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Return of the OG’s: The Flyknits are back from 2013 to take your bread

2013 was an eventful year unlike any other – Justin Bieber was living it up in brothels, Miley started twerking, Ye had mans telling Papi behind the counter at the bodega to “Hurry up with my damn croissants,” and to top it off Frozen came out and people just couldn’t let it go (pun intended).

I mean shit, the best things we got out of 2013 were Bob’s Burgers, the Pharrell & Daft Punk collab, and listening to Kendrick bug out on “Control.”

But hey, you know who this is, and what I usually write about so that intro was cute and all but let’s talk about what caught sneakerheads’ attention in 2013 – the “YeKnits.”

While I hate to stoop so low and call them out by name just because Mr.West chose to make them an icon of sorts – these shits got more clout than me and that’s what they’re known as.

The 2013 Flyknits

Dubbed the “YeKnits” by fans, the Nike Flyknit+ trainer rose to popularity in early 2013 after being released in mid 2012, because Ye rocked ’em in the streets of London.

Originally seen as a running shoe with little popularity, even with its London Olympics origin, Ye’s co-sign changed that, and started a new trend.

From then on it was no strange sight to see the rapper with a basic tee, stacked Kanye x A.P.C jeans, and flyknits. And just like that, a sprinkle of clout had these sneakers on the shelves of flightclub for $500 and up.

Well, the “Black/White” Nike Flyknit+ trainer, re-releases today, five years after its initial run. And if you didn’t cop back then I hope you got lucky today because there is little to no difference between the OG and the 2017 pair.

The 2017 Flyknits

The difference, while quite small and easily unnoticed by an untrained eye, is the color of the collar on the sock lining in the shoe.

The OG had black and the 2017 pair has white. Now, this could be done by Nike not only to allow customers to differentiate the pairs but to keep resale in line.

The real question is, will the 2017 pair garner as much resale value as its predecessor? I think not but let me know y’all thoughts in the comments or pull up to the communities.