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11 ‘Desus & Mero’ interviews you gotta peep wild smacked

Bronx comedians and Smacked City co-mayors Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have been killing the late-night TV game. It’s a platform that they deserve. They’ve made daily and political news more digestible for us youngins.

But Desus and Mero’s amusing version of the news is not the only thing the comedic duo has to offer.

They create a vibe on their show that makes the celebrity guests on Desus & Mero open up more than they would in any other interview.

If you don’t watch closely you could miss a gem of advice that could change your life. Especially if you are a youngin coming up and trying to whip it in the same lane as your celebrity hero.

If you did miss out on some advice, we got you. Light the spliffy and peep these memorable Desus & Mero guest interviews below.

Gabrielle Union

It’s always great to see Gabby open up. In this episode, she touched on many aspects of her life – reciprocity in the bedroom, life when you’re a celebrity (but still lowkey a regular person), and the struggle of being a black actress.

Her comfort on the show made me feel more confident in myself. She really made me realize how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin no matter what the haters say.

RAINBOW: “When you use the tools of the master sometimes you end up cutting your self”

Method Man

Method Man is truly a legend and the fact that he pulled up was incredibly dope. Of course, he talks about Wu-Tang Clan coming up, working with BIG, and much more.

Some takeaways from this episode – hustle hard, have fun, and learn your craft one day at a time.

RAINBOW: “At the end of the day the pawn and the king go in the same box”

Hannibal Burress

I actually met Hannibal Burress while I was smoking backstage at a Cool Kids show and his presence gave off a very wise aura. That same aura is felt in this 1000th episode of D&M.

Hannibal’s answer to D&M’s favorite question to ask comedians, ‘How do you handle hecklers?’ was incredible. His reply included a story about some angry old lady who Burress called out regarding her protests to Burress’ comedy.

When the lady had no leg to stand on after claiming Hannibal’s set was misogynistic he came to a realization,

“A lot of times, what happens if you give the person the platform to really speak their mind they ain’t got shit to say and then you roast em and move on…”

Apply that to real life for a second. All the haters that talk shit for no reason shouldn’t affect your life. Fuck ’em, roast ’em and keep it movin’.

RAINBOW: “Peace, love to the Gods. Shoutout dying in Baywatch. Word. Best Chicago all day. You know what it is. Desus and Mero 1,000 episodes forever.”

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu will probably go down in history as the most trippy human being to ever live.

You already know she popped off on this episode of Desus & Mero with a quick meditation sesh before getting into the interview.

The biggest takeaway from this episode for me is that it’s good to be a peaceful being but not too peaceful where you get taken advantage of.

You know she had to touch on her Tweet which read,

“Look.. I choose peace but , say… Don’t walk up on me wrong.. This Tea and Incense can turn into Colt 45 and Newports if NEED be.. OK?”

RAINBOW“Suck Hard”

Shane Smith

Co-Founder and CEO of VICE Media Shane Smith not only blessed Desus & Mero with the knowledge he blessed us with the knowledge.

He opens up with an old-time proverb his father once told him, “Life is like a shit sandwich the more bread you have the less shit you have to eat.” Proving that “money gives you a lot more options to do a lot more shit.”

Smith goes beyond the anecdote to explain why he copped a $25,000 bowl Picasso made that Mero thought resembled an ashtray. A lot of gems in this interview, make sure to soak it all in.

RAINBOW: “Legalize it, don’t criticize it”

Ty Dolla $ign

You already know Ty Dolla $ign is a hustler and a true musician, always working hard to perfect his craft. He touched on his father being a huge influence on his music career.

He studied his dad’s come up and told D&M how his pops encouraged Ty to teach himself how to play several different kinds of instruments.

Ty’s interview really hit hard. Especially when he explained the reason behind his Beach House collection.

The anecdotes he told made me realize he really spoke his success into the universe by keeping his dream alive.

RAINBOW: “It’s Possible”

Zane Lowe

International DJ and Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe has never opened up like this before as he’s usually on the other side of the interview.

Definitely a fun one to watch as Lowe discusses his views on music streaming, interviewing big artists, and his wildest DJ experience.

Lowe is worth learning from he’s been in the game for a hot minute. His music knowledge is unreal.

RAINBOW: “Don’t Be A Has-Been”


There is always something to learn from Diddy. He’s a walking role model. In this episode he talks about his motivations, his longevity in the hip-hop industry, and generally being an inspiration.

Peep this answer Diddy gave after D&M asked him about what people should take from his movie Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,

“What I want them to walk away with is just like the inspiration. That they could see a story about black men and black women; it doesn’t have to be a slave story, no one doesn’t have to be incarcerated, a funeral scene, don’t have to be a shootout scene. We could have a story that ends happily…”

RAINBOW: “Black Excellence”

Whoopi Goldberg

We already know Whoopi Goldberg is the OG of NY. She comes through with the street wisdom in this episode of D&M.

Whoopi blessed us with the knowledge that you’re never too old to be young.

RAINBOW: “There but for the grace of God go we all”

French Montana

“King of East Tremont,” French Montana, had to pull up and drop jewels of wisdom on you ball bags.

As a fellow Bronxite he had to put it on for D&M. He talks about giving back to underprivileged communities and the power of “art and music” as a universal language.

Montana also touches on flipping, coming to the realization that it’s not the wave, and never going back.

RAINBOW: “Unforgettable”

Steve Stoute

Fuck around learn something from a boss. If you don’t know about Steve Stout he’s a self-made mogul and one of the most influential minds in modern music and advertising.

If you are looking to learn the ins and outs of the music industry, this Desus & Mero interview is worth watching.


‘Lion King’ cast looks cool and all, but WHERE DESUS AND MERO AT?

As you have probably already heard, Disney is releasing a Lion King remake in 2019.

To make sure the animated flick matches its worldwide box office earnings of $985.6 million back in 1994, Disney made sure the voice over cast was stacked AF.

Donald Glover will be playing Simba and Beyonce, Nala… but wait what is this? It seems as if there is an error. Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner will be playing Timon and Pumbaa.

I was lead on to believe that late night’s number one TV show hosts Desus and Mero were going to be the voices of Simba’s best friends.

We must figure this out. My first question is, ‘who the fuck is Billy Eichner?’ Some washed comedian who’s never done a voice-over before.

C’mon, how could Disney play the homies like this? Doesn’t Disney know that Desus and Mero are hot off the voice-over press? They just completed a dope anime series and killed it.

They didn’t even have to alter their voices for the characters in Neo-Yokio. It was natural. Congratulations Disney, you played yourself.

But let’s be real. I get the Seth Rogan casting selection. His resemblance to Pumbaa is unreal. Just never thought of Pumbaa as Jewish, Canadian, or white. Do they even have warthogs in Canada, eh? I know there is a possibility of warthogs showing up in the Bronx.

Plus, isn’t Rogen racked out already? Does he really need to do this? C’mon Disney put it on for the Bronx.

Disney, are you down like you said you were? Have you been lying to us our entire childhoods? I’m out here thinking that you were with the shits.

Disney, look at what you have done. Desus and Mero are lamenting on Twitter. They are sick (as are we) and you should’ve considered the dynamic duo for the role of Timon and Pumbaa.

Think about it. Do Rogen and Billy even chill? I doubt it. TBH Eichner looks whack AF. Who’s chilling with this man?

I’m on CONAN tonight at 11 on TBS! Talking ’bout #AHSCult and a lot more! Tune in!

A post shared by Billy Eichner (@billyeichner) on

Yooo! Disney, you are fucking up fam. This man isn’t with the trends. He looks like he’s been holding his fart in for way too long.

Listen, there is one way Disney could make this up. Cast Desus and Mero for the Dumbo remake.

We all know the secret Hollywood plan is to recycle your most popping movies and make even more guap than you did when they were first released. So, a Dumbo remake is definitely in the works.

All they are asking for is a small role.

That’s the only way you can settle this Disney. Stay bready.