale tickets as well starting Tuesday at 10 am. Peep here.

Not with the times yet? Well, tickets will become available to the general pop beginning Friday, June 8 at 10:00 am ET via

C’mon, don’t be washed and miss out on a great music festival. It’s for us — a community committed to artists and lovers of music.