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Supreme continues L streak after new Nike and Reebok collab leaks

As the fall season approaches, we all know what that means: Supreme is coming back.

This year is a big year for the streetwear brand as they are opening a new store out in Brooklyn.

But it hasn’t been smooth sailing as of late for Supreme. Their apparent collaboration with Louis Vuitton was deaded. Oh, and let’s not forget those Supreme shirts in Kmart thing that happened a few days ago.

Now, images of a new possible collab between Supreme and Nike have landed on the internet. From the pics it is hard to tell exactly what they might look like but as with any Supreme x Nike collab these will definitely see some hype.

The leak comes from @supreme_leaks_news who credited @lazyfish28 for the pics.

Possible Supreme x Nike FW17 leak 👀 Second shoe looks to be a reebok What’s your thoughts on this? 📸 – @lazyfish28

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Guess Supreme saw Vetements x Reebok and liked the aesthetic where the shoe looked as if it would be part of the Rebook Pump line up.

Now, the new Nike x Supreme tongue looks as if it come from Nike’s Streak Zoom

More recently @supreme_leaks_news dropped pics based on what the new Brooklyn store box logo might look like.

The bogo does give off a Brooklyn graffiti vibe so thats dope.

The red on white is definitely a most cop but I wouldn’t be surprised if people are already out there camping.

Hopefully with a new store in NY lines here won’t be as bad but at the same time, it’s Supreme so it’ll still be brazy.

As with any leak, take these with a grain of salt.