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Spudds McKenzie endlessly creates through genuine energy

For those that are visual learners, you have tuned in to the epicenter of Kulture. Our goal is to satiate your thirst for knowledge, awareness, and most importantly show before we tell. Spudds McKenzie, Big Heads designer and multifaceted superstar, is the topic of conversation today.

Photography sits atop the throne as the most pivotal medium for describing a scene without using any words. Without further wording, here is the interview that took place between Spudds McKenzie and the Wordsmith.

big heads
Big heads have become brand entity #1 for Spudds McKenzie (Credit: @kivenchy)

Part of getting my craft in order was the pressure of waking up every day to go film another artist in a whole ‘nother city and it really pushed me.

Spudds McKenzie

Spudds McKenzie hones his craft through shock, awe and differentiation

Kulture Hub: It’s so important to possess a differentiating factor like this big heads thing. What was the first time that you conceptualized using the big heads?

Spudds McKenzie: My friend & I were watching a Ludacris video and thought wouldn’t it be great to start this era again? So I called up DC Young Fly for a favor. When I first moved to Atlanta he lived down the street from me.

I knew this idea would spread like wildfire because he’s animated with a great following and there was a lot of creativity behind it. Big heads display expressional personality traits. Creativity can get you in the room with anybody. It’s just how you go about it.

KH: Has the sports memorabilia platform FatHeads inspired you at all?

SM: They inspire me a lot. When FatHeads noticed how this idea sparked back up they put their foot back on it heavy on social media and were like – I need parts. It’s just a cycle effect and I’m here for it.

spudds mckenzie
Spudds started from the ground level with humility (via @kivenchy)

Creatives are not meant to conform

KH: I saw you said that you have fast and distorted brain wavelengths. Can you tell us more about that and how it contributes to your work?

SM: Some days, I won’t be able to get to sleep so I’ll just get up and start creating. Basically, how it works is it’s like an itch. I can’t scratch it until I really properly do it right.

Sometimes it could be relief from waking up from a dream where I will remember my journey step-by-step and wake up just to create. Things like that move me and bring me closer to other people that think like me.

spudds mckenzie
Spudds McKenzie exists as a multifaceted multiversed & versatile talent (Credit: @kivenchy)

Spudds McKenzie speaks to the importance of magnifying your abilities and turning heads

KH: Could you give us some keys to brand development for some people who are just beginning?

SM: Shock value. Don’t do something crazy for clout. Do something that stands out so much that people have no other choice but to look. And it doesn’t always have to be digital. Stay tight on your brand as far as promoting it. Get involved, host events, mixers, live meetups.

Anything I can get my hands on as far as creativity that’s where Spudds McKenzie and the brand itself became a big insight.

Spudds McKenzie

KH: What opportunities come about if you juggle multiple tasks?

SM: If you wear many hats branding is going to be easy for you because you’re using each and every one of those hats in that house to market. One way or another, you are going to cross brands! 

wiz khalifa and teen stars
Wiz Khalifa, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato pose amongst professionals in a calm, candid setting (Credit: Spudds McKenzie)

The birth of Spudds McKenzie the artist

KH: So is it Spud or Spudds McKenzie? Take us through that – is that from the Bud Light dog?

SM: Spudds with an S. That name came about when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I got into a fight with some kids in my area and they hit me in the head with a bat that left a big knot on my head. People kept calling me Spudds because it looked like a huge potato grew out of the side of my head.

“After coming off tour I would head to Roswell Mill Waterfall in Georgia to try and take pictures of the simplest things from bumblebees to flowers, landscaping, water.”

Spudds McKenzie
spudds mckenzie
Spudds gets his braids twisted in a tranquil setting (via @jaywilsonmedia)

Spudds, ATL native, ignites the youth and provides fuel for those ready to blast off

KH: As a Baltimore to ATL native what do you think of Tyler Perry’s 300-acre soundscape and what might you do if you were able to touch that ground? 

SM: I love what he’s doing for the creative community. I love that he opened up his own world like Walt Disney. He created a whole home for actors to live on to create content 25/8.

Tyler Perry is a blueprint. I love what he does for the community and for people like us. I’ve never seen someone open up an entire 300 acre land just for sets. Nobody has done that other than Paramount in L.A. Tyler Perry the G.O.A.T. for that. Seriously.

KH: Do you have any advice for young creatives?

SM: Keep creating. There are no boundaries. Every rule is broken. Don’t think you have to follow everyone’s path or journey to be something. You can make your own lane.

I would suggest that everybody take the time to tap into any issues that may stop you from being creative. Take your time with things. Never stop believing. Never stop creating. 

rico nasty
Spudds & Rico Nasty steady in grit, grind & work mode (Credit: Spudds McKenzie)

KH: What do you have coming up?

SM: I have more music videos coming with Rico Nasty. I have a big announcement coming up for producers. All I’m going to say is that producer/label is about to be a thing for content creators. As far as another exhibit, that’s on the way as well.

Spudds Mckenzie is primed for even more

After starting with Archive Entertainment, Rich the Kid, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Don Cannon, DJ Drama & Dej Loaf in his early days, it is clear to say Spudds McKenzie has carved his own lane for himself to become the boss.

lil uzi
Uzi poses in extraordinary fashion while on “Left Right” tour (Credit: Spudds McKenzie)

Ownership will always take precedence. Push yourself, branch out and never stop creating. #10K80