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BMX god Nigel Sylvester drops crazy visuals for ‘GO London to Paris’

Mad props to pro BMX legend Nigel Sylvester and co-director Harrison Boyce of Sibling Rivalry for gracing us with his fifth video installment from his global adventure series ‘GO.’

The journey is always one hell of an experience following Sylvester from his POV. This time we get to watch him shred rubber from London to Paris dapping it up with all his European homies along the way.

Sylvester’s entire London journey is entertaining as he races from Brixton to Chelsea connecting with dope creatives and gnarly athletes along the way. From the very beginning, you are immersed.

Pop wheelies in London and fell in love in Paris. New #GO vid dropping this week!

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Watch as Sylvester finds himself weaving through traffic on the Tower Bridge with a gang of other riders with their bikes in 12 o’clock position, climbing the stairs of an illustrious building while trying to win a quick fencing match, enjoying a spot of tea while watching Tom and Jerry in the back of British taxi, and much more before taking the Eurostar to Paris.

In Paris, Sylvester is greeted by his love with a kiss. The two enjoy each other’s company as they ride their lipstick red scooters to the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame.

They seem to be having fun until Sylvester dips on his wifey. This is all to have fun with his homie Stéphane Ashpool at the Pigalle Basketball Courts right before pulling up to Parc des Princes to play goalie with Paris Saint-Germain forward and USMNT rising star Timothy Weah. Dripping in the PSG camo, Nigel and Timothy could really be brothers!


Definitely, a dope experience watching Sylvester ride through the streets of London and Paris. These two cities were a dope addition to the other emblematic cities the BMX rider has shown us from his POV.

Sylvester has already conquered  London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Dubai. Now, all we can do is wait and see where he will ‘GO’ next!

Nigel Sylvester proves he’s the BMX GOAT with new ‘GO! Dubai’ visuals

Nigel Sylvester is a man on a mission.

The kid from Queens has been going against the grain since he was young, chasing his dreams of riding BMX bikes instead of playing ball like all the other kids in his neighborhood.

Fast forward to today and he’s launched his own brand inspired by its name: Go!.

If you haven’t peeped Nigel’s videos before, he takes viewers on the wildest rides from his perspective and documents all the places BMX has taken him. Peep a clip of the first video in the series that started it all.

So far he’s hit his hometown in New York City, as well as Los Angeles and Tokyo. But his latest project takes his movement to a whole new level.

Last week at the Apple Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Sylvester premiered his latest video for “Go! Dubai” in front of a huge turn out of supporters. With an audience of all types of creatives, young BMX riders, a few baddies, and ya boy, Nigel spoke to the people and gave them a real look into his process.

It was definitely a team effort and Nigel assembled some of the best people he knows for the job.

For months his director Harrison Boyce and producer Jaimie Sanchez worked their asses of making all the connections they needed to make, literally through Instagram DM. Their hard work definitely paid off.

He shouted them out and even did a quick tutorial for capturing fire flicks.

Ivan Halpern

“Go! Dubai” isn’t just his most impressive video yet but also shows that Nigel just keeps getting better and perfecting his craft with his series over time.

The beginning scene was already TOO crazy! We even get a preview of where he could be going next in that last scene.

Nigel is able to get more and more access to fly shit, as you can see from the multiple cameos and spots he hits. From the Salt Bae homie to that kid who just wrapped his Ferrari in Supreme, Nigel and his crew left their mark on Dubai and have the video evidence to prove it.

At the end of the day, this was nothing but three people coming together with the same vision to create fire organic content. Considering that no one else is doing shit that even comes close to this, they did their job.

Nigel mentioned at last week’s event that this is only the beginning. They want to hit every city, country, and continent possible. It’s a bold mission but they’re really doing it for the culture.

Besides, there’s nothing better to watch when you’re dumb smacked than these videos!

Now go peep their store if you really fuckin’ with the movement. Check out the video above, and realistically, run it back.

Peep more photos from the premier event below.

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern

Ivan Halpern