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Devin Nunes is still so sick over cow and alt-right mom Twitter trolls

Welcome to America, land of the free and home of the lawsuit. Enter Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA).

Nunes’ claims to be a dairy farmer were plenty fodder for Twitter troll account @DevinCow. Claiming to be his cow on the non-existent dairy farm, @DevinCow spent several months tweeting at him.

The true reason for the start of the account was Nunes’ claim that Trump’s Russian collusion was a conspiracy by the FBI and DOJ. As if being aĀ Californian Republican isn’t enough to make a few enemies… that’s coming from a Bay Area boy.

Since 2017, @DevinCow has made the rounds, clowning on Nunes at every turn. Then in March of 2019, the Twitter user “Devin Nunes’ Alt-Mom” (@NunesAlt) made her presence known.

Louder than a Karen when they give her regular Coke instead of diet.

Posing as his not-so-proud mom, the tweets were done in the same vein. Calling him out at every turn, both accounts caught his attention. Instead of ignoring them, he took it a few steps beyond by filing a lawsuit.

This was a clap-back no one was expecting.

Trying to sue both accounts, as well as Twitter itself, Nunes poses a threat to the trolls’ free speech. So he’s already taken a major L in that respect as Twitter was dismissed from the lawsuit according to a decision from a Virginia judge last week.

For someone who is called out most often for libel, this is rich. In fact, the irony of the whole situation is ridiculous.

And if he thought the trolling would stop there… Boy did he think wrong.

What comes next? More sickness

As of this article’s writing, Nunes is still trying to sue. Twitter has been let go of the case, but the others have not. The imaginary cow (keep that in mind) and mother being sued here have every right to tweet.

All of their tweets fall under protected speech by the US Constitution. All of what they tweet is public knowledge, or just simple trolling.

Neither of which falls under libel or hate speech.

Here come the trolls…

Trying to sue Twitter for a whopping $250 million in an attempt not to be trolled, mind you, will only breed more trolls. Nunes clearly doesn’t know how the internet works.

Whether he wins or loses the case, the bigger a deal he makes, the more it will go on. If you’re in the public eye, you will face criticism.

I would say take it with grace, but look who he’s working for…

Troll on.