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William Leathers is a musical prodigy crowdfunding his way into Julliard

Getting into The Julliard School might be just as hard as threading a needle during an earthquake.

Still, that didn’t stop 17-year-old Canadian synesthete, William Leathers, from applying, killing his audition, and being accepted into the elite undergraduate music program.

Great, right? Yes, but there is still one problem — Juilliard’s tuition is extremely expensive. One thing Leathers could really use right now is some well deserved financial assistance.

His tuition for the four years comes to a whopping $364,000. That’s a lot of guap for a 17-year-old and his parents have only been able to put together $25,000.

So, he should apply for grants and scholarships as most students that get accepted into prestigious universities would do, but nope. As an international student, it’s hard to come by these funds.

I mean the kid is a prodigy. At 7 he was already playing piano for large audiences at World Vision events. We can’t let his talents slip through the cracks. Check him out below.

That was ten years ago and since then Leathers was invited to perform for Jamaica’s former prime minister, P. J. Patterson and has won several music awards.

Now, Leathers sits between a rock and a hard place as he looks to commence his first year at Julliard. He was one of three trumpeters selected this year to the school’s undergraduate program.

In a recent interview with CBC Toronto, he spoke on being the best musician he can be. He said,

“I just want to be the best musician I can be… I want to do well in every genre.”

Leathers has been playing the piano since 4 but once he heard his father, Howard Leathers, practicing the trumpet he fell in love with the brass instrument. Now, that’s a real love for music.

After he begged his mom to allow him to play the trumpet, Leathers received his first one at 7 and the rest was history.

By 12 he was already a part of the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra (TYSO) becoming the youngest musician to do so. Legendary sidenote, he was the only Black musician apart of the TYSO ensemble.

Let’s get it!

Are there any reasons why we shouldn’t lend our helping hand to Leathers? The afrodelic pianist and trumpeter deserves to go to Julliard more than anything.

Besides being an amazing musician the lil’ homie graduated high school two years early with 92 percent grade average. We can’t allow money get in the way of this young Black man’s dreams.

If you’re interested in helping he has started a crowdfunding campaign through the online fundraising website YouCaring.

The goal is to reach $65,000 as Leathers and his family has managed to scrape together $25,000. This is all for just one year of attendance at Julliard.

Thus far the campaign has raised close to $15,000 and counting since Saturday. A donation of any amount helps. Trust the movement and remember you would be helping a real person with a real problem.

You can donate by clicking here. Once you’ve blessed, reward yourself by watching a future GOAT play the trumpet and the piano at the same damn time!