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Young Thug didn’t know he won a VMA until Monday, thanks parents for having sex

Young Thug continues to be the best.

On Sunday night at the VMAs, Thug’s video for “Wyclef Jean” won the award for Best Editing, but the artist wasn’t in attendance and… no one told him.

So Thugga found out Monday afternoon and reacted in typically hilarious fashion.

He then tweeted out his acceptance speech, which was a very special acceptance speech indeed.


As many on Twitter were quick to point out, Thug’s absence from the VMA’s was actually rather appropriate given the video for “Wyclef Jean.”

The video, released in January, was shot almost completely without Young Thug’s presence as he never showed up to most scenes and when he did arrive Thug just sat in his car instead of going to the shoot.

Pomp&Clout produced the video, which had a bunch of models driving around in toy cars as well as children dressed up as cops destroying a police car.

While Pomp&Clout and Young thug produced the video and came up with the treatment, it was editor Ryan Staake who made the “Wyclef Jean” visuals pop.

Staake edited the video together with subtitles of Thug’s treatment, and then interspersed with commentary about the lack of follow through on Thug’s part.

At times, Thug was literally drawn in with dotted lines, if you haven’t watched the “Wyclef Jean” video yet, it’s a must.

It’s amazing this video was even put out by Thug’s label, but he and his management team clearly realized the value of the unique visuals.

At certain points, it’s clear that Staake was kind of pissed off, at least to some extent, by Thug’s absence. While this obviously makes sense, Thug is mothafuckin’ royalty and we should all be honored by his presence on planet earth.

That said, shout out to the video editors and directors dealing with, uhh, slightly difficult artists at times.