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El Chapo’s wife is arrested but we’re still here for her beautiful persona

The wife of famed drug lord El Chapo, Emma Coronel Aispuro, was apprehended at Dulles International Airport on Monday, Feb. 22, 2021, according to the US Justice Department.

The former beauty queen from Mexico faces charges of conspiracy to distribute one kilogram or more of heroin, five kilograms or more of cocaine, 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana, and 500 grams or more of methamphetamines for unlawful importation into the country.

Aispuro is known as El Chapo’s younger wife, his go-to, his accomplice. The wife. The mom. And the boss. But as always, of course, there is more to the woman behind the drug kingpin.

We wanted to focus on the photographers that have captured El Chapo’s wife in her true essence.

The photographers behind El Chapo’s wife

Antonio Carillo has photographed El Chapo’s wife at some of her most lavish events. Take this picture of Aispuro in a beautiful bridal gown for instance.

Emma Coronel Aispuro
Photograph taken by Antonio Carillo (Courtesy of @therealemmacoronel)

Antonio Carillo is a Mexican photographer capturing everything from intimate portraits to stunning landscapes.

But Carillo is not the only photographer lucky enough to have captured El Chapo’s wife in her true light. Todd Heisler of the New York Times and Redux Pictures got a firsthand look.

And for as enigmatic as Aispuro is, her pictures do not disappoint.

Emma Coronel Aispuro
Emma Coronel Aispuro (courtesy of Todd Heisler/The New York Times/Redux)

There is an undeniable intrigue to the wife of a drug kingpin. How involved was she? What did she know and when did she learn it? And most of all, if she did know everything he’s done, how could she stay with him?

There is more to Coronel Aispuro than we know of course. And while much of the world must be fascinated as to her role as an accomplice, I am intrigued by the bigger picture. Who is Coronel the mother? Who is Coronel the wife?

Emma Coronel Aispuro was mysterious… until she wasn’t

Coronel Aispuro was seen mostly during her husband’s trial in 2018/2019. Of course, photos were taken of the now-31-year-old wife of El Chapo.

And it seems possible even, that she welcomed the opportunity in the limelight.

Not only was Emma Coronel Aispuro photographed during her husband’s highly-anticipated trial, but she has now been photographed before her very own.

As I mentioned before, the former beauty queen of Mexico was arrested on severe charges of drug trafficking. Consequently, she was photographed at the police station, and her mugshot was released.

Emma Coronel Aispuro
Emma Coronel Aispuro poses in a booking photograph from the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office (courtesy of Alexandria Sheriff?s Office/Handout via REUTERS)

As if that wasn’t bad enough, El Chapo’s wife then got her own personal sketch treatment in court on Feb. 23, 2021.

el chapo wife
Emma Coronel Aispuro appears before U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather and her lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman during a virtual hearing in federal court in Washington, D.C. (courtesy of REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg)

As the world waits on the status of El Chapo and wife, the photographers lead the way

Photographers have a knack for capturing a moment in its pure essence. Also, they just know how to get a good flic when the time calls for it.

Times are looking grim for El Chapo and his shorty right now, and thus, it is essential that photographers be our guiding lights through the contentious months to come.

Without more information, I do not want to speculate on El Chapo’s wife’s morality, and I also do not want to cast aspersions on the woman. But then again, we see the things we want to see in life. Those of us who put blinders on, usually do so for a reason.

Ultimately, the courts will decide Emma Coronel Aispuro’s fate.

And due to the photographers ready to capture a glimpse of a moment at any time, we will see El Chapo’s wife as we are meant to: as the three-dimensional wife, mother, and boss that she is.

A letter to Malcolm ‘Mac Miller’ McCormick: Goodbye, drugs f*ckin suck

Dear Malcolm,

Your music saved my life but drugs took yours and that fucking sucks…

Why didn’t anyone help you? There were so many signs in your music. This whole time you were telling us that you needed help, trying to overdose with the Holy Ghost and all. Why weren’t we listening closely or were we right there with you the entire time?

Still, how could we have known that your soul would be raptured away before its expiration date? You seemed ok in the interviews, even after the surprise break-up with Ariana and the close call car crash, but like Kehlani said, “check on your friends even the strong funny ones.”

You can’t tell us, now, what was truly behind those green glass irides. That’s the most painful. That we’ll never know what was really going on in that oddly shaped head of yours.

We can go back to the music, which is probably what you would want us to do, but it hurts to listen to you. Every one of your well thought out syllables hits my eardrums harder than before.

It’s not the same.

Listening to Swimming makes no sense to me because there will be no more “new” music after this album. The vibe that I get, now, when I listen to your tunes, is the same feeling you get after finding your favorite shaped cloud in the sky, hoping that it’ll keep form, and knowing that it’s going to disappear anyway.

It’s strange to see the hip-hop universe talk about you in an unfamiliar tense. Come to think of it you helped a lot of rappers during their come-ups. Because of you, Joey’s life was changed, Ferg found his daily bread, and Chance went on tour.

We came up together, being the same age and all. It felt like it was yesterday that I was putting people on to “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza.” During those days everyone was excited for you — “Who’s this young bai on this Lord Finesse beat,” they would question.

Son, you were hip to da game at that time and you didn’t even know it. So, carefree at that time. You remember that EZ MAC type steeze you had back then. Who the fuck was Mac Miller? That guy who could care less about what people thought…

It’s like you are still here, but you’re, just, not. Going through life without your music will be just like watching the movies with the sound off. I hate this feeling and this emptiness.

But it’s not your fault, Malcolm. It’s ours.

We stood by on the sidelines as you spiraled and that doesn’t make us good fans or friends. It’s like, when will we learn to recognize when a person is about to go Delusional Thomas?

This shit is not cool anymore. All of us need to learn how to identify our own and each other’s demons, kill them, and not allow them to manifest. No matter what the substance is or the mental issue…Fuck!

My b, I got upset for a second…

At the end of the day, Malcolm you are, musically, the best thing that’s ever happened to me and you will be missed by more than just me. You’ll be missed by the whole world.

You were the MOST DOPE and they’ll never make a more realer Mr. Miller.

Live on homie,


p.s. – I hope TreeJ is okay…

Josh Gordon says he made $10,000 a month selling weed in college

As Josh Gordon gears up to return to the NFL after a long three-year exile from the league to sober up and straighten up his life, the 26-year-old receiver sounds more ready than he’s ever been to finally focus on his career.

He’s had no issues facing his demons and has admitted to some really crazy shit.

His past is no secret and in a feature with Sports Illustrated, Gordon admitted some pretty hot-boy stuff. This included joining a gang where he stole cars, drank lean, used hard drugs like cocaine and even broke into homes to steal all while he was still in high school. He said,

“You get shot, you go to jail. These are progressions in this lifestyle.”

While Josh is mostly known for his love of marijuana (and his inability to quit to save his football career), we’ve now found out that he was flipping the loud during his time as a student at Baylor University.

S/o @gq 🙏🏾

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According to SI, when Gordon was a sophomore he received and sold up to six pounds of weed every week in the mail from a dealer back home. He would have the packages vacuum-sealed and delivered alongside coffee beans to mask the smell.

Gordon would then drive up to nearby cities like Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to sell his bags. Pretty insane to think that he did all of this while being a start player for one of the biggest programs in the state. Once he failed drug tests that year, he was suspended indefinitely from the team and pretty much lost all hope.

During his biggest spiral in 2010, Gordon also admitted that he’d drive even further distances by popping an adderall and facing blunts. He admitted to this being one of the darkest phases of his, saying,

“I didn’t plan on living past 18. Not a chance.”

His most recent interviews show a very level-headed Josh Gordon, super-focused on making the most of what’s left of his once promising career.

He’s still in top shape and has been training to finally get back on the field to help the Browns win their first game. He has the chance to do that against San Diego this weekend. And let’s be honest, he’s not the first pro athlete to play games high.

Now that all of his skeletons are out of the closet, let’s hope he can focus on his career and do what he was born to do.