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T-Shyne drops ‘The Immaculate’, talks working with Young Thug

Musically, this summer has been untouchable.

We’ve enjoyed projects from the industry’s best, as well as some of the brightest up-and-coming artists who can be seen as the future of the game.

T-Shyne is one of them and he’s poppin’ out with his debut solo project today, titled The Immaculate, which will blow your mind. I recently had a chance to chop it up with the man himself to talk about the project and his career ahead of the release.

For those of you who don’t know, T-Shyne is a New York-native coming out of East Hampton. And while the Hamptons is mostly known as a place where big money goes to enjoy their NY summer, T-Shyne is changing that.

Watching the AC kill the blunt as I post this 😔

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For the locals, things are a bit different as T-Shyne told Kulture Hub during our interview,

“From the outside yeah, the Hamptons, people think its just beaches, big houses, money being thrown around, and rich white people, but for the locals man real s*** happens too, you know. Real s*** happens everyday just like everywhere else, it just looks different from the outside”

T-Shyne has been grinding for a minute now as a part of Young Thug’s YSL crew and has worked with artists like Juicy J and Slim Jxmmi to provide heaters.

Even with strong nods from some of the industries highly coveted artists, T-Shyne is able to put out solo heat like his song “Word of Mouth.”

Although T-Shyne is still independent, he has been on the Hi-Horsed tour and Hi-Tunes tour with Young Thug, performed at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and was featured on Juicy J’s Highly Intoxicated mixtape.

We spoke briefly about the influence artists like Thug have had on his process and how he uses his studio time.

“Just being around Thug will help anyone grow, you know. Like he’s in the studio doing it all himself, of course, we all around, but he’s in the studio for every part of the process. He is his own engineer, I mean that meme of him is a pic of him actually engineering, and its things like that changed my process and my attention to my work.”

The Immaculate is available on pre-release currently, with the tracks “Word of Mouth” and “Side Steppin’” (feat. Young Thug) available to be streamed immediately.

When asked about the other nine tracks and the overall vibe of the album, T-Shyne said,

“Man ‘9 Live’s’ is fire, probably my favorite, and I recorded it with S’natra so its hot, but you know I got the album starting off with Max B. I’ve always been a big fan, and being from NY I had to do it for the city one time, but it goes through a lot. The album talks about the real s*** I went through during the process of making it man, not just flexin, but turning negatives to positives.”

Shout out to T-Shyne, he is an artist that we will be hearing more heat from as he continues to build his career. He is hungry, but humble, and is gunning for success with every move. He left us with this about what drives him to succeed.

me x @thuggerthugger1 coming soon. Comment a 🌪&🐍 if you ready #YSL4Life

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“It’s all for the family, everything I do is for them. I know that as long as my dad and everybody is straight that I’m straight you know. So yeah everything is for the family when I win we all win.”

The Immaculate is available for streaming on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

You can catch T-Shyne performing on the upcoming KOD tour with J.Cole and Young Thug, which begins August 9th in Miami.

Stream T-Shyne’s latest project The Immaculate here: