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Here is how to keep those vintage t-shirts fresh for any occasion

Here’s to all you thrifters, eBay scouters, and flea market combers through. Cheers!

Whether you like finding vintage t-shirts to flip or wear yourself, those threads will get dirty eventually. Nothing is worse than getting a permanent stain or having the color fade.

Here are some tips to keep those beloved tees of yours as fresh as can possibly be.

Hand Wash

Your vintage tee is special to you, so treat it as such. Pour a little detergent on it and run in under warm water in the sink. This is especially important to do when getting a stain. Do this as soon as you can if you get one. We’ve all run into grease stains, but your shirt hasn’t only been worn by you, most likely.

Machines can be rough, so be delicate on your shirt.

Rethink Deodorant

On days you want to wear your vintage piece, be sure to scrub your pits in the shower that day. Deodorant leaves stains in the armpit areas, and pit stains are the kiss of death for any tee. If you want your shirt to keep resale value, be sure to go without any when wearing.

Just please don’t stink.

Hang In There

Hangers will allow your tee to breathe, and that way, the print won’t crack as much. When folded, a shirt may have its print wither bit by bit. This will happen the more it sees game time.

Hangers will slow the aging process gracefully.

Avoid Greasy Foods

While you probably should for your health anyway, avoid greasy food when wearing vintage. Grease stains are some of the hardest to remove, and they set in quickly. If you’re not able to get the stain out within a few (and I mean a few, at best) days, the shirt is good as dead.

Keep your body and your clothes healthy.

Wear Them

Yes, ironically enough, one of the best ways to preserve your clothes is to wear them. When the material gets used, it stays more flexible than it does when it sits around. The longer a piece isn’t used, the more brittle it gets. Finally, If you ever decide to wear your vintage tee and the print cracks, that’s why.

Be active and keep your clothes active, too! But don’t you dare work out in vintage.

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