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New fashion designers and looks that have us THIRSTY AF

Experienced and new fashion designers have their eyes on NYFW Spring and Summer 2023. It is right around the corner.

A week jam-packed with fashion creatives from all over the world. The aspiring come to NYC to see what will be the next fashion trend or ingenious looks and styles.

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Still, the fashion industry is arguably one of the hardest to break into, with competition and over-saturation, it is difficult for new designers to infiltrate. Nonetheless NYFW Spring 2022.

What new fashion designer could be next up or at the next NYFW, tho?

However, these 10 new NYC and LA-based fashion designers have been able to make their dramatic and well-deserved entrance, slowly rising up the ranks through their unique stories, inspirations, and styles.


Sparklebabygem was created Alice Seju Kim, a Korean-American, New York City (NYC) based young fashion designer.

Kim has described her work as a fantastical vision of the dream-like future, inspired by her cultural identity. Kim explores her experience as a Korean-American woman and its relationship with sex and gender.

Additionally, the difficulties and truths of multi-generational interactions of Korean-Americans through her garments. Kim uses color, sparkles, print design, and textiles to recognize specific experiences of the Korean-American diaspora.

new fashion designer doja cat
Doja Cat wears SparkleBabyGem for Superbowl Commercial Spot

Maisie Wilen

The first collection of fashion label Maisie Wilen was launched by designer Maisie Schloss in pre-spring 2020, and now has celebrities like Jorja Smith, Kendall Jenner, and Alexa Demi wearing its pieces.

Schloss is a Chicago native based in Los Angeles (LA) who started off her career as a lead designer for Yeezy by Kanye West.

Schloss says color is one of the most important aspects of her designs, with psychedelic and attention-drawing patterns displayed across her work. Schloss is most proud of her dresses, which showcase her use of fluid lining and dynamic coloring. 

Hopefully, we’ll catch a glimpse of her designs at NYFW Spring 2023.

Marshall Columbia 

Marshall Columbia, based in Brooklyn, NY, is meant to represent self-expression in its most innocent form.

The aspiring fashion designer, Marshall Columbia, uses his childhood as inspiration for his playful and lively designs, referencing his love for arts and crafts, as well as bright colors.

Columbia’s use of bold colors and patterns reflects his nostalgic approach to self-expression and has caught the eyes of celebs like Miley Cyrus and Bad Bunny.


ZHUO is a sustainable clothing and accessories fashion brand based in NYC. The founder of the brand is Zhuolin Liu, a young Chinese, NY-based fashion designer. She hopes to fulfill her hope of bettering the future through her pieces.

Only using environmentally-friendly production methods, Liu creates avant-garde womenswear pieces with holographic material, natural dye and organic shapes, juxtaposing traditional designs and materials.

The name of the brand, ZHUO is a Chinese character meaning polish, refine and think, used to represent the opposite of fast fashion.

House of Aama

House of Aama is a LA-based brand, co-designed and owned by mother-daughter duo, Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka. We caught a glimpse of them the first time at NYFW earlier this year.

House Aama went hard at the IN THE BLK NYFW in Febraury.

The clothing brand was born in 2015, with the purpose of representing the Black experience through raw clothing based on historical research, analysis and storytelling.

House of Aama creates garments with the hopes of inspiring dialogue and commentary on Black history and heritage. 


She’s more than a new fashion designer, she’s Sabrina Aguirre. Sabrina is an Argentinian native who moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion and founded the brand AGUIRRRRE.

Inspired by her Argentinien province’s renowned eclectic and colorful carnival, her first collection centering around a magenta and neon orange color palette, as well as colorful rose decals.

Aguirre paid homage to her home province as a testament to her appreciation and adoration of Argentina. She had to relocate during the coronavirus pandemic, but has since moved back to New York City, where her brand is based.

Saint Sintra 

Parsons educated Sintra Martins is a womenswear designer whose independent NYC-based brand centers on principles of size inclusivity and body positivity.

The new, up-and-coming fashion designer is an LA native who moved to NYC in 2014, Martins’ designs are heavily inspired by era based themes of nostalgia, as is evident by her 1980’s themed freshman collection and her 2000’s inspired sophomore collection.

Saint Sintra’s second collection centered around mohair plaids, english tweeds and oxfords, while the silhouettes are bold and include various embellishments like large bows, frilly tiers and oversized puffy sleeves, all incorporating an orange, tan and periwinkle color palette. 

Taylor Goldenberg 

When it comes to new fashion designers on the rise, Taylor Goldenberg is making some noise. She is a NYC-based designer who creates pieces based on her love and fascination with the human body.

A Rhode Island School of Design ‘17 graduate, Goldenberg’s first and only line (currently) is called Pink Champagne, which has been publicized by celebrities and magazines alike.

Her pastel color palette and victorian-inspired silhouettes with puffer sleeves and skirts has drawn the attention of Amandla Stenberg modeling for Fenty Beauty, Lady Gaga and others in the industry.  


Born and raised in Chicago, Jameel Mohammed founded the brand KHIRY in 2016 as a response to being told luxury brands could only be born in fashion capitals like Milan and Paris.

new fashion designers
Self portrait of Jameel with Jug Drop, 2022

He founded KHIRY to challenge the precepts of luxury, utilizing the industry’s focus on esoteric design, fine craftsmanship, fabrics and alluring narratives to uplift and speak out on the value of black culture and life.

Mohammed makes a point of altering the public’s and the industry’s perception of what luxury fashion is, and does so by broadening his afrofuturist based jewelry to include clothing that represents his brand’s commitments.

Out of the many new fashion designers to hop on the scene. Jameel pairs his demi-fine jewelry with light pink denims and pearl accents, along with graphic tee shirts and ribboned tank tops. 

Honarable mention: Whensmokeclears @ NYFW Fall Winter


Honarable Mention: The New Blue Collar

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