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Welcome to homelab: How to build an efficient gravity bong at the crib

Welcome to cannabis homelab!

Sometimes, life forces you to be crafty if you want to get high. No one knows this better than I. Bongs can cost you in the hundreds, but you can replicate the same feeling at home!

For this, you’ll need something tall that holds water (bucket, pot, 2L bottle, bathtub), a bottle, and some kind of bowl. They tend to range from janky to sus, as most often it’s plastic used in these.

Today we’re here to talk about how to build a gravity bong DIY in a few different ways.

Go for glass

Glass is safest for your health if you want to use your gravity bong long term. Lucky for you, it can still be done! For this, you need a big glass jar and a bottle of similar size.

Next, drill holes on the sides near the bottom of the bottle. Place the bottle in the jar, and fill them up. This can be done with a plastic soda bottle and a knife if you don’t have the tools.

If you want this to be pure glass, I recommend buying a small bubbler with a removable bowl piece.

Or just trust in your homelab, fam

This is the only way to do it without plastic or foil, though, which I’ll cover too.

Then, put that bowl piece atop your bottle (granted it covers the bottle’s top), put your bud in, and let it rip!

Gimme that jank

If your health ain’t on your mind, there are cheaper ways to do this. You can fill up a bathtub or sink and repeat the bottling process without the jar. Fair warning, it will rip you. Your bottle can be a plastic one too (not recommended).

Although it is very sus, aluminum foil is the classic method for making a DIY bowl.

For this, cut or tear off a square. Put your finger directly in the center of the foil, and fold the foil up around it. Then put it in the bottle’s top and fold the excess foil around the bottle’s rim.

Last, poke a hole in the foil with something sharp and thin (pin, sharp pencil, or paper clip, tack, etc.). Fill up your bowl and it’s ready to go!

That health warning, tho

The jankier methods of the gravity bong are meant only for short term use. Melting plastics and smoking out of metal time after time can be quite dangerous. However, your life is yours to live your way.

All I wanted to do here is lay out the safest ways to save money and get ripped with getting ripped off. Do you have a gravity bong method of your own? How has your experience with them been?

Save your health and your money, friends.