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Vince McMahon is betting on Kevin Owens to be his next great superstar

While we don’t see him all the time, Vince McMahon is still calling all the shots in the WWE. He’s obviously been the one behind the Jinder Mahal push and until his last breath, he’s going to be as involved with the product as possible.

It isn’t like the 90s anymore where he was a big part of the storyline fighting against guys like Stone Cold and The Rock. Plus he’s older now and it wouldn’t be good for business if he got seriously injured. The guy is 72, give him a break!

Vince doesn’t do live appearances often but when he does, he has no problem taking a bump to sell a lit promo. The last time Vince took one was in 2013 when the beast Brock Lesnar gave him the F-5!

Brock has literally been The Man in the WWE ever since. Could Vince letting a wrestler put the hands on him be the magic touch for getting a huge push?

Before that in 2012 Randy Orton punted his head in the middle of the ring. Nobody could believe what was going on and it was brutal. Randy also had a big push after that and has been one of the main guys on the roster (when he’s healthy) since.

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But then this past Tuesday on smackdown Vince McMahon came down to the ring to go over the situation with Kevin Owens and his son Shane McMahon.

It was all fun and games until Kevin gave Vince a headbutt and busted him open. Next thing you know Owens delivers a frog splash from the top rope adding insult to injury on his boss.

As entertaining as this was, I don’t think Vince should be taking risks like these, especially with a frog splash. But this is just something he does to give back to the universe every few years. Vince knows exactly what the people pay to see.

A lot of fans actually thought this whole incident wasn’t planned and are calling for the firing of KO. But honestly do you think anyone would have the balls to make a move on Vince without speaking about it? Come on son, you know better than that.

Putting his money on Kevin Owens is one of the best things Vince can do for the business right now.

The fans love when KO gets on the mic because he speaks the truth and while he doesn’t look like a lot of these other muscled up wrestlers, he’s one of the most talented dudes in the ring.

This could all be gearing up for a big Wrestlemania moment for Kevin Owens who deserves the push that he’s been getting lately. Remember how good that whole storyline with Chris Jericho was? Amazing! He can compete and help elevate everyone from young kids to the legends in the game.

Vince McMahon is betting his money on Kevin Owens right now and that’s what the fans want to see.