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IG account ‘Diet Prada’ exposes copycat brands for being mad shady

The fashion industry is straight up wild. You’ve seen all the pics of certain outfits from designers that make you just scratch your head.

There are entire Instagram and Twitter accounts that poke fun at the crazy fits that end up on the runway.

We might not understand the meaning behind the look but we know it’s funny. So let me introduce you to your new favorite Instagram if you’re looking to laugh at the fashion world.

Diet Prada has made a name for themselves by exposing designers who seem to “borrow” inspiration from others.

But what exactly is the difference between straight up copying and inspiration? In an interview with I-D Diet Prada said,

“I think you can look at an old vintage garment and draw inspiration from that. But sometimes the thinking is more XYZ sells, so if I copy them I know my stuff will sell too. They’re like, ‘I wanna make money, so I’m gonna copy it,’ instead of, ‘Oh, this is good design so I’m gonna copy it.'”

They want to give exposure to smaller designers who get their ideas stolen so they can at least have a voice.

Recently they helped an upcoming artist whose project was ripped off by Vika Gazinskaya, a much larger designer.

Diet Prada helped by making the dilemma reach larger fashion magazines. They even got the designers to respond.

As long as Diet Prada is around no designers are safe because you will get exposed.

Here are just some examples of copy cats they exposed.

Gucci come on, we thought you were better than that

You forgot to take it out the bag

My girl is kinda swole though

What in the hell is this even?

I can’t even… #badfashion

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They didn’t even try at all with this one

Balenciega is really out here biting Ruff Ryders too!