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Vans just copped Dickies for $820 Ms, but will they be able to save them?

America has always pushed for brands to carve their own slice of the pie but sometimes these brands get just a little too large. Brands like AT&T and Comcast seem to only get bigger and bigger as years go on.

These big brands just buy smaller brands (smaller than them, at least, they be spending billions) so they only really ever get larger.

They might not quite be monopolies but with fewer mom and pop shops you basically have to support these big companies.

Now American worldwide apparel and footwear company, VF Corporation, has bought Dickies for the price of $820 million USD, according to Business Insider.

The Bib Overall is a practical classic. Here it is as shot by the guys from @propermag for the #fitforpurpose book.

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Dickies is a workwear brand through and through but also has a skateboard department on the side.

They really offer a look that strays away from the normal streetwear trend that can be really refreshing.

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And It was no little deal, VF threw bands at them. They bought them at $820 million, that’s some serious money.

VF is probably chillin’ though because they have around like 30 brands to their name and they are not just some unheard of brands.

These are well-established brands with large followings on VF’s roster:

– Northface

– Nautica

– Vans

The list goes on. In 2011, they bought New York’s favorite, Timberland. That cost them only like $2 BILLION.

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VF absolutely rules the outerwear market and owns about 55% of the entire backpack market. So is it really a surprise if they own TNF, Jansport, and Eastpak?

It’s only a matter of time before they buy another brand up, so the question is who’s it gonna be?