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OnlyFans is changing the game but what does that mean for sex workers?

OnlyFans is as unique a platform as they come. The freedom it provides to its users is nearly unrivaled on mainstream media outlets such as YouTube.

Its censorship guidelines are not as strict as others, allowing influencers to make money off their content that YouTube or other similar sites would otherwise regulate. But it also can crowd the already-booming network of OnlyFans creators that view the platform as more of a lane for sex work than influencing.

Over the past few years, YouTube has become stricter when it comes to what content makes money and what content doesn’t.

Around the time COVID-19 began, some YouTubers took advantage of their fan’s boredom. Stuck at home with nothing else to do, many people started following their favorite social media stars on a website called OnlyFans.

Content creators are using this platform to make extra money for content that would leave their videos demonetized on YouTube.

For instance, Tana Mongeau, who rose to stardom after starring in the reality TV show “MTV No Filter,” is now a YouTuber and overall social influencer.

Mongeau created her own OnlyFans, which she calls “Tana Uncensored,” because she plans on posting semi-nude pictures, videos of her smoking weed with friends, and other activities that would otherwise be looked down upon by YouTube.

While people can try to start their career on OnlyFans, the website recommends that people already have a social following.

Some popular influencers who have an account on OnlyFans are Mongeau, Ashly Schwan, Trisha Paytas, and Blac Chyna.

Trisha Paytas has always been very open about her past in sex work, which is why it wasn’t much of a surprise when she started an OnlyFans. She also happens to be a YouTuber known for her creative music videos, Mukbangs, and kitchen floor talks.

Paytas has been using Patreon, which is a website that allows social influencers to connect with their followers on a more personal level. Some use it as a way to leak their songs early; others use it as a platform to have conversations with their followers via zoom or by group chats.

In addition to those, Trisha Paytas also provides her patrons the opportunity to listen to her podcast all about love, romance, and sex: Trish After Dark.

Paytas’ OnlyFans, “TrishyLand” is known for nudity, pornographic videos, and other things within that realm. Trisha Paytas is so secure and confident in what she does that she boldly advertises the site on her Twitter account.

While OnlyFans is definitely an empowering website that allows people to be in charge of the content that they put out, some sex workers have been having a hard time with social influencers crowding on their scene.

There are plenty of sex workers who haven’t focused their career on gaining followers on various media websites, so a few of them have expressed their annoyance at content creators using OnlyFans as a way of gaining clout.

So while we can praise OnlyFans for allowing content that would otherwise be demonetized on YouTube or taken down on other websites, we also have to remember that sex workers are now facing a new hardship.