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Nellie is the vibe curator making AP Café the go-to spot for creatives in BK

I’m not sure if it’s the look or if it’s the feel, but there is something special about AP Café. One thing I do know for sure is that their energy is one of a kind.

You’ll find the creative café tucked away in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn across from a mural of the Bardi Lisa. When you arrive you’ll more than likely be greeted by the general manager and vibe curator Nellie.

Nellie is a 25-year-old Park Slope native, who is no stranger to community activism and youth organizing. She and her team of fellow “creative chefs” put together an amazing assortment of food, drinks, and delicious desserts to grace your palate.

“While I was at school in Chicago I worked for non-profits that were geared towards giving the youth from the southside of Chicago a chance to learn valuable job skills, and be paid for the time they spent with us. It was what took me away from teaching, but the type of work that fuels my passion for building with my people.”

I pulled up to Bushwick to catch up with the young GM and the AP crew to find out more about how the café uses its creative space to help artists of all kind showcase their works.

For starters, Nellie spoke about how she came to AP and how her vision finally came to life. Nellie had this to say about her first encounter with AP,

“Last September I walked in here as a customer, and it blew me away. Visually it really made me stop because it was everything I had drawn out on paper, and planned to get funding to pay designers to build. It was what I had in my brain but right in front of me.”

In October I found myself stepping into AP as a passer-by-turned-customer with no awareness of what was to transpire. In short, I found myself amongst a group of vibrant souls who share the same visions of communal accessibility and curation. Within a couple of days I joined the collective and have been here ever since. These past months have come with growing pains, sleepless nights, beautiful people, wild synergy, tribal feels, tangible progress and visible manifestation. Proud of myself, proud of my crew and honored to have been welcomed on with open arms. I know I have been hard to find – now you know! #managersbelike #aplace #aplacecreative #apcreative #apcafe #apcafenyc #brooklyncoffee #tobysestatecoffee #bushwick #bushwickcollective #native #brooklynnatives #buildyourown #growyourown #personallegend #universallanguage #womenempowerment #womenincharge

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When you first enter AP Café you smell the amazing coffee, you hear the mix of bops their playing, and you feel the productive movement that’s in that space. When you look a bit deeper, however, you can see that AP has a higher purpose.

It isn’t just about the coffee, the pastries, or the delicious food, but it is a place where creativity arrives to flourish. You can see it and hear it with the people coming in and out, the conversations, and collaborations that are being put together.

The space offers you something that you cannot get in any Starbucks, but only in a space carved out for ideas to flow. This place serves as a canvas for you to paint how you see fit.

Nellie took a moment to comment on AP’s focus,

“It’s like you said, when you walked in here, you felt welcome. That’s because this is a space for creatives of all walks. Not just painters and musicians, but for creatives in the community, event planners, and really creatives in any field. We want to put people on, and this space was built for creatives to come and do their thing.”

During my time at AP, the space began to take shape for an event that would be hosted in the back of the cafe that weekend. You could feel what was to come. Live dance performances, a showcase of musical talent, and some dope artwork to fill the gallery ready walls.

What truly makes AP a gem is how it stands as a symbol in a heavily gentrified neighborhood. The gradient of melanin that keeps this place moving, is what makes AP so special. It’s a place where the people who are still hanging on to the culture that once flooded the streets of Bushwick, can go to feel that sense of home.

On top of all that they do to help drive creative culture, their food is hands down, some of the best food I’ve eaten. Ol’Birdy Bastard, Thighs n’ cakes, and the avocado toast AKA “Toast Face Killa” all had my palette dancing. All of this love on a plate was provided by the head of the AP kitchen, Lee.

Lee is a 21-year-old Bushwick native, who has the culinary talent to shock all that try her food. Not only is the food delicious, but Lee doesn’t pull punches on the presentation. Lee had this to tell us about her passion for food. She told me,

“Honestly it came as I began this journey of motherhood. I became a mom really young and just like my mother cooked for me, I cook for my daughter. I learned how to cook from my mom, and put passion behind it for my daughter.”

We dove into how Lee stumbled upon AP, and where she was trained on some of the more technical parts of creating food and presenting it so beautifully. Lee said,

“Well I started working in different restaurants, and for various catering companies no one really saw my passion or my talent, until I came here and met Nellie. She gave me a trial run with one of the old cooks, and I loved everything about it. I feel like I’m with family, and that’s why I enjoy it here. In terms of formal training, I really learned everything from being in different kitchens and catering companies. I took everything I learned from each job and I’m applying it all here.”

Shouts out to Nellie, Lee, and the rest of the crew over at AP Café for showing love to Kulture Hub during our visit. Pull up to 420 Troutman for your next coffee, bite to eat, or to plan your next event.

Head over to their Instagram to check out more of what they have going on, show up to support, and to join the growing creative community.

Never forget, the only way to keep driving culture is to do it together. One love.

T-Shyne drops ‘The Immaculate’, talks working with Young Thug

Musically, this summer has been untouchable.

We’ve enjoyed projects from the industry’s best, as well as some of the brightest up-and-coming artists who can be seen as the future of the game.

T-Shyne is one of them and he’s poppin’ out with his debut solo project today, titled The Immaculate, which will blow your mind. I recently had a chance to chop it up with the man himself to talk about the project and his career ahead of the release.

For those of you who don’t know, T-Shyne is a New York-native coming out of East Hampton. And while the Hamptons is mostly known as a place where big money goes to enjoy their NY summer, T-Shyne is changing that.

Watching the AC kill the blunt as I post this 😔

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For the locals, things are a bit different as T-Shyne told Kulture Hub during our interview,

“From the outside yeah, the Hamptons, people think its just beaches, big houses, money being thrown around, and rich white people, but for the locals man real s*** happens too, you know. Real s*** happens everyday just like everywhere else, it just looks different from the outside”

T-Shyne has been grinding for a minute now as a part of Young Thug’s YSL crew and has worked with artists like Juicy J and Slim Jxmmi to provide heaters.

Even with strong nods from some of the industries highly coveted artists, T-Shyne is able to put out solo heat like his song “Word of Mouth.”

Although T-Shyne is still independent, he has been on the Hi-Horsed tour and Hi-Tunes tour with Young Thug, performed at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and was featured on Juicy J’s Highly Intoxicated mixtape.

We spoke briefly about the influence artists like Thug have had on his process and how he uses his studio time.

“Just being around Thug will help anyone grow, you know. Like he’s in the studio doing it all himself, of course, we all around, but he’s in the studio for every part of the process. He is his own engineer, I mean that meme of him is a pic of him actually engineering, and its things like that changed my process and my attention to my work.”

The Immaculate is available on pre-release currently, with the tracks “Word of Mouth” and “Side Steppin’” (feat. Young Thug) available to be streamed immediately.

When asked about the other nine tracks and the overall vibe of the album, T-Shyne said,

“Man ‘9 Live’s’ is fire, probably my favorite, and I recorded it with S’natra so its hot, but you know I got the album starting off with Max B. I’ve always been a big fan, and being from NY I had to do it for the city one time, but it goes through a lot. The album talks about the real s*** I went through during the process of making it man, not just flexin, but turning negatives to positives.”

Shout out to T-Shyne, he is an artist that we will be hearing more heat from as he continues to build his career. He is hungry, but humble, and is gunning for success with every move. He left us with this about what drives him to succeed.

me x @thuggerthugger1 coming soon. Comment a 🌪&🐍 if you ready #YSL4Life

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“It’s all for the family, everything I do is for them. I know that as long as my dad and everybody is straight that I’m straight you know. So yeah everything is for the family when I win we all win.”

The Immaculate is available for streaming on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

You can catch T-Shyne performing on the upcoming KOD tour with J.Cole and Young Thug, which begins August 9th in Miami.

Stream T-Shyne’s latest project The Immaculate here:

Freddie Gibbs opens up about his career and new album on Rap Radar podcast

Elliot Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller of Tidal’s Rap Radar Podcast series sat down with Freddie Gibbs to discuss his fourth studio album Freddie, which dropped June 22, 2018.

The album’s artwork pays homage to the legendary Teddy Pendergrass’ album Teddy using the same layout for the album art and the flyest Teddy Pendergrass suit.

“I saw that Teddy album cover and thought, I gotta do whatever I gotta do to recreate that, but I can’t do it in a corny way, I can’t f*** this up”

Even though the promo for the album may have fooled us into thinking that Freddie Gibbs is moving into the R&B lane with tracks like “Whippin Dope With Tyrone,” your first playthrough will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Freddie has 10 tracks on it, has a run time of twenty-five minutes, and it’s still that potent dope Gangsta Gibbs serves up consistently.

The interview touches on the rebirth of Freddie Gibbs’ career after dealing with a legal battle, and jail time in Austria.

Gangsta Gibbs was arrested in June of 2016 after a show in France for an alleged rape after a 2015 show in Austria, he was acquitted in September 2016 of all charges.

Gangsta Gibbs commented during the interview,

“It was a big setback, and I knew that I was going to get acquitted of course, because I didn’t do anything, but I didn’t know if it was gonna f*** my name up so I needed to go through the courts and get everything out in the open”

To which Elliot Wilson Replied,

“When did you begin to feel like the legal issues were behind you, like you could move forward with your career?”

Gangsta Gibbs replied,

“Probably during the You Only Live 2wice tour, you know I was going around the country, and no one would approach me and say no stupid s***, and I realized aight cool I’m good out here.”

Through it all Freddie Gibbs kept his mind on the music, putting out two captivating projects, You Only Live 2wice and his most recent Freddie, since resolving the legal issues.

@FreddieGibbs on passing of Uncle Bigtime Watts #rapradarpodcast LINK in bio

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He lets us know during the interview that another project with Madlib titled Bandana 2, will be coming out at some point in what we hope is our near future. He commented,

“I’m just sitting on Bandana for now, it felt to serious for this moment. You know I want to put that out later because its so serious you know, we’re talkin something I recorded over the course of three or four years you know. There are a lot of things that I talked about on that album and I wasn’t ready to put it out yet”

Freddie Gibbs, B.Dot, and Elliot Wilson continue through the interview talking about Gangsta Gibbs’ stage presence, sports journalism career, being a LeBron James stan, and hanging with Too $hort, who is a bonus guest on this dope interview.

Head over to Tidal to check out this interview and many more. If you don’t have a Tidal subscription you can sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

Tidal is the one-stop streaming platform offering music, music videos, concerts, podcasts, and much more content.

Summer Bites in Brooklyn: It don’t get sweeter than Peaches

Peaches has been a part of the Bed-Stuy neighborhood for about 10 years now, and has always given us flavor, love, and most importantly that family cookout feel.

Although Bed-Stuy has had an exorbitant demographic shift in these last 10 years, Peaches has stayed true to the community they serve. Not a chair, table, menu item, or song on the playlist has changed. The vibe is still as black and as proud as ever.

The place is covered with artwork displaying the roots of the owners, and the food that they serve. The music is a mixture of hits from artists like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, The Gap Band, Frankie Beverly and Maze, and many more. It feels less like a restaurant and more like a family reunion with aunts, uncles, and cousins you haven’t seen in a while.

The food is as amazing as the atmosphere. We started off with the chips and artichoke dip, which is so fire. The chips are seasoned, the dip is served fresh and hot and it’s the perfect way to start a meal.

When the real meal hit the table, the story changed. We went from “laughing and chillen with your favorite cousins” happy, to “doing the electric slide with your plate in your hand” excited.

We were like little kids again, faced with ribs, wings, mac n cheese, grits, and a po’ boy. It was like we were transported to comfort food heaven. My soul was at peace, and it was finally time to feast.  


The ribs were cooked to perfection, the meat falls off the bone, the sauce is sweet and tangy, and most importantly, the seasoning combo is out of this world. Each bite will caress your taste buds.


The wings are not just special, they’re orgasmic and deserve an article of their own. The sauce they coat them in is sweet heat. Each bite is juicy but packs incredible flavor.


Normally mac n cheese at a restaurant is a no go, being that my mom makes the best mac n cheese I’ve ever had, but this mac n cheese right here, bruh! An absolute banger, Peaches knows what they’re doing.


This Po’ boy is a show stopper. Each jumbo shrimp is seasoned and fried to perfection, placed on a toasted french baguette with lettuce, tomato, and a sauce that is astounding. Every bite I took I could feel happiness slowly taking the wheel.

The only cons about the overall Peaches experience are that the wait time is too long for a table and seconds aren’t free. This place is def top 10 in my heart, and is worth the visit and the wait, maybe even worth calling for a reservation. Do not pass up an opportunity to enjoy everything that Peaches has to offer.

Respect yourself, respect the kulture, one love.

From radio legend to TV star: Big Boy’s Neighborhood is shifting the culture

It’s an amazing time in the world of Hip-Hop as we gear up to celebrate another legend hitting the television screen.

Real 92.3’s Big Boy, of the nationally syndicated hit radio show “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” that premiered Monday, July 30th, 2018.

Big Boy, and his co-hosts Natalia Perez, Louie G, Ayyde, and DJVickOne bring Hip-Hop, undeniable humor, and heartfelt wisdom to LA locals and iHeartradio subscribers alike.

Those qualities mixed with interviews with some of music and entertainment’s biggest names, alongside funny bits like “Flash Card Freestyle” and “Phone Tap” are the reasons why Big Boy’s Neighborhood will now be airing on Fuse Music.

President of Entertainment Enterprises for iHeartMedia John Sykes says,

“Big Boy is a legend in music and this is the next logical step as he extends his brand.”

Big Boy, who is a radio host, actor, writer, and former bodyguard is one of Hip Hop’s truest legends. Beginning his career as a bodyguard for The Pharcyde, moving to radio hosting at LA’s Power 106, and finally moving on March of 2015 to LA’s Real 92.3 where “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” took off.

Big Boy is an iconic figure with the accolades to match. He has been named “Personality of the Year” four times by the Radio Music Awards. He has received three Macaroni Awards from the National Association of Broadcasters and was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.

According to Fuse Media President & CEO, Michael Schwimmer, he said,

“Music is a passion point for our young, multicultural audience and who better to provide a daily dose of the biggest names in music entertainment and breaking pop culture news than radio icon Big Boy.”

Big Boy continues his excellence off the air. He published his biography “An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size,” and works with a plethora of charitable organizations, including Together In His Arms, a foundation that works with families coping with the loss of a child.

This next move for one of iHeartmedia’s most renowned personalities and innovators is adding the cherry on top for his illustrious career by televising the fun that goes on inside the Real 93.2 studio. Big Boy said,

“Words can’t express how excited I am to bring the Neighborhood to millions of viewers through this television partnership with Fuse.”

Big ups to Fuse Media, which has always been a multi-platform entertainment and media brand for the youth and iHeartmedia. iHeartmedia is currently the leading media company in the U.S., providing access to 849 radio stations on over 250 platforms and 2,000 devices through the iHeartradio app or

Don’t forget to tune in to the first of many episodes of Big Boy’s Neighborhood airing Monday, July 30th on Fuse.

Respect yourself, respect the culture, and welcome to the neighborhood. One love.

Chicago artist Appleby drops first visuals ever with ‘Young Lost Love’

The eccentric sound of Appleby is a breath of fresh air between the normal top-40 you hear on the radio on a day-to-day. The Haight artist has decided to join the Tidal wave to release the visual child of his most recent single “Young Lost Love” off of his upcoming seven-track EP + Happiness dropping July 20th.

Appleby carries a distinctly polished sound, hung under the umbrella of the alternative genre, but his music has influences of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Post-Punk.

Justin Laroy Burns, also known as Appleby, is a Chicago-based artist who uses his microphone to take us through his emotional journey.

Once a promising tennis star at the age of 17, the now singer and songwriter has made the transition with a subtle yet powerful voice, amazing production, and story that provides us with tracks to enhance the vibe.

“I stole my moms maiden name.
I didn’t show my face online.
I do now”

Appleby popped onto the scene in 2015 with a unique sound provided by songs like “Spit On Me,” which takes us down the path of his introverted thoughts on the world around him, and “Bitter Boy,” which details his feelings towards his then ex-girlfriend. These tracks can be found exclusively on his SoundCloud.

In early June, Appleby dropped his single “Pages,” which turned away from some of his earlier work and transcended his emotional status into vocal bliss.

This single shows the versatility in his style, he exercises his falsetto, but his vocals remain power packed. The production done by Elias Abid is in line with slow jazz, and the entire package blesses your ears with an unforgettable sound.

The video debut for “Young Lost Love” drops on Tidal as a part of the Tidal Rising Program, which aims to support up and coming talent across all genres reach a broader audience.

If you don’t have Tidal, hop on the wave and explore the endless content they have to offer. From albums, singles, original video content, and much more, Tidal is the platform that meets the needs of every music lover.

Appleby’s sound is not one to be missed or overlooked. Kick back and enjoy the sensations provided by this sound. Be sure to download, stream, and share his EP + Happiness when it hits Tidal on July 20th.

Respect yourself, respect the culture, and always explore new sounds to vibe out to. One Love.

Summer Bites in NYC: Pull up to Baohaus and get your late night munchies

Picture this. It’s 1 am on a Saturday night and you’re STARVING in bed. You’re lying around your stomach is cursing you out for not loving on it, and bang it hits you like the smell of your moms cooking bacon and eggs.

“Baohaus closes at like 3:30 am…”

#420 PLANS 📸 @darkpurplej

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That’s the exact thought my girl had, so we hopped in the ‘99 Maxima and punched it to the most mouthwatering, authentic piece of Taiwanese heaven you could cop near Union Square.

Everything about Baohaus is hip-hop. The walls are plastered with photos, hype stickers, and graffiti. Dave East is bumpin’ in the background, as a dude chefs it up in a powder blue silky, all while you flip through the King’s Book “Fresh Off The Boat.”


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You pull up and the smell of chicken, fish, and pork belly being cooked invites you to spend a couple bucks. If you choose to not cop you’re basically a serial killer. It’s rare you’ll find a spot with this look and feel and the food to match.

The moment they hand you the plate or the to-go box stuffed with any and all Baos you will get it’ll be the last time you’ll consider eating a Bao that’s not from Baohaus. From your first bite, you’ll want to probably square up with your moms, and that’s just honesty.

BUNS OUT C/O @eatswithanthony

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The mixture of this soft doughy bun, delicious pork, chicken, fish, or tofu, with the ground peanuts, and the sauce their dressed with will blow your mind. The meat has a flavor that can’t escape, it only intensifies with each bite.

The peanuts add this dank crunch and sweetness. The stupid fly combination of the slightly tangy sauce and the fluffy hint of sweetness from the Bao will really set the whole thing off.

Imagine this, you throw yourself an alley off the backboard put it through the legs and dunk it to win the chip, that glorious feeling you’re imagining is equal to how these Baos are going to bless your taste buds.

Respect yourself, respect the culture, and bless your taste buds with a piece of Taiwanese street gold. One love and stay full!