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Y’all good? Popeyes celebrates one year of chicken sandwich craze

“Y’all good?”

One little tweet was all it took for Popeye’s to get the country ramped up in a frenzy. Going on to sell 203 million in a year, Popeyes Chicken Sandwich captured the zeitgeist.

Previously an underdog in the fast-food game, their sandwich bumped them up a few ranks. Selling 3,582 sandwiches in a single store in one day does not lie.

How the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich came up

Being most popular in Texas, more sandwiches have been sold there than anywhere else!

At its peak, between August 17 and September 1st of 2019, 338,000 online conversations sprung up concerning the ‘wich. It was a fast-food phenomenon like few else.

Without realizing what weight the tweet that launched their popularity to the stars, Popeye’s asks us: “2020 – Y’all good?”  And in commemoration of its massive popularity, Popeye’s has started a countdown to 2021 in Times Square.

Popeyes Times Square

The message is simple: the rest of this year may be dim, but the sandwiches are still here for our comfort. All of life’s problems can be solved by buying.

For a limited time, those looking to score some of these mysterious famed chicken bites can do so with free delivery! In a time when we can’t crowd stores and fight people in line for their sandwiches, it’s nice we can still get them.

There no shortage of videos online battles breaking out because of the coveted menu item.

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is just that hot!

Because word travels fast in the digital age (one might even say instant), other countries have taken an interest. Canada has just recently tested out the chicken sandwiches in their locations.

Likewise, they have been introduced to China. If successful there, Popeyes may very well establish itself as a fast-food empire, rivaling McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

With Brazil voting the sandwich No. 1 on their most popular petition site, Queremos, demand is undeniable!

Are you a fan? Just curious about the hype? Whatever you think, it seems as if the world will forever have a special love for the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.