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Alternative COVID concerts: What will concerts look like in 2021?

The virtual “concerts” we’ve been getting have been cute, but don’t compare.

With so many canceled concerts, crowds have been growing anxious to see a live show once again. Artists, especially, have been hit extraordinarily hard by COVID. Many have speculated: what will alternative COVID concerts look like in 2021 and on?

At the moment, venues, themselves are trying to find workarounds for this too. With venues losing nearly half a year of profits, they need solutions. If they are to bring them back, what will change? Will we go back to how it was?

Alternative COVID concerts: The Drive-in

Some artists have done drive-in concerts. It’s an original solution, granted there’s a drive-in theater near you. Everyone is socially distanced (within their car), and doesn’t need a mask!

A major benefit of the drive-in is all can see from where they are. Tickets are the same price per car, and charges per vehicle instead of passenger. Most drive-in parking passes cost around $150, which divided by four, which means less than $40 per person!

We will miss the feeling of the crowd, for sure. Beats watching from behind a screen, though.

Socially distanced crowds

Before the COVID resurgence, Dave Chappelle held his first live show since the virus on June 6th. This was managed with a socially distanced crowd in Yellow Springs, OH, where cases were relatively low.

This was the first ‘concert’ in North America since the virus’ start.

Seats were in pairs in an outdoor theater setting, with groups putting their seats together.

Granted, this was before the recent COVID spike, where such a thing could happen. Also, this was a comedy show, where people are more inclined to sit and listen intently.

Concerts are experienced differently. You watch the concert, but you’re more inclined to stand up dance, or mosh. All of which are fueled by the whole crowd feeling the music.

All that said, it is something worth trying when the case numbers drop a bit.

Wearing masks to concerts (…?)

There’s a reason I put an ellipsis and question mark in parentheses there. The point of having concerts back open is to mark the end of this bullshit and a return to normal life.

Having masks at concerts may dampen the mood, though may be necessary. At least for a bit. Having crowds gather will need to be tested as safely as possible first before going back to normal.

Having a concert of any sort will be a blessing. Maybe these alternative COVID concerts will do for a while. Stay hopeful, friends.