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#PayUp: Kylie and Kendall Jenner allegedly won’t pay factory workers

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been recently put under fire for failing to pay their Bangladesh workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their clothing line, Kendall and Kylie, allegedly has refused to pay their Bangladeshi apparel workers due to the lack of sales being made during the pandemic.

These claims originated from a report in Remake, where the original article showed a list of companies that were affiliated with Global Brands Group, although this listing has since then been removed.

KYLIE + KENDALL response

On Thursday, Kylie and Kendall have since then responded to these allegations but not before limiting the number of comments people could make on their Instagram posts that demanded the models and reality tv celebrities pay their workers.

In this post, they state they are not affiliated with “GDB.” The post also stated, “The brand has worked with CAA-GBG in the past in a sales and business development capacity only, but we do not currently have any relationship at all with GBG.”

Jenner Unpaid Bills
Screenshot was taken of Global Brands Group on 6/23/20

In a separate post, KylieCosmetics also spoke up against these false accusations, stating

“There is a rumor that some people are perpetuating online, which is unfortunate. The Kendall and Kylie CLOTHING BRAND does NOT MANUFACTURE anything in Bangladesh and ‘Kendall and Kylie’ is NOT CURRENTLY ASSOCIATED WITH GLOBAL BRAND GROUP. We feel terrible that this problem exists, but this rumor regarding the Kendall and Kylie clothing brand is completely untrue…”

Remake responds

Remake issued a new statement due to these recent developments.

“To this, we must ask: Do KENDALL + KYLIE know who their suppliers are? And can they confirm that the women who sew their clothing line have been paid during the coronavirus crisis?” the statement continued.

“Until we receive clear answers from the KENDALL + KYLIE team and are given proof that they have paid garment makers, we will continue to investigate. We’ve also invited the KENDALL + KYLIE team to dialogue with us to learn more about the women who bring their label to life.”

While they may not be affiliated with a company that refuses to pay the basic minimum for their workers, this still begs the question, how involved are Kylie and Kendall Jenner within their own business?

The treatment of Bangladeshi factory workers is a problem that is facing a long-overdue response. Many of the workers are women that are forced to work in conditions unfit for any human while barely receiving any pay. They are also offered little to no benefits.

These are real human beings that deserve to have their lives treated with respect and yet it seems as though many companies view their lives as disposable.

Eat the Rich

This performance by the Jenners and Kardashians is just another example of their performance activism. From posting a black square on #BLACKOUTUESDAY and still not donating any of their wealth, over $900 million, to any charities or bailout funds.

As many people have said before, it is time to eat the rich.