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Josh Gordon says he made $10,000 a month selling weed in college

As Josh Gordon gears up to return to the NFL after a long three-year exile from the league to sober up and straighten up his life, the 26-year-old receiver sounds more ready than he’s ever been to finally focus on his career.

He’s had no issues facing his demons and has admitted to some really crazy shit.

His past is no secret and in a feature with Sports Illustrated, Gordon admitted some pretty hot-boy stuff. This included joining a gang where he stole cars, drank lean, used hard drugs like cocaine and even broke into homes to steal all while he was still in high school. He said,

“You get shot, you go to jail. These are progressions in this lifestyle.”

While Josh is mostly known for his love of marijuana (and his inability to quit to save his football career), we’ve now found out that he was flipping the loud during his time as a student at Baylor University.

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According to SI, when Gordon was a sophomore he received and sold up to six pounds of weed every week in the mail from a dealer back home. He would have the packages vacuum-sealed and delivered alongside coffee beans to mask the smell.

Gordon would then drive up to nearby cities like Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to sell his bags. Pretty insane to think that he did all of this while being a start player for one of the biggest programs in the state. Once he failed drug tests that year, he was suspended indefinitely from the team and pretty much lost all hope.

During his biggest spiral in 2010, Gordon also admitted that he’d drive even further distances by popping an adderall and facing blunts. He admitted to this being one of the darkest phases of his, saying,

“I didn’t plan on living past 18. Not a chance.”

His most recent interviews show a very level-headed Josh Gordon, super-focused on making the most of what’s left of his once promising career.

He’s still in top shape and has been training to finally get back on the field to help the Browns win their first game. He has the chance to do that against San Diego this weekend. And let’s be honest, he’s not the first pro athlete to play games high.

Now that all of his skeletons are out of the closet, let’s hope he can focus on his career and do what he was born to do.