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Jeff Staple’s new ‘Panda Pigeon’ Dunks are a testament to his journey

You know my art professor once told me that you can learn a lot about someone from their social media profiles…. iight he ain’t say that, but you know what, it’s true! Plus people typically believe you more when you mention someone of “importance” said it so you can’t blame a girl for dropping names.

One handle in particular, @jeffstaple, has taught me a couple of things this holiday season. Before I share with the class the knowledge this man bestowed upon me through 140 characters or less and a couple of images let me first introduce Jeff Ng, aka Jeff Staple, aka the Lower East Side, Pigeon Master aka El Jefe.

Here’s the thing though — Jeff’s bio is like my mother’s Facebook page, overflowing with updates. The man does it all, thus, it’ll take me more than this article to properly summarize who Jeff Staple is and what exactly he does. So I went ahead and copy and pasted his bio from his site: “Jeff is the Founder and Creative Director of Staple Design and Reed Space.” Ahhh wasn’t that short and sweet?


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One clarification though. Reed Space, an innovative multi-brand boutique at the heart of New York’s LES fashion scene, closed down in 2016 after 16 years of service.

Jeff couldn’t keep his hand out the pot though and just moved a couple steps from 151 Orchard Street to 125 Orchard Street to become the Creative Director of Extra Butter.

What can I say — the guy likes the LES. Okay, I think I caught y’all up enough now back to @jeffstaple 101. Here are some things I learned from Jeff’s Twitter and Instagram:

1. He don’t play that when it comes to mean-spirited hypebeast plane passengers

2. He’s about this shmoney ju heard – he reps and promote his Staple Pigeon brand through 90% of his feed #FlockWithUs

3. He obviously got the shmoney cause he’s eating some quality food


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This. Is. Perfection. 🍣

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4. He thought Bird Box was basura (man’s got the plot 15mins in)

5. He’s dropping a new sneaker

That list may tell y’all different things but I know #5 caught the eyes of all sneakerheads and resellers reading (that’s why I put it last to make sure y’all ain’t grease me and stop reading).


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Started from the bottom. 🐼🐦📰 (RG: @erickoston)

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When I saw the sneakers myself I had to do a double take. The last time I saw a post like that I was on the way back to the bricks from ComplexCon 2017…

Allow me to set the scene — It was me, my bro Nkosi, some unknowing travelers just minding they business and then basically all of 125ths resellers and token sneakerheads.

If you don’t know what a 125th reseller/sneakerhead is lemme help you — they are the dudes that find a way to skip (my bad, I mean loop) the line, come in herds, always know the bouncer (even at Supreme), and refer to the sneaker store as the “establishment.”

Most importantly they’re the ones that will do almost anything to secure the bag.

The bag, in this case, was Jeff’s “Black Pigeon Dunks” dropping for one day at a Reed Space pop-up hosted by Extra Butter on Nov 6th 2017, with camping starting at 6am and the store opening at 11. This release marked the 15th Anniversary of the SB Dunk AND the 20th Anniversary of Staple.

Now, I landed in JFK around 3am that day and yet somehow every reseller I met on that flight went to camp and copped. It was almost comedic to see people go from a red-eye straight to the sneaker line.

I know I sound a lil seasoned (ya girl don’t get salty) with my description of those Uptown resellers, but all in all, I respect they hustle. Cause that’s what it takes to secure some Pigeon Dunks instore on release day — hustle.

Ever since the OG drop and the mayhem that ensued… damn I forgot to mention that earlier with his bio… or did I? Can’t just tell y’all the whole story in the intro can I?

Let’s just say it isn’t Jeff’s first-time causing lines in the LES. His first run-in with crowds the size of blocks was in 2005 when the “OG Pigeon Dunks” released and made the cover of the New York Post because of the riots those kicks caused.

This time around Jeff and Nike have joined forces (again) to drop a “Panda Pigeon” dunk paying homage to Jeff’s Chinese heritage.

The black and white sample turned staple will be available exclusively for pre-order on Jimmy Iovine’s new worldwide mobile shopping experience, NTWRK on January 6 at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST.

Yes, y’all that’s this Sunday but that’s just the first known drop. The shoes well definitely see a wider release in the coming release — don’t mean they’ll be any easier to cop though.

**UPDATE** Jeff just posted more release information


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In all seriousness, as an immigrant, and a self-proclaimed New Yorker through and through, I see this specific sneaker as a testament to Jeff’s journey.

From being the kid that explored Chinatown while his parents were working, to the man who can now combine two iconic animals that perfectly represent his heritage, he has created yet another classic.

I mean if that isn’t representation, I don’t know what more y’all want from the man. Sheesh! I for one can’t wait to be able to do the same for Trinidad and Brooklyn (Nike, hmu).

Iight that’s it, lemme get off my soapbox. Jeff if you reading, I’m a size 7 Men’s if you feeling generous.  And to jog your memory a bit I’m the kid that ran up on you, Young MA, and my guy Rob Stone at The Fader panel to have you sign my black Dunks.


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“A Great Day In Sneaker Culture” A few weeks ago, I said to @aaronlevant—the founder of @ntwrk—I want to put together the ultimate “town hall” gathering of sneaker culture. I want legends from each era of sneaker culture there. The OGs. The Pros. The Movers. The Next Gen. I also want to include the people that truly make this culture tick. The Collectors, The YouTubers, the Reviewers, the Content Makers. I want to house all of this in a place that represents the mecca of skate because this is for @nikesb. And I want ALL of it captured. The before. The making of. And the postgame. And I want to let people pre-order the 🐼🐦 collection via @ntwrk cuz I believe this is the future. I waited for his reply, fully thinking only half of my wild dreams would be possible. He wrote back two letters: “OK.” • Thanks to my illustrious panel @erickoston @benballer @beijamvelez @nickydiamonds @sean_wotherspoon. • Thanks to my amazing studio audience! If you recognize someone, please tag them! (@shirtnyc @trinidadjamesgg @m_shinoda @steveberra where y’all at?! @lupefiasco wake up! 😂) • And tune into the @NTWRK app on Jan 6th at 5pm PST to see what went down! 🐼🙏🏽🐦🐼🙏🏽🐦🐼🙏🏽🐦🐼🙏🏽🐦🐼🙏🏽🐦🐼🙏🏽🐦

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Return of the OG’s: The Flyknits are back from 2013 to take your bread

2013 was an eventful year unlike any other – Justin Bieber was living it up in brothels, Miley started twerking, Ye had mans telling Papi behind the counter at the bodega to “Hurry up with my damn croissants,” and to top it off Frozen came out and people just couldn’t let it go (pun intended).

I mean shit, the best things we got out of 2013 were Bob’s Burgers, the Pharrell & Daft Punk collab, and listening to Kendrick bug out on “Control.”

But hey, you know who this is, and what I usually write about so that intro was cute and all but let’s talk about what caught sneakerheads’ attention in 2013 – the “YeKnits.”

While I hate to stoop so low and call them out by name just because Mr.West chose to make them an icon of sorts – these shits got more clout than me and that’s what they’re known as.

The 2013 Flyknits

Dubbed the “YeKnits” by fans, the Nike Flyknit+ trainer rose to popularity in early 2013 after being released in mid 2012, because Ye rocked ’em in the streets of London.

Originally seen as a running shoe with little popularity, even with its London Olympics origin, Ye’s co-sign changed that, and started a new trend.

From then on it was no strange sight to see the rapper with a basic tee, stacked Kanye x A.P.C jeans, and flyknits. And just like that, a sprinkle of clout had these sneakers on the shelves of flightclub for $500 and up.

Well, the “Black/White” Nike Flyknit+ trainer, re-releases today, five years after its initial run. And if you didn’t cop back then I hope you got lucky today because there is little to no difference between the OG and the 2017 pair.

The 2017 Flyknits

The difference, while quite small and easily unnoticed by an untrained eye, is the color of the collar on the sock lining in the shoe.

The OG had black and the 2017 pair has white. Now, this could be done by Nike not only to allow customers to differentiate the pairs but to keep resale in line.

The real question is, will the 2017 pair garner as much resale value as its predecessor? I think not but let me know y’all thoughts in the comments or pull up to the communities.

You either got ’em or you tight! The 10 hardest kicks to cop in 2017

There comes a time in every sneakerhead’s life where you wake up on release day with that overwhelming feeling.

You look to your collection and go to retrieve the cause of that feeling. You grab it with both hands and breathe… do you feel that big fella? It’s a feeling we all dread … Issa L.

Don’t check your snap cause you know your mans copped and then you wouldn’t just have an L on your plate but an additional serving of salt.

Don’t tap your pockets cause the resale money won’t be there, don’t even walk past the mirror dawgs cause Khaled going be there to let you know you played yourself B.

The L, once just the 12th letter of the alphabet, has taken on a new meaning in today’s culture. A loss, a failure, a relationship with Blac Chyna, and other personal defeats, have become synonymous with an “L.”

In the sneaker culture you take “L’s” when you wake up on any hyped release date and try to cop online, when you didn’t know about the app, when you get cart robbed on yeezysupply, when you are a victim to reseller and their loop gang, and the worst of all, when you tried to cop from Kith.

However, no matter the cause of the “L” it’s still an L and we must hold it.

Now, to all my readers who’ve experienced that feeling cut the Jay-Z album for a min put on some Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and let’s reminisce.

These are the top 10 hardest cops of 2017:

10. Royal 1’s (if you ain’t get this you lazy fam because there was an abundance)

9. Adidas Futurecraft 4D

4D Printed sneaker… SO dope!!!😵😲🔥🙌 #Adidias #AdidasFuturecraft4D

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8. Air More Uptempos “Suptempo”

🎊🎊2️⃣🎊🎊 No. 2 Supreme Uptempo (📸 via @sivanuj)

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7. CDG Nike Air Vapormax

6. Air Jordan x Air Max ATMOS Pack

AIR MAX x JORDAN #atmospack 🔥 @jumpman23 @nike #teamnike #cookinsoulshoegame

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4. OG Yeezy 350 “Zebra”

3. White HyperAdapts

2. Air Jordan 4 Retro “KAWS” (hurts to even type it fam)

1. PSNY x Jordan 12’s