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American Blackjack online offers the betting options you really want

Who doesn’t love putting down some money with a chance of doubling it? That’s the idea behind American blackjack, an app that takes casino blackjack to the comfort of your palm or computer. The money you place down and win (or lose) is all very real.

For those who don’t live near a casino but love to bet, your prayers have been answered. As per the title, the rules used in this format of the game are of the American variant.

How are other versions of Blackjack different?

Most versions of blackjack don’t differ much, all except for how the cards are dealt. In American Blackjack, the dealer gets both cards from the start.

This is opposed to European Blackjack, which grants the dealer their second card only after the players have all made their moves. This changes the dynamic of the game.

When the dealer has two cards, they can peek at their second to know if they have a natural blackjack (an Ace with any face card or 10). It’s something almost impossible to catch if you’re not paying attention.

This is why the house always wins.

There is a multitude of factors that play into the house’s edge, but American Blackjack lowers it compared to the typical casino.

How American Blackjack is played

Like with nearly all other versions of the game, the object is to get your card count to 21 exactly without going over. You place your wager down, and if you manage to beat the dealer, you win whatever you bet.

In American Blackjack, the wagers start at a dollar and go up from there. It follows the typical moves of hit, stand, split, and double down. This version, however, comes with a few more moves.

Here, you can choose to “take insurance.” This happens if the dealer has an Ace. If they get a natural blackjack, the total wager is increased by 50 percent of its original.

Likewise, you can “surrender.” If you chose to fold before seeing how the rest of the game goes, your wager is decreased by 50 percent. If this was an option at the casinos, there would be much fewer second mortgages out there…

Unless you surrender, you will only see the dealer’s upturned card after you’ve made your move.

Another important factor in the dynamic of the game is the number of decks used at a time. American Blackjack, the online version, uses up to eight card decks at a time, so card counters beware.

If you’re unfamiliar with card counting or have not seen the movie Rain Man, it’s the strategy of determining which card will appear next by what has already been played. If you can count, good on you.

However, that strategy will not be as useful as it would be in European or Classic Blackjack. In European BlackJack, you have two decks to choose from, whereas classic you have only one.

Keep in mind, if you’re in a casino and you’re caught counting, you’re outta there. Thus the benefits of betting online.

How the American Blackjack online payout works

An important thing to note about American Blackjack online is that the money you start with is all virtual. All wins or losses are in-game.

Being completely free to play, you won’t win anything until you play a version with real payout. All the same, it’s an excellent way to sharpen up your strategy and skills for the big leagues.

Likewise, it serves as an excellent alternative to those who want the feel of a gambling win, but can’t trust themselves with money. When playing for virtual wins, the dopamine movement in the brain is the same whether real or not.

However, if you are ready to move to real money down, that can be done. Just be cautious when doing so.

When money waged is virtual, it becomes easy to forget that the cash is real on the hands you lose. Keep track of what you put down and what you win.

A warning to prospective players

Gambling can be an addictive thing in some people, and predatory game developers know this. For this reason, please approach with caution when you see games titled “American Blackjack” in-app versions.

Following this link, you will be brought to a page where you can find both free to play and paid version.

A general rule of thumb when looking for different versions of the game is when one looks shady, it most definitely is. I understand the feeling of fiending as well as anybody, but those places are not your easy fix. They may be your downfall.

If you or anyone you know is addicted to gambling, suggesting this free to play alternative may be a step in the right direction.

Whether you play casually or you fancy yourself a gambler, play responsibly, friends.